Why Hasn't Emma Stone Signed On For The wonderful Spider-Man Sequel Yet?

September 29 [Sat], 2012, 11:09
Sony confirmed these days what ought to are obvious: brandy Webb can come to direct The wonderful Spider-Man two once his initial film with success rebooted the franchise and banked a staggering $751 million at the worldwide box workplace. The studio superimposed that Saint Andrew James A. sac louis vuitton Garfield would be back within the red-and-blue tights as Peter Parker and his clothed friend. on the other hand Sony threw to a small degree of a curveball by stating Emma Stone was “in talks” to come as flaxen-haired love interest Gwen Stacy.

What may presumably be preventing Stone from language on the line and returning to the franchise? I actually have a theory: She’s making an attempt to work out the way to score a vast day from only 1 film rather than 2 (which James A. Garfield reportedly is hooked up to try to to, finishing a replacement Spidey trilogy). And she’s negotiating for less than a new film as a result of her character won’t survive the sequel.

We already grasp this to be true: Stacy dies, tragically, at the hands of the inexperienced hob (according to Marvel lore). Webb definitely hinted at the likelihood of damage whirling around Gwen, creating Peter promise to a dying Capt. Stacy (Denis Leary) that he’d leave Gwen out of his amateur heroics. And Stone, to her credit, didn’t turn away from communicator queries relating to Gwen’s storied fate whereas promoting The wonderful Spider-Man, language Gwen’s death was a part of the rationale she was curious about taking part in the role within the 1st place.

So Gwen’s death within the reincarnated Spider-Man is a lot of a matter of “when,” not “if.” And in my humble opinion,louis vuitton sac she must die within the next film, making a form of dark, depressing Empire Strikes Back ending that sets the stage for a redemptive Spider-Man three.

Webb will take the majority of this next film to introduce Norman Osborn and his hob persona. He will conclude The wonderful Spider-Man two with Gwen’s death atop the Washington Bridge. And our ravaged hero will request solace – and a reason to fight once more – within the third and final chapter of this new triplet.

I’ve continually believed guided missile Raimi created an enormous mistake botching the long-lasting Gwen Stacy plot line, intermixture cannabis into the hob story, then putt the character atop a bridge within the original Spider-Man however belongings her live. it had been a narrative opt out, and that i ne'er forgave him for it. Webb incorporates a likelihood to redeem the plot,sac louis vuitton pas cher to line things right with Spidey’s world…through some terribly real pain. Webb told Maine throughout Associate in Nursing interview that he’d prefer to explore that subject material. And currently that he’s returning, I’m very hoping Sony and Marvel let him.

Maybe Stone signs tomorrow, and it had been simply a matter of belongings the ink dry. however after I saw that she remained “in talks,” and you recognize Sony isn’t progressing to mess with the Garfield-Stone chemistry, I honestly believe that she’s renegotiating a deal that solely includes a new picture. and that i suppose we’re finally progressing to see the right finish of Gwen Stacy’s plot line. I can’t wait.
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