hit the Xuzhou forces must seriously

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> Day, Li Shih-tseng marriage with only the Nanjing government appointed mayor of Qingdao Zhang valves enemy deleted cronies Hu Ruoyu went to Shanghai to discuss with the Soong the Bong ticket issue. WWw! QUAnBen Com Zhang Xueliang issue currency notes in the Northeast there is some question, since the Zhongdonglu Event the Bong ticket that is facing the problem of inflation. Xueliang sent HU Ruoyu to Shanghai is money on the grounds that "although from the pharynx began issuing grants Bong votes" now the ocean votes "Carpenter still lack of fiscal and financial Yu the Nanjing central promised collected and sent to launching the costs, and help solve Bong Waterland Financial problem, Northeast Financial and Development northeast Fuyuan, there is a great benefit. need the central government to give financial support, the opening force is concave Wan. Treasury Secretary Soong this time because fiscal filling. military spending, things are not worried., but familiar with financial He believes that the Northeast does not need the money, northeast yourself fully capable of solving, but not to fear the impact of the Chiang Kai-shek's plan. hesitated for a long time or power generation referral still in the front line of the Chiang Kai-shek, Chiang Kai-shek immediately complex the electricity to Songjahak tip, and The message is very simple, just tell Soong, not only promised, but also give as Makata million, but the money is not'll have to wait to after the the Northeast Army out off to assist the Central Army counterinsurgency. If you just dig some money, Chiang Kai-shek also do not care, although finances are not very well-off, but the tens of millions he still afford the However, the next thing may be is not a question of money, it is a let Zhang Xueliang loss of face is very angry thing that is Mating Fu event. Mating Fu Zhong Yu Department of the Northeast Army Brigadier in Shanhaiguan a negative synergy the head of Meng Baihu, An Fukui, troops attacked the flat, Tianjin. attached to Chiang Kai-shek thing Zhong Yu found then in Shanhaiguan, Beidaihe two be arrested. According to the survey Mating Fu of the transaction, subject to Nanjing military Senate mso Taodui Li in suborning pottery to give 2 Quad million horse Ministry expanded 3 divisions Mating Fu was promoted to commander and other conditions, to induce the horse trip into the off aid to Chiang. Benren fellow of Taodun Li and Nanjing represented party, into the light department, so flat, Tianjin and Shanghai, and has worked in Ho to spread "Mating Fu event. Entirely by Chiang Kai-shek's dictates, and that this event will lead to Chiang Kai-shek Zhang Xueliang formal break with the northeast must join to discuss Chiang ranks. Chiang Kai-shek in the "Diary" also lamented: "Feng Zhang rebel heart beginning to see now! The Northern army Ran politicians, purports to national unity, while separatist selfishness. Tradition of each other, can not get rid of this China by nation can not be in this world, and imperialism Mausoleum insult endless also. Alas! originally tend Nanjing Zhang Xueliang, a result of "Mating Fu event" attitude seems to change in succession with the North on behalf of Jiajing De Xue driving Bute, and Guo Tai television, Fu Zuoyi Zhuo Zhen, Chen Gongbo and others met to discuss the current political situation. Sui Zhen talk to reporters: Zhang Xueliang northern advocate. Fair and bright, never against the organization of the Government due to Nanjing the "Mating Fu event. Increased the ill-feeling. Actual Xueliang attitude of the government of Northern-based organizations is still not clear, but an event complained about the South, almost to change their minds. Zhang Xueliang had telephoned Ho into light: "Taodun Li last year to Bong time this year, Jin expelled from Beijing, Feng residence, the younger brother of a generous treat non-discriminatory. Entice recently lines very close between elm off the Beidaihe between incitement army, meaning some Figure. Northeast to the whole, although there are a two alluring. That by the find. According to the Yaoting statement. My brother had electricity, are not allowed Tao to have a role in this. Proves that vision. Taodun Li is now the arrest, is being tried, and special electric inform you that the tone is calm, still refers to pottery and how to have a relationship. To avoid Xueliang some ill feelings. Chiang Kai-shek addition to electrophilic Xueliang explained: "we are keen to the filial piety Hou participate in Taoni, except adhering brother will make life for the first; him his troops movement on the back of filial piety Hou non-polar folly by no means out of this want, clever must insight also. "Ho into short, Wu Tiecheng, Fang Benren, Zhang Qun. Effectively to Zhang Xueliang tell the truth. Gesture of goodwill, again out of the big price tag. Zhang Xueliang shuaibing entry, both military and civilian affairs in the north of the Yellow River system cross Xueliang the jurisdiction. After such a big move Xueliang, hesitated for a couple of days, Zhang proposed. The Central Army recapture Jinan, he like to persuade against troops in the Northeast Army veterans. In order to hasten the Zhang Xueliang send troops, Chiang Kai-shek immediately instructed the General Staff to develop the fastest the central army a battle plan to recapture Jinan launched large-scale mobilization, Yan Xishan immediately found, he deeply felt this kind of pressure, in order to thwart Chiang Kai-shek's conspiracy, in order to break the deadlock as soon as possible, Yen and not be worried prevention Song Zhewu forces grow, decided to move again Song Zhewu only retain sufficient combat forces troops. Received Yan Xishan command his troops, very excited Songzhe Wu, Yan Xishan want him sent not less than three army