she knew Richland mind

June 29 [Sat], 2013, 12:41
> A few hundred meters from the center of the battlefield, the dark wood stood by the road, slowly walked, he thought about the guy directly extract a secret, they feel at this moment the situation really should not be further expanded, the guy's opponent Cheng Xiaoyu, dark wood clear, Daewoo also have this intention, this time, to Zhou Yuanjia, terminated. Most importantly, Cheng Xiaoyu sure unscathed limits, also here. Parallel with dark wood, popcorn the other side of a country road on top, quiet glasses men, squeamish delicate Mo providential man on the ears with headphones is listening to songs, and slowly the line, he will not dare to show up, and their say that he restricts dark wood, as it restricts him in dark wood, mutual restraint so that the other party legislator can not be shot, to ensure the scope of the final war. Mo providential very clear that in the surrounding with the help of the army, Mukden Military seems in this matter unreserved standing Pei leap aside, the inner strength of some small guys can not be excluded, Cheng Xiaoyu has been brought to fruition in the Northeast, vast prairie provinces plus the power of the radiation, the Northeast area, Cheng Xiaoyu's position has no shake, little princes in the title has been shouting out, many black provincial forces have begun toward Mukden and the line, there Yanei dandy, and more many agents are gray areas. "Powerful right, strong enough, and only qualified to be my opponent, perhaps you will say I am arrogant, ah, I just love strong enough to everyone feared opponents become enemies, so, will have power, only fun . "Mo Godsend rode a mountain off-road motorcycles, the roar of the engine sound with a frantic pace, which disappeared in the blink of an eye within the eye occasion. Kuroki tilted his head, looked up and shoved the distance, smiling mouth, took a joke from her book, facing away beckoned, a car pulled up and ride, by car continue reading lights, state inputs, occasionally laugh or two from the previous state of tension in the muscles heal back. An inverted mask men, tigers and child poison if unhindered, the other wants desperately desperate when the Great Ormond Vulcan cannon burst transfer hands to the fear people fiery serpents, shooting half a minute. Daewoo security within those professional soldier hands with guns, it is as unhindered, burst like shooter, mercenary killers they can only become rejuvenated once again stepping stone, let them snipe people so cruel They also some can not, can an identity of these people, that one is gearing up a small part of these are injured in fighting with these people retire, there is now the opportunity is naturally ruthless revenge, not to mention This time the action is not only the internal organization of Daewoo security, see the military involved in helping to maintain order and security, deep down, they last a little hesitation disappears. Zhou Yuanjia doing a little outside of the car can not hear the movement, fate Symphony fluctuations along the entire car are trembling slightly, arms stop swinging, so the space filled with this emotion factor. The door is opened, tigers and child poison either side, the body contaminated with someone else's blood, watching Zhou Yuanjia regardless of the image seemed to be commander in command Symphony, respectively, holding the arm looked Zhou Yuanjia final show, for him This is the last show. Music stops, Zhou Yuanjia intoxicated, opened his eyes and looked at the tigers child poison mouth with a faint smile: "I think, Cheng Xiaoyu hope I live it?" Tigers wipe mouth of blood: "you will not let yourself alive, right? "Zhou Yuanjia laugh, no long-winded to give his life full stop:" It seems that the ancients Cheng bully me, most people who know you are often your enemy. "Tong poison curl one's lip smile:" see you guys thinking that aim to control the people in the world, I really want to reach out and slap in the face fierce slap you. "Zhou Yuanjia turned around, looked at child poison, rather scornful tone:" What do you want to smoke Cheng Xiaoyu do? "child poisoning snorted: "Well! pumping him how?" Zhou Yuanjia laughed: "I feel at ease, and convey a word for me, I did not lose." Then, the whole people limp in the seat above the mouth gush black blood,Oakley HALF JACKET Clearance, Antiaris poison, he would not himself ready, failure is not necessarily a lose, lose, not necessarily a failure. Kuroki car arrived, shaking car window, looked at the dead through the Zhou Yuanjia, with a sigh, the flames of war who have been fired from Cheng Xiaoyu's leap into the body of PEI, J chaos in the province in order to do the experiment undecided exercises, but also wind from