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> The the Northern Province Africa Wusang country's Industry Minister Ha Luolei with a group of followers walking in the exhibition hall of the Frankfurt International Exhibition Center, puffed up with pride, he felt, they make contributions to the time has come. WWW! QUAnBen! Com Ha Luolei early years, graduated from the University of Paris, France, is an out-and-out in the Wusang States returnees. He took the dream of industrial powers from France back to Wusang, they found themselves useless. The king at that time only know luxury, he becomes the selling ore in exchange for foreign exchange from Western luxury cars, watches, designer clothing and a lot of weapons and equipment, while completely ignoring the domestic per capita GDP of less than $ 100 per capita The life expectancy is only 30 years old. In the Wusang returned five years later, the coup finally happened. Old king with a personal attendants and a lot of dollars in exile, the newly elected leader to opened the mínzhǔ reform, the establishment of a federal Wusang. Ha Luolei Friends Epinal through the campaign when the governor of the Northern Province, took office launched a vigorous land reform program and industrialization plans. Ha Luolei understand the industry as the entire Northern Province, Epinal appointed Minister of Industry, and got $ 40 million in construction funds. Money is the entire Northern Province, one-third of the total fiscal revenue in the next five years, the Epinal handed him over to Ha Luolei when, patted him on the shoulder and said: "My old friend, the future of the Northern Province, to you and I hope that in my lifetime, be able to see the Northern Province of Africa Birmingham. "Mr. Epinal, do not worry, I will work hard." Ha Luolei blooded commitment. Building in Africa, a Birmingham, is not an easy thing. The emerging Republic Wusang, in industry can be described as a poor and white, even in the range of hundreds of kilometers around Wusang country, will not find a person able to produce industrial machine tools factory. However, the Ha Luolei this is not worried, he knew first-class industrial equipment in Europe, and $ 40 million in his hand, also can not buy a modern worry? $ 40,000,000 of course, can not all be used to purchase equipment, This is Ha Luolei that is a pretty good idea. To develop the industry, you also need roads, factories, workers' dormitories, all of which are to spend money. Say, Epinal to his funds, nor are real U.S. dollars, most of which are Wusang local currency, it can not get up the international market to buy products. In France during the reading, Ha Luolei heard Frankfurt International Equipment Fair, know that it is one of the world's top equipment fairs. This time, he got the news of the opening of the Equipment Exhibition, will bring several of his followers traveled long distances to come to Frankfurt. In his pocket, filled with $ 10 million in foreign exchange, which he used to build the capital of the Northern Province of industrial modernization. The Ha Luolei to know these hard-earned money, in Frankfurt, he lived with his entourage to the cheapest hotel, eat simple meals. He kept to his men to instill the concept of national strength and prosperity, so with their whole body is full of blood. "Minister Ha Luolei, there is the Federal Republic of Germany ALK Group's booth." An entourage called Calabi said Ha Luolei. Calabi also graduated from college, studied English for years, barely able to read the exhibition hall card. ALK name is the Ha Luolei told him progress from a room, he began to search for the term. "Great, I'm looking for ALK. The Ha Luolei happily said," You know, ALK the global equipment industry's top 20 large enterprises, especially its machine tools in the world top 5 when I was in Paris was lucky enough to visit ALK machine demonstration, one of its milling machine even more flexible than our fingers can be carved out of a Charles de Gaulle's Avatar. "" Really? then that would be it is amazing. "Calabi said fascinated. Way through the crowd, a few people came before the exhibition of the ALK. ALK is indeed large international companies, accounted for an exhibition of more than 200 square meters of space,Air Jordan 4, which are placed in the model of the 78 sets of all kinds of machine tools, as well as steam turbines, hydraulic turbines, rolling mills and other large equipment. More than a dozen staff members scattered throughout the exhibition, merchants who are from all over the world with their own products. "This is a large vertical lathes, called Longmen boring." Ha Luolei familiar ALK exhibition display equipment to his men, "we have to develop their own industries, it must have the equipment." "Sir, I can help you? "an ALK staff go over to the Ha Luolei asked politely. The Ha Luolei not noticed, hidden hint of cold arrogance of the gas in the professionalization of the staff behind the smile. "Oh, hello, my name is Ha Luolei, Industry Minister of the Northern Province is Republic of Wusang, sir, how do you call?" Said the Ha Luolei in fluent English while studying in France,nike air jordan, he