troops, adding Jin Pulu battlefield quickly solve complex to Korean-led Shandong region of the Central Military force Longhai Road Central Army retreated to Xuzhou Joint surrounded solve Xuzhou mouth program for Yan Xishan, Feng Yuxiang not satisfied, then the forces of of Song Zhewu Longhai Road, he understands that this is Yan Xishan to be the first to win the Nanjing. capture a high score in political to Good Ones highest authority. originally because of the formation of the new government in the north has returned to Wang Jingwei and Yan Xishan in Peking, FENG Yu small Cheung very dissatisfied with the key positions in the new government the Wang Jingwei Reorganizers, Western Hills faction and the word the Xishan Jin connection Army of Department almost carved up in an instant, just symbolically left his Northwest Army and Li Tsung-jen of the Clique unimportant posts. FENG Yu like that very helpless, very angry if let Yan the Xishan first entered the city he can, some can not be reconciled. deliberation and Lu Zhonglin confidant of generals, Feng Yuxiang first to Song Zhewu headquarters and the Song Zhewu negotiate the next plan of action. Feng Yuxiang show that his attitude. Song Zhewu very pleased, Yan Xishan his troops to join Jin Pulu battlefield, which is very conducive to his plans once he began to seize Shanxi Jin Pulu troops must be Jin then Army siege. This is not what he would like to see . in Song Zhewu. humbly. and Feng Yuxiang deliberation, decided by the two joint recommendations to Yan Xishan Jin Pulu battlefield Song Zhewu of three military Jin Pulu and Longhai Road, now the Central Army heavily studded Even if Song Zhewu troops to the battlefield. it must be hard-fought, even win, the losses on both sides were not as good as the Song Zhewu this part of the forces invested in Ping-Han line, it is easy to break thirty million no-name, Pinghan Road Central Army, so not only can quickly grabbed Huazhong areas and Li Tsung-jen's troops confluence rapid pacification of central and southern areas, and then along the river under attack Nanjing. the Yan Xishan soon call back agrees, but Yan Xishan, Feng Yuxiang and Song Zhewu plan proposed some modifications. Yan Xishan Song Zhewu three military defeat a Ho into short third Legion Northwest Army coalition forces led by Chiang Kai-shek in the of with Pinghan line, do not participate in offensive military operations in Wuhan, but immediately along the north bank of the Yangtze River East, forcing Longhai Road Central Army retreated to Xuzhou, then still confluence Longhai Road, Chiang Kai-shek coalition forces will attack Xuzhou. simultaneously, the Yan Xishan To Song Zhewu stay Mo source other forces to step up the entire seven,Nike air max UK Sale, good preparations to send troops to Peking direction at any time. although Yan Xishan This meter zai "and there is nothing wrong. Defeated Han line and the Longhai Railway, the two branches of the Central Army. The military laid the victory. Just the Yan Xishan still left selfishness, for him and his direct descendant Sui Army intends. Yan Xishan If the Central Army Pinghan line line of defense collapse He Chengjun bound to take his remnants pushed to Hankou, sits in Wuhan Yingqin defeated Li Tsung-jen, has not had to worry bound to the mobilization of Hunan and Hubei Force brings together the remnants of Wuhan and He Chengjun added together to guard Wuhan, but also of the Central Army's fleet to help defend That is not Feng Yuxiang can easily overpower the. Least Feng Yuxiang want to cross the river, a short period of time is unlikely. FENG Yu-kind in addition to occupying the northern Hubei Province, the actual results have been modest. While to let Song Zhewu leave Feng Yuxiang along the river to the east, not only weaken the force of Feng Yuxiang offensive Wuhan, certainly would force the the Longhai Line of Central Army retreated to Xuzhou. Thus, even if the the Shandong Han complex set not surrender, are bound southward retreat, Xuzhou Central Army will become a lone downfall sooner or later, he can even ranging to solve the Xuzhou Central Army can Huibing the Pukou , soldiers Nanjing. When Chiang Kai-shek is bound to make the embattled by the enormous pressure of the party, Shimono is certain. He Yan Xishan may forfeit enters Nanjing, and then he Sui Army occupation affluent Jiang Hsi. Just plan not only did not consider Feng Yuxiang, even framed Songzhe Wu. If Song Zhewu really break He Chengjun troops. East, along the river, Chiang Kai-shek certainly will not sit idly by, and will take advantage of convenient transportation on the Yangtze River, he repeated sent troops to intercept. Songzhe Wu also must stack by fighting hard, and so he hit the Xuzhou forces must seriously weakened, much-needed refit, simply weakness and a south Pukou Song Zhewu actual "things" will rarely. The Yan Xishan the purpose of not only the Song Zhewu clear, Feng Yuxiang also understand it. But Feng Yuxiang for Yan Xishan calculation is disdain, and even some happy. In his opinion, as long as the Song Zhewu help he defeated He Chengjun of these hodge Central Army Command, motley crew will have a considerable part of the turn to take refuge in his Feng Yuxiang. His strength immediately will rise sharply, played troops Song Zhewu mouth of Yangtze River go not to go, several provinces in central China may wholly in his Northwest Army under the control, with the Hubei and Hunan,Jordan TC Shoes, the largest province of the fiscal food he will no longer have the tender mercies. Moreover, he can also be the momentum integration the chaos in Sichuan, in the United Li Tsung-jen,Oakleys M-Frame, the South take the Guangdong and Fujian. Than half of China may completely in his hands, Yen even if occupy the highest power, sooner or later, have to give him obediently. <
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