not very good news indeed

June 07 [Fri], 2013, 11:06
> Today fifth more sent! Barbarians large branch of the body, is indeed too big - too heavy, this fall, it seems to be a direct mountain was thrown to the ground, causing strong shaking around. wwW,oakley sunglasses cheap, QUanbEN, coM is fall seven dirty eight elements, he played in two consecutive roll on the ground, only to stabilize your body. He stumbled, trying to want to stand up, but found his legs, has been broken off. Just put on a stand up position, and plop a flutter cases. Yes, this is Xu Xing Xia intentional. You Da paralysis bruised my people want something at all? How can such a cheap thing under the sun pity? Fall off your legs, is to give you a lesson! However, this lesson is not enough. Waiting for you, as well as law severely punished. I was civilized, according to rule, not directly under the pain killer. Xu Xing Xia a shot, it will fall into the barbarian Han crippled people around - face suddenly changed. Barbarians large branching companions, instantly eyes are gathered to Xu Xing Xia body, subconsciously clenched waist shank. They feel a strong danger, Xu Xing Xia body danger. They are not ordinary people - Chuang North South line, a lot of insight. It can be said that they've seen people - more than Xu Xing Xia eaten more than rice. But this time they really misjudged, thoroughly wrong horse. Who would have thought, Xu Xing Xia actually have such terrible power? Just two of the fight, in fact, no skills, pure direct contest of strength. He fell off the barbarians Han, but they are a group of people of Hercules, has always been known for is brute force. Lightly three or four large branching are no drag him move. However, in the summer Xu Xing's hands, he is simply the same as with the toddler, did not fight back. Terrible, really terrible. How they think, Xu Xing Xia congenital conditions metamorphosis, then any connection with the high fierce fighting techniques to learn, constantly upgrade their skills. There he was such a force, no matter what kind of learning fighting techniques are things half times. Xu Xing barbarians large branching only see the appearance of the summer, they thought he was a good bully, results, immediately sad reminder. That alien with a white veil of beauty, Xu Xing Xia was also shot, deeply stimulated to. She was a bit stunned, sharp eyes, shot from behind the veil Da out, falls deeply Xu Xing Xia's body, as if you want to see through Xu Xing Xia in the end what is, why there is such a terrible ability. Unfortunately, she seems not to death. Shortly after, alien beauty waved his hand, with his tribal language of what has been said, and immediately had a retinue over, the smaller will be a sheepskin pocket hands care up, with less skilled language branch, said: "I'm sorry, I'll wait for a moment Yulu, offends you warrior. really senseless, senseless, this is the twenty taels of gold, but also all you warrior heart. Also please spare warrior, let me wait companion. "Xu Xing Xia one hand, the sheepskin pocket open, cold cold, said: "Whoever your gold? your man sinned, we must insert chastened! come! arrested!" him several one hundred, you look at me, I look at you, hesitating I do not know what to do with. Xu Xing Xia and women involved in the struggle between the alien, they do not know is a curse is a blessing. This matter - will eventually understand how - who do not know ah! Xu Xing Xia's character, but very difficult pondering. PENG Feng and Zhang Qiuqing look at each other one, do not know what to do. Xu Xing Xia sneer, disdain, said: "Even the arrests guts are not you?" Then suddenly some one hundred face embarrassing, have dismounted, the barbarians that big branch arrested. That barbarian Han lost its ability, his hands still active, naturally desperate struggle. His fist is still very fierce, lightly dozen people, there is no close. Several one hundred hands together, there is not even capture him down. However, he wants to escape the arrest of several one hundred, but it is not easy. Scuffle between the two sides, a few one hundred are really angry, and left hand is no longer relies on, has been injured barbarians large branch, suddenly pales. Blond beauty can not help but said: "The strong man, why you Kukuxiangbi it? Careless collision of you, I was wrong, I can assure you an apology, compensation for damages are also invited to the person you Do not continue hands. not that little thing? why should spin so big? twenty-two gold can not, I can always give two hundred twenty right? "Xu Xing Xia cold smile, outspoken, said:" streets deliberately butt - and injury, you said it is a small thing but unfortunately? you know what place? Here is prescribed country Ningxia city, not your own home ranch. you think gold fine you can solve everything ? OK, ah, you do not use gold to resolve the matter? you over, stripped of his clothes, take a city in Ningxia, imprison,Coach Crossbodys Bags, I'll give you two hundred twenty gold! "blond beauty suddenly burst distress, devil's body - is manifestly trembling with anger. In