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Shanghai rose from the seabed surface, faster than the seabed from the sea much faster. Luo Yi Tao with Pakistan all the way up, fast. Luo Yi not aware of that peeping foursome seabed, because he first came to wide sand islands in themselves not to offend any powerful forces. Offend people, apart from the first few rì kill the one outside will have no few, naturally do not think there is any need to always maintain a high degree jǐng vigilant. And more importantly, are now obsessed Lo Yat began to worry for, and where there is time always been concerned about what people pay attention to him? So, the news that four successful passing out,Oakley Sunglasses Polarized, but this time the item is being Parc island cloud, also received a message. Xiang Yun suddenly stood up from the position. Today they are located, is the largest item on the island Julong a shop in the backyard of a luxury loft. "Dragon elders, to the news." Stood up next to an old term cloud toward a slight bend, and then added: "There are workers three elders take a trip with the term cloud." "Oh? Have news?" an amiable face, glowing, a silk face of the old man heard a gentle smile, then nodded his head and said: "the second son of an exaggeration, I and the others to come, is the subject of the order to do this seven elders thing, but what is there where there are labor and non-labor? "Then he stood up, smiled and said:" Feng brother, Lei Xiong, let's go. "" Well. "beside another two smiled, stood again. This duo are both middle-aged appearance, one of them looked very tall and thin. Luxurious clothes. While another person face dark. Looks a little rough. Of the three, it is Xiang Yu sent ink 'please' Luo Yi Xiang home to Seventh Heaven strong! Where the dragon elders, he is Seventh Heaven that were strong late. The remaining two, both are Seventh-day mid-repair. This trio is not surnamed 'item', it is because they are 'entry home' a visiting elders. The so-called 'a visiting elders', refers to non-clan's home strong. And that 'a visiting elders' is generally divided into two kinds. The first, is absolutely their own strength, and then hang 'elders' in the name. In fact, this 'a visiting elders' real 'a visiting'. In their family. Vertical is the master of the house, nor arbitrary meddling, but to which the customer courtesy, identity extremely aloof. However, the second. It is not the case. Although titular 'a visiting elders' in the name, but in fact it is controlled with the family. More appropriate to say that it should be 'men'. But, after all, be a little strong face. Thus, such a person, but also to be known as 'a visiting elders' in the name of the. However, the actual status, but did not changed much. Of the three, it is the term home 'a visiting elders', belonging to the faction Xiang Yu Xiang ink every family a large fortune, which is essential for such a large family of factional struggles. Naturally, it is not lacking. See all three of them stood up, Xiang Yun also impatient, walked directly toward the window, and then said: "Von elders Yes, please." "Deserved." That tall, thin, middle-aged grin, and then a little finger, touch glaucoma, is not into the cloud-term in vivo. Then, is to see the term cloud floating up. "Come on." Long elders looked after, with a smile. Moment. Three elders direct piercing overfly. The term cloud, also under the leadership of von elders, fly out. Straight into the TV drama remains peripheral direction away. Parc relics from the island to the periphery above the sea, with their full speed of the line, it takes less than half an hour for these. Luo Yi naturally feel nothing. Let alone Luo Yi Tao behind the bar. At this time, Luo Yi side hurry. But in the side of contemplation, consideration began to earn his own next plan. However, after thinking it over, but had found some very tricky. Whether or refining alchemy is now in the hands of his resources and time, are very difficult to earn enough in the 13 years he was promoted to Seventh-day began with. More than 170 one hundred million top grade stone! This is when he was even better in the fall Gladius within his own re-raised to seven days began with the initial amount needed! Hundreds of thousands, even millions, tens of millions of Luo Yi can be sure to get in a short time. After all, do not say the other, he can just six products refining immortality, it is enough for him to earn enough money so much began. But more than 170 one hundred million which is somewhat too large. Even if he can not immortality refining six products in ten years of time began to earn so much! After all, the more senior of immortality, the more rare materials. Do not say no one is looking for someone to find him alchemy from, but there are a few people? A soul healing six products immortality, he helped people refining, the other side of the material that broke the day, I am afraid it one hundred million top grade ore prices right? After all, such an immortality of the auction price, but also a two hundred million Bale. Although he is refining those, but the material is not their own, and allowing others to