is still very hard to learn able to communicate with people in English and French. ALK staff replied: "My name is Hedi, very honored to be able to service for Ha Luolei Minister., You are more interested in what equipment we?" "I'm interested." Road, Ha Luolei, want to know that we are an agricultural country, we are now undergoing industrialization, we need to power generation equipment, metal smelting equipment, mechanical equipment, and I think the The ALK company is a good partnership. "" I am also thinking. "He Indira said coldly, "Well, do you want to understand what equipment?" power generation equipment, our northern province lack of power. "the Ha Luolei asked, pointing to the model of a steam turbine," If I am not mistaken , this should be a thermal power plant with a steam turbine? "Yes, this is a host of 600,000 kilowatts, the technical level is a global leader, including the ALK Group 300 number of patented technologies. line with our the control system can achieve unattended You see, this photo is the main computer room looks like. "Khedira introduced. "This is too advanced" Kara praise than in Ha Luolei around Road. From the photo, those plant's staff is completely unlike the workers, wearing a white shirt, hands holding coffee, in front of rows of green Yingying monitoring panel, this is simply a sci-fi world. "This set of equipment, it should be expensive, right?" Ha Luolei sheepishly asked. Although he read the book in Paris, the industrial technology learned a lot, but never personally purchased the equipment, his mind no equipment prices concept. Looking at the light control room so advanced that he secretly thought his pocket 10 million is estimated to be just enough to buy a power plant equipment? Khedira: "steam turbine stand-alone price is $ 530 million, if you need supporting ...... $ 530 million, excluding equipment, which was the entire Northern Province residents eat or drink earn five or six years to buy. Uh ... I think this might be too far ahead. "The Ha Luolei wiping away the sweat of the top of the forehead, said," We are Northern Province, a total of only 80 million people, I think, two units of 20,000 kilowatts should enough. "" 20,000 kilowatts? "Hedi shrugged his shoulders and said," Ha Luolei Minister, very sorry, this unit ALK Group in the last century has produced. "the last century ... ... the Ha Luolei cover the face, feel the teeth severe pain, he knew Khedira was telling the truth, the last century the ALK Group does not produce 20,000 kilowatts of generating units, because then the AC just invented. If you replace one other person so ridicule him, he and expected resorted to traditional martial arts of Africa and the other to a duel. However, the other the ALK staff, the momentum has certainly requite pressure him an he really can not afford to drum courage whereabouts of the other protests. "What is your minimum power units, how many kilowatts?" Ha Luolei Renzhao Qi asked. "100,000 kilowatts, however, because it is out of product, its price is not cheap, $ 240 million. We reserve the main purpose is to provide to the collection hobby merchants." "Well, well, Why do not we talk about the machine. "the Ha Luolei to give up the idea of ​​the purchase of power generation equipment, Northern Province, a 5000 kW power plants, barely able to to ensure zhèngfǔ and a handful of factories electricity, or to to scrape and use it. This CNC gantry milling machine, using the Siemens industrial control system, the price is $ 2.8 million. "And Khedira, pointing to the exhibition of equipment, carelessly on Ha Luolei, said. As a salesperson, he can not refuse to introduce products to customers, but he already knew, in front of a few old black simply can not become his clients. Africa is not rich in lions and hippos? What the industry? One milling machining centers, four million. "Welding robot control system, a set of 570 million." ...... "Khedira said bored, Ha Luolei face sè of more and more ugly. Before departure, he had had a basic idea of ​​a small industrial park would like to establish the capital of the Northern Province. However, he absolutely did not expect the price of machinery and equipment to the extent even high light milling machine will cost a quarter of the foreign exchange in his hand, he can light four milling machine to create an African Birmingham ? "I'm sorry, Mr. Khedira, I think,Nike Air Jordan 12 Shoes, we may still need to look at other manufacturers of the product, very grateful to you for your introduction. 哈罗雷讷讷 talking, and then bring your own followers, fled wildly left the ALK's booth. "Hedi, I do not understand why you introduce the most expensive equipment dedicated to black. $ 50,000 machine, I think, the price is more suitable for them." He a colleague Indira said. Khedira contemptuously smiled, and said: "I do not think The black can cāo the machine, I have no doubt their athletic ability, but the machine for them, it is too high deep." "You're right machine of this kind of thing, only the pursuit of the correct jīng rì Hillman nation can be tamed. "colleague" is deeply felt. <
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