her own country, her identity, is so noble, so profane, who would say anything disrespectful to her words? She was so big, but did not dare to insult her for no reason so straightforward it! Almost instantaneous, she Xu Xing Xia gave rise to a strong intention to kill. Do not kill him, she washed themselves to be absolutely no shame! Those around her guard, are also immediately clenched handle, ready to draw his sword scabbard. "Do not draw his sword!" Alien beauty suddenly whispered shouted. After all, she is the very people who, after the enraged, they immediately calm down. This is not her own site, she can not wanton hands. In Ningxia city, playing fighting is possible, severely beaten, beaten half to death, beaten disabled, or even killed a person, the consequences are not very serious. However, if you move the arms, anger on the big things. As Xu Xing Xia said, here is the next country sites, according to the great Ming Code to deal with. Estimates under the sun, no one forces would like others in their own turf knife or a gun. Ming country is no exception. Once they drew out his sword, the nature of things, a fundamental change occurs. This is definitely not her wish to see. In fact, she is more scruples - the opposite of this man, quite difficult to deal with. Even her entourage sword, it may not be able to discuss got to go. Her eyes, still very sharp. He had just one shot, she would know that this is a formidable opponent. Look at his back tire iron bow, there are more than twice as thick black arrows generally Yu Jian, she knew, to use force to solve the problem, is the most dangerous. She must not recklessly. Xu Xing Xia said coldly: "Take! Prefect Yamen to go!" That big branch but also to resist the barbarians, he was his own master looked deep, he had to temporarily give up resistance. Several one hundred large branch arrested the barbarians. Results, that the barbarians large branch and want to struggle, Xu Xing Xia directly in the back of his neck arched a knock, that the barbarians large branch, suddenly droop down - no resistance capability. Blond woman, see Xu Xing summer this action, can not help but some angry. Her subordinates, have abandoned the fight, he was not to leave a little pity, hand slap. This guy is simply an outrage. Inlet people inside, when there are so overbearing guy? Ningxia their arrival city, less than three days, they encountered such a thing, all of a sudden she had the impression that the Ming state, are all overthrown. The blonde woman is indeed great background. Her coming out of this country incognito, just wanted to feel out the immediate field of the actual country relies on conditions for the future development of their countries, to provide some reference. According to the information she learned before, Ming country who are very weak, are very moderate. As long as you are not too excessive bully them, they will not take you how. Two days before the encounter, it would seem it is so. Ming country who does not have any major threat. But today she met Xu Xing Xia, completely different ah! This guy is simply more than those of her subordinates, even more overbearing. Look at his hand, apparently a little leeway at all. That their subordinates, the reason is not dead, is entirely because of his stout body bone sufficient reason. If a little bit weak, so the summer fling is Xu Xing, an estimated nine lives have finished. This estimate is really encountered a ghost! She can even feel faint, this guy is aggressive, but also very strong ah! Fortunately, the town was not his masters in Ningxia, otherwise, God knows what will happen. Dress from his point of view, he should be out of the country's Wei army officers. In other words, this guy but out of a team. This is for her, not very good news indeed. Everyone knows that the army is to eat people, the more aggressive the army, the more people want to eat. Xu Xing Xia simply ignore each other how to think, and so one hundred were arrested after the barbarian big branch, he told in the back, escorting go. Has his escort, barbarians large branching companions, are not how. We did not use weapons, they are definitely not Xu Xing Xia opponent. However, once the use of weapons, things will be very much noise, bad pick. Injured Luoding far, but also pulled up, put on horseback, went along. Such as Xu Xing Xia away, beside a blond woman entourage before anxiously said: "Dear Majesty, Wu bald Lu was captured, how do we do?" Blond woman calmly said: "Go prefect Yamen it! I'd like to see him in the end what is backing! Ming countries actually have such a figure, a rare ah! "he finished, he turned the horse, with Xu Xing Xia in the back pockets. Those of her followers, naturally followed her and refused to leave. At this time, from the side of the tea inside, there is an old man, also waltz stand up, hand patted the gown, in four followers quietly escort,Oakleys Sunglasses Cheap, but also with a blond woman in the back. Today did not complete either come ...... dare not speak ...... drifting "<
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