split income was his dark enough. And that is just theoretical terms. If anyone can find him if he was an alchemy order 'casual repair', what one would believe him? Refining the precious materials to him? Repair to advanced, he not trust people. Repair is low, and people trust him so, to seek wealth alchemy to fast convergence, now, he probably is not. "If I am now seven days after heavy, it is much simpler. Could barely refining Nine immortality that time, more than 170 million which is a price just ah Nine immortality" Luo Yi helpless thinking. Thought here,Oakley Active, Luo Yi also some frustration. More than 170 one hundred million top grade stone, for he is undoubtedly a day models. However, for the really big families and big forces concerned, I am afraid that is not really anything. This is the power! Xiuwu circles why so many battles? Spiritual resources because rare ah! "Chuan Songzhen actually a good idea, but unfortunately too little vanity Mithril met, and if refining Chuansong Zhen, then probably have attracted some of the incidents," Luo Yi also thought Chuansong Zhen. Chuansong Zhen, if he really has enough vanity Mithril, then he really be able to thirteen years of time to earn enough money to even many balances not necessarily. After all, now Chuan Songzhen mostly been lost, if the sale, that he is an absolute monopoly. When price is not the final say by him? Moreover, there are fixed-and random Chuan Songzhen two kinds. Sentinel Chuan Songzhen Needless to say, this world is so big, if you really can have such a fixed Chuansong Zhen, presumably many of the strong are willing to buy. After all, many dangerous in this world, if their far away from their homes, but to hire a powerful enemy invasion that he got the news, but too late to support it? And if they have such a fixed Chuansong Zhen, then all would be easy to say, just one moment, we can rush home, get rid of enemies although most practitioners xìng sub weak. But Luo Yi believe it should also be no shortage of Emotion among the people. Sentinel Chuansong Zhen, absolutely can buy a very good price. The random Chuansong Zhen goes without saying this time either Luo Yi Chuan Songzhen the hands of a random, this time with his deity of this, I am afraid that the mountain had already become the broken spirits of the troops under the palm. To include "Long Wu Zun map" included, what sealed the Dragon Sword, soil bowls and other treasures, but also all have to fall into the hands of others. The value of geometry, can be imagined. Unfortunately, all of this, we can only think of Bale. Mithril is not empty, everything is empty. Luo Yi head some pain, 13 years, more than 170 one hundred million top grade stone which really made him feel an unprecedented pressure. And it is not the most difficult. Most difficult places! But now Luo Yiji not like to think that this is also places the possibility of 13 years just upgraded to seventh heaven for the repair, is a big problem. Now talk about places,Outlet Coach Sunglasses Sale, a bit too early. "Must have long-term perspective, and so find a place to settle down, and then talk with the Pakistani Tao. Maybe what he means." Honest, Luo Yi, though experiencing a lot, but in making money in this regard, he really can not be considered What experience of the generation. The Pakistani Tao as unworthily wide sandy islands scattered repair for many years, with experience in this area avenues absolutely stronger than him. But, Pakistan Tao without him this ability, so many things to experience opportunities, can not do nothing. Luo Yi rubbed his wrinkled brow, once again, after taking a water pill to avoid, looked up, and is still surrounded by a dark, but it can feel close to the water, there was not much from it. Move on. In yet avoid the pill after taking two, Luo Yi look suddenly move, some looked up surprised. Shortly after, he soul of a dynamic, probing out. Then his brow, but slightly wrinkled up, could not help stopped. Behind him feel nothing Palestinian Tao until the brush over Luo Yi before he slightly hesitated and could not help but also stopped, and then puzzled look to the Luo Yi: "predecessors how the?" Lo Yi looked up at the direction of the sea, brow Weicu, a moment later, he was suddenly a wave, in the hands of more than a large alabaster box is filled with water pills to avoid that. Luo Yi removed from the two to avoid the pill after pill and handed the other to avoid the Palestinian Tao, then directly: "The above is dangerous, you leave directly from the sea. Living to which we last restaurant waiting for me." Pakistan Tao Yi Zheng, Luo Yi looked somewhat confused. Some did not get out Bailuo Yi meaning. Luo Yi to see him this piece of expression, not shook his head, then said: "The last time you kill a few people as one of them, and now is with the three above seven heavens strong guarding, evidently should be to find us trouble, so you are now directly away from the sea, they are able to catch up a little while coming. "" What?! "Pakistan Tao look suddenly changed, disbelief and said:" Seventh Heaven three strong? ! "RS
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