finally relenting and signing of four residents

January 21 [Mon], 2013, 12:05
Chenghua will introduce this year a particularly major industrial projects over 30, the implementation of the project, completed an investment of 200 billion yuan more

than 200. Zhaojue Temple Area jordan melo m8 for sale plots will accelerate, Xilin 6,7 group has demolished plots Merchants, landing and Kaijian, to speed up the relocation of Zhaojue Temple

bus station the Tianfu hotels and other plots in the first half the full completion of the demolition.

Phoenix Mountain White Lotus Pond Area will promote Fuson U.S. home since changed upgrade, IKEA, Hong Kong Tian Tong Wei fishermen started to promote the construction

of major projects. Balizhuang the two Xianqiao Area will be urged East Station freight station Close relocation completed Balizhuang secondary market, Xinhua Winshare

projects such as land consolidation fight started construction, strive the iron materials Chengdu Logistics Co., Ltd., and other projects during the year to complete

the demolition. Sima Qiao Area, the full completion of the relocation of the 512 building materials market, the professional market dismantle promote Sima Qiao fruit

market the eight substantive progress in market planning relocated.
Who lives in Chengdu Chunxi Road "next door", the rise will be able to see the famous Long Imperial mansion, the 63-year-old Wu Hsiu-ying guarding the prime location in

tears. Lived 40 years of dilapidated houses, and she looked forward to demolition and renovation of the 36-year-old son to marry the daughter. Fiddle around for two

years yesterday Area second analog relocation signing deadline the 95% finally thrilling completed, under the premise of respect for public opinion, the

demolition of fixed Yucheng Street jordan phase 23 hoops for sale finally demolished.

Yesterday, Chengdu Jinjiang District the Daci Community of Yucheng Street Area to usher in analog relocation signing deadline. He Baozhen experiencing the residents

most Dabeitaixi day of her life. Early in the morning, residents are anxious: the 131 residents, 123 per household strongly urge the demolition and renovation, short of

the two analog relocation rate can reach 95% agree with the red line.

"Slim hope of success, to give up do not have the heart." Face of the expectations of the residents, the Jinjiang District Center deputy party secretary Cai Qing

made a last-ditch - sent more than 100 staff, close and did not sign the final seventy-eight Ruanmoyingpao. 17:00 yesterday, analog relocation contract officially

closed at the last moment, finally relenting and signing of four residents, signing rate of 97.71%.

Daci Temple for the first time in 2010 since the relocation of analog Yucheng Street Area residents after two years of agonizing, tangled, transformation finally

stumbled in to meet the conditions. 2013 after the Spring Festival, all the residents had distant dream will become reality: received compensation, and stay at a brand

new replacement housing. Yucheng Street inhabitable houses will be demolished place to build a pure public good green street.

Yucheng Street Area simulate relocation office yesterday at 9:00 in the morning, broke into a gray-haired old lady.

"Today is the deadline, people still do not match how this can be done? You got to help him!" Old lady called He Baozhen, School jordan play in these 2 for sale No. 23, who lives in the east along the

city street. Since analog relocation start on January 20 Yucheng Street Area since her every day to the relocation of running a newspaper to schedule every day, staring

at the wall.
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