Mukden, it seems that the matter of injustice more trouble, do something we must bear the cost of doing things. The truck drove into a vehicle on the battlefield, the body away, and then one of these popcorn all buy it, give farmers adequate financial compensation, a fire, blood and bullet casings will be traces of possible removal, fire did not melt off after collecting bullet casings. Many hands make light work, there was support for the annihilation traces is not difficult, but also to the independence of the army and then came the Provincial Public Security Bureau and the Council who was completely blocked out, Zhou Weiguo at Mukden business for many years, there is a group loyal to the Shoudexia people, in order to plug in a thick stick cross is not impossible. Cheng Xiaoyu This time out, with a few letters, a few letters only a few words of the letter, Kuroki personally drove to the capital, all of these letters will be handed over to the chain of sub cable Father, an old man, no longer to grandson in the coming days to thanks to wife's family who left a reputation in the twilight years have removed the stick for nearly a century, proud, soft said a few words, a few words on this, see cable Father Yankuangshirun, scoff with: "old monster ah old monster, you're old kid can not go so fast, otherwise this thing I do not give you do. Kuroki pointed to the letters on the back, impressively well his words, and see tears of laughter cable Father intertwined. "I will live well, watching you guys owe me life year old boy who repay debt. "Rare selfish, rare to selfishly abuse of power, when Zhou Yuanjia suicide in the car, drove to Beijing Kuroki night. Pei leap study.She night without lights off, desk phone connected state more than six hours; Zhou Weiguo den is also a night light did not destroy, desk phone connected state is also more than six hours. Fengtian province, many people have a night without sleep, right next to analyze the situation and possible problems stand in Zhang Mu vice governor home to mind the heavy Zhang Mu pick one from a spoon to smoke, his wife did not dare front frowning, a non-mainstream dress Zhang Chien no past, smoky makeup and decadence gas, have never been for many years sounded his father's study in his father incredible eyes, calm entered the study, standing in the doorway, said one sentence: "Dad, I do not understand politics, but this time I understand the principle, friends and political allies a concept of free will always be excluded from the core, the Cheng Xiaoyu to red crown as a friend, Pei Shuji would be a life not worthy to follow the leadership do? "Zhang Mu night without sleep, in the morning, to a few old men playing on the phone, hale and hearty taken the study, his face filled with many years never had glory. Mukden Military, Political Commissar Xu family meetings, family All members of the scene, Xu Lele poison the maverick widow, Xu Xu Junbo light heart and a third generation of these two outstanding were present, the central question is about the nature of the incident, things you want to keep aloof outside is not possible anymore , now is the station left stand right question, is the show attitude station issue. Xu who apparently Xu Lele, Xu light heart, Xu Junbo other people's choices are not agree, and even some responsibility resentment of Italy, juniors between exchanges sudden rise height, which Cheng Xiaoyu too can get into trouble. mouth to say, everyone is very clear, this off if you do not implicate too little princes Cheng Xiaoyu Northeast title will sit real, after that no one will underestimate the fortune spent less than four years to today's grassroots Phoenix man, no longer in his name before the label affixed Pei Pei Cheng Xiaoyu pointing to the original leap Ming Road that is Richland , as an intermediary, Richland also let Cheng Xiaoyu insight into his strength and power, all the official face of the action, Cheng Xiaoyu very clear Pei leap did not move, even on their own henchmen to be bound, is to avoid falling into the tongue,Oakley Lifestyle, Richland formally take this opportunity to Cheng Xiaoyu fully interpret the meaning of middlemen. hell do not fall, nor Yu Wang, do not tread deities of the community, also the weight of the heavens deities; Nothing mortal, also proudly honorable. Development a certain amount of political capital investments from a dozen years ago, some very easy to catch grasp the handle, boasts some very pragmatic approach does not enter the right path, to entry into the official, also capable mountain bandits, the official did not dare grasp, not anti-bandit. middleman, the ultimate explanation, white use my presence to limit black, black to use my presence to negotiate white, gray to