LG Join Smart Watch Competition will Use the Touch Screen

May 11 [Sat], 2013, 10:02
Recently reported, LG is also developing its own smart watch. Technology giants such as Apple, Samsung, Google, etc., have been reported is developing its own smart watches. However, only Samsung confirmed its plans. In 2009, LG released a "watch mobile phone, but a very short lifetime. According to reports, LG smart watches using the touch screen and running Android or Firefox's new mobile operating system. Analysts said the Apple iWatch intelligence watch its will bring $ 5.7 billion in revenue.
Apple: the iWatch Smart watch

"Forbes" magazine recently quoted studies have reported that Tony Zagreb Naqi (Toni Sacconaghi), a financial analyst at Sanford Bernstein (Sanford C. Bernstein) chief Apple iWatch can not only bring $ 5.7 billion for Apple revenue, more likely to encourage the Android vendors moving into this area to participate in the competition.

iWatch smart watches in the end is what? Zagreb Naqi investment report pointed out, guess most from Apple submitted patent documents. Wrote: Apple patent describes a sensor in the device can determine the user's wrist size, and adjust the display screen settings. The same time, the the wrist device built-in module will be able to "connect" function to provide equipment, including WiFi, Bluetooth, and even cellular data connectivity. Information passed through this module, the device can and other portable electronic devices (such as iPhone, iPod Touch).

Spot on the edge of the device display can be used as a prompt or increase visibility (such as running or cycling in the dark). In addition, Apple's patent documents also revealed that the device may be built-in gyro and acceleration sensors to ensure that the screen is always the best angle at the user, at the same time may also built an arm waving charged battery.

Samsung: Galaxy Altius

Samsung mobile business, executive vice president the Liyong Xi (Lee Young Hee), revealed last week that "Samsung watch equipment have been developing for a long time, we have been trying to perfect the product. Samsung hopes to launch with forward-looking products smart watches is obviously one of them. "

Given that Samsung is the largest Android hardware manufacturers, does not exclude the smart watch to adopt the system. Rumors of a product that will continue the naming of the Samsung Galaxy, for Galaxy Altius. By then, most of the Samsung smart watches and Samsung's mobile phones, tablet PCs, TVs, and digital cameras to achieve interoperability. Switch through smart watch TV, washing machine set operating time, etc., will not be a problem.

Google: Android phones adjuvant

To informed sources, different glasses with Google, smart watches do not come from Google X lab, but by the Android team. Google has developed smart watch is as an extension of the Android smartphone. It is learned that smart watches likely and Google's products and related services to achieve seamless docking. For example, you see through the Google TV program, just click on the smart watch will be able to change the channel, or by voice: "Channel switch to X" on it. Google has won in 2012 the smart watches patented technology. As early as in January this year, when the media have published an article that Google does develop their own smart watch, but did not disclose specific details.

And is very similar to Google's smart glasses, the smart watches may have navigation, retrieve information and send and receive e-mail and other functions. So that Google's smart watches and smart glasses will function there is a big overlap, so most users will choose one among Glasses Google and Google smart watches.