Manchester City 3 bombers 18 ball hundred gift can cure an abnormal windy Premiership

May 25 [Mon], 2015, 23:29
beautiful volley fire front Pa winning Nasri also sad? 2013-14 Premier League season, Manchester City VS Tottenham battle 12, to coincide with the Abu Dhabi consortium took over Manchester City hundred, wear handsome arm of the Blue Moon with a hearty 6-0 victory Memorial tribute to a hundred. Manchester City can be described as unrivaled in Europe, nearly three home they frantically 18 goals, averaging six goals efficiency daunting. But do not forget, they did in the last round 1-0 upset loss to Sunderland, Blue Moon seems to have become the Premiership's largest insects away, nerve knife, if reinforcing their ability to fight off again dominate the Premier League just around the corner. On the recent record, long at home 7-0 victory over Norwich 10, followed by the Champions League qualifying battle again in Al Ittihad 5-2 to CSKA cut on his horse - it is inconceivable that, in The weekend before the date of the national team, the first 11 Premier League Stadium of Light, Blue Moon was hit by light piercing, black swallow upset 1-0 months. So far this season, Manchester City six league away actually only got 1-1 draws, 4 losses, ranked No. 15 in the Premier League record 20, compared to their home 6 battle 6 wins super record margin of 24 goals, they can not be considered normal insects away, the Premier League's top super non They must go away insects. The reason why so described Manchester City's away property, because their home record too prominent, main road record contrast is too exaggerated: Manchester City are the only Premier League home victory this season, the team, they are home to more than 26 goals wanton row at home Standings 2 Chelsea more than 12 goals. Since the November 2010 0-0 draw at home to Birmingham, they had to score consecutive 56 home away from Manchester United in April 2013 to create 66 consecutive home league record to score, only 10 games gap. Manchester City into the Premier League in 2013, 14 home 40 goals, averaging 2.86 goals, what terror. Meanwhile, Manchester City play against Tottenham Hotspur this 6-0 will also nailed pillar of shame, since December 1997 since the 1-6 defeat to Chelsea, Tottenham would be no loss to rival five goals in the Premier League and 5 goals or more
.In addition, when talking about cheap nike air max 95 2015, the AIR MAX Sports shoes can be found from this USA online site: ! Well, let's go on talking about latest sports news, soccer news.. Tottenham slump this war can show Manchester City increasingly sturdy, you know Boas team before this war is the Premier League away goals conceded team, before also ranked second in the standings of the road Tottenham had only lost five away a ball, they only Arsenal's away goal Giroux broken off. The campaign's goal behind the French doors Loris was Navas, Negredo, Aguero ripped six times, which is quite strange. Here also feeling the Spurs this season, attack power is low, 12 after they only 9 goals, just over bottom team Sunderland, Crystal Palace score more goals, they scored even better than Manchester City team Aguero (10 goals ) more than one person. Tottenham Bell sold before 12 shots over 160 times, they shot success rate was 5.7%, ranked last in the Premier League. Anyway this is in sharp contrast to the formation of the two teams after the game, and Manchester City to get 3 points back to the top four is the most important. But Pellegrini's team if it continues this way a 0-1 underdog negative, followed by a 6-0 home slaughter powerhouse of performance, they're probably in May next year or crop failure.