be in my presence to survive space middleman is what is under a social system must exist a few individuals,Oakley Lifestyle Online, not is great wisdom, not a big background, non-VIP who was not chosen people whom. Richland did not succeed, but he believes that once nurtured Cheng Xiaoyu, Cheng Xiaoyu must be the most appropriate intermediaries, agents can represent the three systems do North Royal Highness, the devil, the South Dynasty, Southwest poison, and poor are poor in one respect, are also thought about pursuing an aspect of doing considered the best Richland , can still not as good as Cheng Xiaoyu so blessed, or straightforward point that the combination with Pei Pei let this blessed more cathartic. owns the table, not on the table but it can also have influence on the table in the background, Cheng Father who is Without his presence, Kai Feng Cheng Xiaoyu also not so sure to be successful, incense of love, is the number of successful capital red family preservation, and now a large family could have arrived in the Father, all the incense of love in a person to maintain body, that person either unique to the strange. evening, Cheng Xiaoyu sitting alone on top of the roof, looking at the sky Lang Lang, mad drunk one back unreserved thoroughly drunk once, at the end, tears flow sounded, Men do not cry easily, man tears, heavy on the daughter. Consider also farming at home or for a month can earn much struggle Cheng family, Cheng Xiaoyu can not you feel lucky? can not be more more money back to the village to do? With caring people secretly spread, the family has begun the challenge was made, his father a generation old brother began permeability to ask Father to ask some of them could not believe the rumors, even the Father of original to the great man when bodyguard? Father was forthrightly acknowledged, and bluntly: "Even on Daewoo filial child, leaving him with all my stuff, do you envy? Filial did not blame you, I do not mind giving you some opportunities, but that characters with filial accumulated over ten years out, I am equally, do not ask you ten years, which one really did filial word I Give him a chance. "Hearing these, Cheng Xiaoyu even cry, Hedeheneng, even though innumerable twists and turns, thousands of the world are designed for grandpa grandson, he can not return this gift to this time, or will the Father in all anti- shoulders, and in this way to tell yourself, at home these greedy relatives, and you're welcome, I really have character but also, in the future you take care of the family instead of my grandfather, do not let them no matter how tough, and stubborn, he did not let children and grandchildren enjoy wealth, there are so ashamed snacks, otherwise these years Cheng Xiaoyu continued to put money into the village so that we have a labor was duly and unearned opportunity, he had blocked. watched Cheng Xiaoyu crying laughing, shouting big mouth hole , standing at a distance of child poisoning and tigers have prepared the idea of ​​tigers feel though time to spend with the Yu-brother is not too long, but the first time we met that Gandanxiangzhao white spoon start feeling unusually strong, and now he understand, no matter to what this man, when my heart is always hidden in the depths of a grateful heart, with this Thanksgiving, at the occasion of the most difficult choice, he would choose the most correct that way this kid, good It is able to give children the best drug evaluation, she knew Richland mind, big age, are holding everything started to make national remembered in particular the eighties, nineties special need some people to balance things unstable, the 21st century, began to really Shoulong suffering country, eyeing these people in charge of too many resources, like the original, the new century, this country where only a few , ten years, how many people fall, Tusigoupeng, about six-year-old Richland wise choice for the selection of successor, which is Pei leap as grok able to give his only friend suggested that I'm sorry if you do not comply, the country needs A loyal, apparently troubled times onwards Richland does not have. Cheng Xiaoyu let Richland satisfaction, but also so that he could spend a few enjoyable days of peace of mind, in the end **, a little bit of transition, enjoying the power of the others, back down when the Bode a good reputation, has heirs gratitude. "Fengyun grateful heart, let him be willing to put it to you all, I really do not want to be enemies with your future, terrible small grassroots. "Tong poison tigers looked back into the room carrying a drunk Cheng Xiaoyu, turned and walked down the stairs, downstairs, saw Pei Pei, laugh, wrong body. (To be continued) <
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