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July 11 [Thu], 2013, 9:29
> Xiao godsend also see from the screen in this scene, if before him, my heart will certainly be a great shock, but for now, he is not what it is. WWw, QUANbEn, cOm these terrorists, fanatics who are trained by the people, one can say normal, but in fact do not need how Xiao providential help them. Through secret channels only need to give them a sum of money, everything will get their own. Though not a beast terrorist organization, but they are fighting this with the State, and such methods of fighting, is the need to constantly train new people. While training people need time and money, especially money, in their country that is not the lack of people who want to die. Moreover, the elite know that a semi-open secret, and now several major powers, not the same as before the real fighting, then passed, political, economic, diplomatic, and so by way of struggle. To support terrorists or hostile small country, has also become a means to contest each other, except for a few special organization, the world's terrorist organizations are in fact a lot of manipulation behind the country, they are in some other countries in order to create trouble tool. "Ah ......" Xiao godsend nodded his head and said: "It seems good results, estimates laijiesidi will soon go crazy, uh ...... uh ......" Phoenix rainbow children are busy with their things, the great explorer with King Kong standing behind Xiao providential, Xiao providential casually: "start?" King Kong nodded: "ah, has begun a." Xiao godsend to continue looking at the screen. He is so big fuss, one would like to take advantage of m country not yet stabilized, multi sloshing a few times. m the country just a bottle, as long as an oscillating water inside to come out. And Xiao godsend on the outside can be followed up, Xiao godsend know. If you really have to let the United States has been a serious economic crisis. Although severely damaged the country as m. But for your own benefit is not large. So, given the chance, he would shake the bottle and let him out of some water that he always contacts the water, of course. He also Wanglibian irrigation, as irrigation will certainly look forward to the benefits of a more pending. There is one, is to find one that sounds strange, kind of place from the fat men. Received numerous messages, after investigation, also left hundreds, if oddly, no cause, shall careful attention. But Shaw did not arouse his suspicions godsend, just take advantage of this opportunity to conduct a one-time solution, because he knows there are many other ways to place some might suspect. Lastly, is to deal with Hu Wu, think Hu Wu, Xiao providential heart underground passage, HU Wu, I'm afraid you did not think I would be so right, Well, as long as you are still in this city, enough hello by the ground. You know, for a huge country, just like an elephant who flies, tried to grab too difficult. However, the State is the country, after all, he certainly stronger than the terrorists,Oakley Sunglasses M FRAME, but the terrorists are destroyed, while the country needs to build with defense, which is a different degree of difficulty. But when this country get serious, flies, though small, it is difficult to escape, if usually there are many ways to leave Xiao providential m country, but now the case, would quietly leave, few people can do it. Xiao providential sitting there, behind those commentator analysis, he has no interest in listening. He had in mind to be a person, one had his rival, and now the enemy. Since met Hu Wu, Xiao godsend to understand, that day was to lead them to the fork in the road up, so let the large mains immediately checked, this thing is not difficult to check. Quickly checked out, turned out to be the East Yi, Xiao providential also very surprised, and then look at the East Yi this year was the development of the process, together with the time thing, Xiao providential already understand. Orient seeking refuge with the ghost, or that he himself is the specter of people, if not the specter of support, he could not have reached so fast now that size. Moreover, Xiao providential can feel it, a lot of oriental variable,Christian Louboutin Store, this matter has not been told Tian Xiao providential Ni said. Ghost so easy to support the East, is to defeat their own business in the business do? At least they are now openly supporting the East Yi, obviously, just do not want to expose the hidden meaning with their confrontational. Now the East Yi has been very strong, but to say with his dry, there is still far away, from where to start your own beat him then? Hu Wu and not because of special circumstances and turning, but also outside the tight to a certain extent, they have moved to a secret room inside, which is also a top status in m country some people. As long as no conclusive evidence, it is nothing to do, the specter of so many years, has trained many such people, there were many political and business in black and white. At this time he was sitting there, watching television reports, occasional cough few times, and behind him, stood four people, all dressed in general, but everyone who exudes a strong flavor. Be careful at the edge of a man bowed respectfully, where one always waiting commanded look. "Oh ......" Hu Wu somewhat helpless smile, then shook his head slightly and said to himself: "Xiao who really is special enough, dare to act decisively to do, just to trap me, have