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May 31 [Fri], 2013, 17:27
> Beam of light across the sky into the sky, the sea air waves will be monstrous volumes nearly one thousand meters altitude, back into rain spilled down. wWw, quaNBen, COm when everything was quiet after being forced to explode almost stationary hindsight Mohun waters finally issued a roar from dozens of miles away in the distance from the Pentium, will be as empty as was canyon seabed refilled. Under pouring rain, in the surging wave rolling sea, a group of black objects hidden, it is wrapped with Benji's King armor. At this time, the two groups under the sea by the light becomes brighter light, and gradually rose out of the sea, the light within the group impressively stood two old. "Look! Shi Young at that!" One old man Muguangruju, one will find a sea of ​​King A, a burst out they put their fishing up. Subsequently, another old man also came, they patted King A, calling: "The Stone Young, wake up. Stone Young!" ...... Benji sleeping in a dream, he dreamed of many people and things, until while far away sound of the call, only to pull him out from the dream. "......, Young would have happened if the stone, I will kill this dog thing!" Hey, this is not the sound of Lang brothers do? Although before the eyes a dark, but Benji did recognize voice of the master, when he only felt pain killing brain, what happened before actually some can not remember. Subsequently, another person's voice came from a distance, it sounds like a ghost Chiaki talking. "Ah, there is no stone Young, now where's my life, this speed demon repair never let him die, I want him fell bone dust, refining the soul of a thousand days to eliminate this big hate!" Getting the word demon repair,Jordan Play In These 2 Shoes, Benji remembered what happened before the coma. Yes, and I just threw the thing to be considered as reversal of the situation, listen to the tone of two brothers, that demon repair actually not dead? I have nothing? Shi Lei, Guo Jin came back crashed the King A distraction, gray sky, two surprise face appeared in front of him. "Lang brothers, ghost brothers!" "Stone Young, you all would be great, we thought you were ......" Lang lawless wild wrinkled old head is to shed tears, ghost Chiaki also grow breath, Benji They looked and looked, touched the hearts, smiled and said: "There are workers two brothers worry, I do not know that demon repair ever captured alive?" Lang, ghost duo see Benji without incident, a smile on his face, Lang loudly hehe smiles: "it can not be captured down, but he did not die, be dead than alive now!" Benji heard curious to prop up the dollar forces guard stood up, the body can understand, he suddenly felt a severe pain from the body four came, he then noticed the whole body meridians everywhere broken, apparently an explosion, although the King A blocked most of the attacks, but not without the slightest impact. His face was a white, and immediately removed from the storage bag a crystal ball, absorb the vitality repair injuries. Two brothers see Benji so look, knew he needed immediate healing, they face is a variable, namely flying kilometer away, for law enforcement. "Good strong power, if not I will try very hard to resist the throw to go before the suction, even if it will be a little closer lives. Did not think evil things had even used to rescue their lives." Meridians within the damage in his view of the Under no doubt immediately apparent, the original stout wide meridians beneath the blast, has become fragmented mess in general, per force can not flow through them to the body limbs, let alone put up a shield. Fortunately, the fix has miraculous strength on the meridians, just need some time Bale. After a long time, Benji face only from white to red and back to normal, he slowly spit out an aggregate, away for two brothers said: "I have been temporarily repaired several major meridians, you want to identify land needs healing retreat healing." "Well, we do not go immediately to return the island!" Lang Xiangyebuxiang loudly, then exit said. Chiaki also looked decidedly ghost, a heavy nod, did not speak. Benji touched the hearts once again, falling into the abyss magic trip to Lang loudly speaking, how important it is, if this line died, I do not know the next occurrence will be what month, his life element had so long you can wait. Although there is no mention ghosts Chiaki going to fall over why the devil into the abyss, but he once said, determined to win, presumably also a must-see reason. However, faced with Benji's injury, they chose to give up, which makes Benji how grateful not two brothers, the moment he said: "Shall a result of injury and delay two younger brothers of the plan and I do not have to go back to healing is not Normalized island so far, Beastkin since Mohun home and in practice, it will inevitably have spiritual eyes here. Besides brother storage body strength and some crystal ball, so do not bother. "Lang loudly That shot forehead, Oh smiled and said: "Look at my impatient, had not thought of that." Benji suddenly remembered the issue to just smile and floating face becomes gloomy, shook his head: "Oh, this time falling into the abyss magic has been completely opened, If the delay time due to my healing then how to do? "ghost Chiaki and Lang loudly on the TV, as they touched the short beard, said:" The Young Do not worry. According to my projections, this time falling into the abyss entrance though magic has been