courage." standing on the edge of this, usually in the m state business circles can be considered a minor celebrity, start from scratch, now worth billions, but this time he told a servant. See Xiao providential that, Hu Wu was secretly sigh, his trip to, just to explain things to do pieces of ghosts. Meet up with Xiao providential was his own idea, but would also like to say hello to Diamond. Shaw was providential response has been to make him feel surprised, but still not as now, he is now some experience, why do others say he is a madman. "Now the situation ...... cough ...... how to get outside of the" edge of the man busy: "Now more trouble, military intervention, all around the blockade, and now can not get out of the sea and air have been." Hu Wu said: "Can you think of way? "person standing next to bend, sweat already ticking down, carefully wiping his head with his sleeve:" Now it is very time ...... Although previous contacts are under way, but this case, there is no dared accommodation places. "Hu Wu nodded understanding and said:" What other way? "edge people are also considered capable. Already has to be prepared, but my heart is still guilty, the specter over the years did not appear. Everything Hu Wu management. Although he was very dull. But everyone knows he ground hard. "Now, the safest way is to temporarily live down here,Cheap Oakley Scalpel, and so too short wap.quanben. C om1 | 6 | k slugger four official signature dish a little loose between lying upload, and then go out much easier Another point is to force a breakthrough. "Hu Wu probably feel some meaning. Looked up at him and said: "to force a breakthrough, to talk about." Busy man and said: "Now the national martial law, but it is where the most intense, and if so miserable was found, but this is the only continent that, like other places much, so long as we have a the continent, then there people collusion. fastest transboundary leave, nothing to do, mainly is to leave in time, probably not very well. "Then, looking down, eye care Wu Hu, staring, watching his face. In addition to occasionally look at the two situations Xiao providential, mainly playing a game controller, although the feeling this thing is quite poor, but some time ago to see Xiao providential Have fun, even two people slowly get hooked. Now all over the world, have been purchased directly, because now in the venue, there are already a large number of controllers placed there, that time can be entered through the verification. Of course, this is still a game belonging to the wealthy, who now control the minorities are also full every day. At this point the door steward, suddenly saw a few small fry came in, he thought he was wrong too busy rubbing its eyes, Made in, absolute standard of punks dressed. How could people outside are doing eaten, what is this place, how could they enter it here. He hurried up stopped and said: "Sir, I ask you anything, if you do not get invited, is not easily accessible." So saying, he pressed the emergency alarm button, jokes, they are such a big hotel, how could let a few small fry rampant it, you only need two minutes, someone will pick them up. Those punks, a strange smile, head moving body quivered, just look at him as a clown. Such security is not up, but came up a head of his manager, called out to him, he wants the manager said, how can these people come in, guests are still inside, the manager did not give him a chance to speak, even push pull with him to tuck away. "Bang ......" One foot up, put the door flung open, did not expect such a good quality door, although pure wood, there is not even bad. And kick his legs flung open or not, the last two people hit hard several times before they broke down, one arm still taking off, but did not dare to voice a few others ran inside. Rushed into the living room, is still playing the game to see two fat, one small head kind of person, winking, messenger, go "Hey, fat ......" reach out to shoot fat. "Squeak ...... ah ...... bang ......" His hands and before exposure to fat shoulders, a powerful current, already hit his chest, people look fly out. Other small fry are stunned, I saw that age is not, but the head while filling everyone who came out stables course not ordinary people, his hands Yunjin, readily grasp, the edge of a crystal bottle caught hand furnishings . Other punks eyes full of envy expression, although the top of the provisional interim head sent to them when young, not old, but no one dared to despise. Because everyone knows that Don could help unify all countries underworld m, of which a large reason is because there are a number of strongman, I heard that they are a little older one, but it has a very human skills, and start vicious. Absorbed in a powerful crystal bottle interior strength, such as small shells hit in the past like "bang ......" bottle even in the distance of two meters away from them, was blown to atoms, those punks do not know, but this shot, but Xiao providential original specially trained so that batch Xiao Qinglong family. After half a year here in the fat man grappling, go through the Dragon is not only one of their training skills are also very high strength and vision. Wu Zhining, 100 or so people inside, though not the most powerful, but also mid-stream, seeing on the fast break gas form on the outside, and his heart shocked, and know it is not. Such a person is definitely not able to deal with their own, she says. Actual battle, between life and death so that he cultivated. Definitely not going to be stupid action unnecessarily. "Withdrawal ......" turned to leave, carrying people who fly just clicked immediately leave. Wu Zhining last time back when leaving. Found each control actually still playing, his heart burst puzzled way, if you really master should have to react. Although the controller will feel like the same person in control, but if someone shaking or touching their bodies. Or press the information button and the like. Can all be received. And, just send them to land, unlike whole body Qi Jin ah ....... Anyway, he was surrounded by people to put here, notify headquarters, said he had abnormal here. Less than a minute Xiao godsend here has received the message. Up to hear the report, immediately ordered Xiao providential preparation, although now the city have all been blocked, but in the city's mainland activities. These are free. People immediately ready helicopter, with two fat men went straight to live in the hotel, about fifteen minutes, Xiao godsend has appeared on the roof, Wu Zhining had rushed over with around 30 or so people standing there to greet Shaw Godsend. "Boss ......" Although things more chaotic, upset, but one saw them, Xiao's heart is a burst of bright godsend, although today are ordinary bully dress clothes, but to stop there, they show extraordinary. Young, cool, cold, cold-blooded and even can be said that, in his eyes, respectful, his voice firm. King said: "Who is Wu Zhining." Wu Zhining approached and said: "I am." Godsend Xiao said: "talk about the situation." Wu Zhining immediately the circumstances make it clear that, while his own doubts that out: "Boss, they does not seem to master, but when I attacked in time, they will naturally be as infuriating as protective supporter, and that does not even disturb them. "You know, if it is infuriating supporter, then there are external blow, although blocking but itself absolutely can clearly feel. Xiao providential nodded, Wu Zhining said: "ah, you make a very good, now you stand here. Said, while walking to the floor, here is a fifty six-story building, at 50 stories they Xiao providential stand to the floor while watching the view, indicate to them, the people understand the meaning of the boss. silently, King becomes the fourth change, other people have all the luck most infuriating, the Guard members envy surprised them with Wu Zhining the eyes, Xiao providential step by step they even went to the air from the roof, Ta and the line. Vajra successfully stood up front with the others to form semicircle, slowly go to the whereabouts of Xiao providential then than they are high Some, standing on top of them, follow them slowly falling, going directly to this height if to say, there is no one they can do, but from the top down, for them, very relaxed. standing on top Xiao providential sideways can see inside the scene, when he was a bit shocked to see, because the two waved her fat is fat hands, with their own say hello. Vajra They are waiting for Xiao providential order Xiao providential body forward and down a bit, it fell to King Kong with success in front of them, through the window just to see the two of them. Hsiao providential already know, it must be them, when they sat at between two sides of a long meters wide and about one meter thick at thirty centimeters, a stick supporting a seat, but under their ass, you should not see anything, and in front is a similar aircraft control stick the same thing. Both sitting there, waving hello with it providential Xiao Xiao providential deliberately try and ordered: "Take these broken glass to me, are pushed to go inside. "King Kong hands with success, a man beat up, thousands of small glass glass has become an instant, but had fired two of them." Bang ...... "King Kong, a successful interior strength, pushed the glass, if marked, unlike bullets much better, but this time in their two meters, all the glass was squeezed into very fine glass a broken wind bluster, the house fly up many things, and become broken foam glass foam, instant had become airborne. "Well, Well, Xiaoxiao Zi, how do you come. "Look what they look like, that is ready to go the way that they just simply is not like supporter infuriating, look at the things they sit, Xiao providential heart of a happy, that shield ah, protective cover that is the kind of effect, unless the broken shield, or no impact on the people inside. supporter of this infuriating infuriating not the same, even infuriating infuriating Body armor can not be broken, and if a strong force, but also let itself by the earthquake The wind is very large, the two of them talking, these are ordinary way, thanks to the skill they can also Xiao providential, or really heard. Hsiao Godsend: "The two, if I'm not mistaken, I thank the two many times to help, since we are friends nor enemies, why not sit down and talk about it? "Gently twist Hu said:" very simple ah, you do not qualify. "Xiao Godsend said:" Oh, I do not know what the qualifications to say two, two full name. "" Well, he is the older brother is the day, I was only brother is. "" Genius. "Xiao providential Heart Road, is indeed a strange name Frankenstein. Before Xiao providential then say, that his brother, suddenly shouted:" Go myself ...... "My brother also followed shouted:" Go myself ...... "speed too fast , Xiao providential moment have not seen any acceleration, can be so fast, but he also shot, they saw King Kong boss shot, also have shot. <
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