completely open, but disappeared from the date of its closure, as well as ten days of work, I do not know Young healing ten days is enough? "" Enough, let this be a demon repair Qinzhu handing Xia Yan, the way for me to let him Find a retreat place. we helped him so much a favor, which is a mere small favor he should not refuse. "Benji heard this, lift the spirit, urging the two brothers quickly demon ** back to camp. Lang, ghost duo also have this intention, the trio is preparing to return to barracks where fellow passenger pentagram waters, but heard behind him a ghost Chiaki gloomy voice. "In my view, you still do not go well, or certainly make you regret it for life!" Benji heard surprised, hastily ghost Chiaki looked behind, but did not see any shadows, no other monks around the true Yuan Li reaction, immediately tense up. This person must listen to the sound itself in the near, but in his soul disappeared under it to what can be achieved with high repair? Even underwater encounter that demon repair is impossible not reveal a trace ah. Lang loudly to see him a look of surprise, but with ghosts Chiaki to smile, hehe smiles: "Shi Young, you Intuit careful you are looking for the man in the ghost brother's back, ah, you go Look what four weeks. "ah? Chiaki back in ghosts? Benji heard soul extending out only then received back, I saw the ghost of his Chiaki meaningful smile, actually took off from behind a burden to. . Until this moment, he found wrapped in a real element reaction, but it is very weak, but the burden is only basin size, how someone can hide in here. Burden future generations by ghost robe tied together, and opened, a head roll out pearls, look at his face and forehead vertical dark eyes, not that country's renegade demon who else. "This ......" Benji did not think Lang loudly called capture is such a thing, could not help wondering to see ghosts future generations. "Hey, Young, this is not thanks to you if you do not then break the seal ban thrown out, we may have a few to kill by his friends, but he is now looking like bad luck, you can think you said at that time that we three perverted things that can not empty words which perish! Luo things these dogs, so I do not go back to the island, to see how I pack them! "ghost Chiaki hope to see him, he pointed to the demon's head repair said bitterly. "Well, not a soul stone Young extraordinary, we might really a villain on the road. Young, breaking the seal ban why there is so much power, not to say that this seal is only valid for the ban do?" Lang Wuji also hatred, anger face inquiry Benji. The original Benji was thrown to magic than anything else, it is forbidden to him Luo Chun broken seal. He heard Lang loudly questioning, then the mouth of a Young, sneered: "India is indeed broken only deal ban ban, but they have cheated been printed on that day I got this seal, they feel India There was a highly destructive energy in the flow, and brother Ray refining bucket very similar,Nike Jordan Big Ups, so I probably know one of fraud. Luo really do not know where to come from the God of Thunder, could be so powerful, clearly is thought Let us fall into the abyss magic within Shiguwucun. "if Luo Chun will break the seal ban handing Lang loudly, that the matter may be in trouble. But they chose Benji is inevitable, the trio only his repair lowest forbidden broken seal was found inside the strange chance less. Think of here, ghost Chiaki both loudly and Lang Road fluke. But unexpectedly, was lost in the Jiaopang ghost Chiaki's head suddenly grinning demon repair doing all up, attracted attention after three gloomy and said: "Hey, thought of that old devil's strategy is now being a saver of little monks see through, It seems he wants is to play does not ring friends. touches me is the unexpected calamities yo, ha ha ha ...... "Three Hualiyouhua listen to him, it seems that the mastermind behind India ban break a relationship, immediately exchanged a surprised look. Chiaki ghost approached grabbed the head, coldly asked: "What do you mean what you say?" "What do you mean? I laugh at myself had all three of you can be killed eventually lose even sell things in their own , you say ridiculously funny? "demon repair face vertical eye slightly opened, no fear in front of three, just keep laughing. Benji heard heart surprised, repair demon before it relating to this matter also, hurried up to be angry ghost Quanzhu Chiaki, crouch down and lifted head and asked: "Could it be that the God of thunder piercing India, is that you sell to Romania home? "" What Luo Li's Ray is I sell, I sell is printed, but buyers are someone else. want to know, hey, you will quickly go and find me a has come in the flesh,Jordan SC 1 Shoes, let me hasten to seize homes. Otherwise, never expect! "demon repair opening to bargain together. Chiaki met with the person leaving a ghost head, still so arrogant, my heart has long been simmering anger, immediately shouted: "If you do not say, I used Souhun surgery see for yourself." "Ha ha ha, you dare so the king rude, believe it or not as long as you do, in the future the world is large and no place for you! "Benji see repair demon face contempt, knew that this man must have backing, not like the summer Yan said just a demon State traitor only. Will lay hands quickly to stop the moment ghosts and the future, he smiled and asked: "Since you claim to the king, why not talk about the history, maybe we can make a deal." <
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