their internal airlift to Dacheng

September 10 [Tue], 2013, 11:48
Silent; leaves as Pingchuan look out of the cave, Lu se face anger, he did not think the leaf Mo unexpectedly and the slightest ignore themselves say half day, even congenital don't care, but also on the do it yourself. You don't want to go through the innate? Though I try to suppress their anger, but was still furious pingchuan. Leaf silent clicked his sword, the cold voice says: congenital? I have seen, also nothing. Yanjing is a congenital master, I'll go to ask him what is going on. The atmosphere was foul. Why stay in this place, nausea nausea dead little ye. A scenic resort to, be you this group of garbage to get so dirty. It seems there is no mind leaves silent half sentence words, Ren Pingchuan frowned and said: no way, the outside world vitality will not dilute Bo, gas in the North Face Apex Bionic Sale practice to a realm, how may be innate? Unless he has a ghoul water wolf. But the ghoul water wolf except gourd Valley mountain water can support, and other places have no way to feed. There is a little Hirakawa office did not say it, even if there is a ghoul water wolf, if innate rules cannot comprehend, the same can not qualify for congenital. For eighteen years he had no way to retreat as congenital, finally from the leaf silent Feijian which comprehends the congenital. Of course, these words, he is not possible to Tell ye silent. However, Yanjing have called a tan angle on the promotion of innate, although the practice as you, but he is also a master. Ye Mo did not say he and Tan corner over, he wanted to Men's North Face Ski Clearance Sale know what it is. Ren Pingchuan smiled grimly, ignorance, that is innate? If I did not expect the wrong words, the tan Kok promotion first days at most only known king and almost. But his life also cannot ascend, promoted the first days, life will improve a Jia zi. If the last time I qualify for congenital not because of being wounded, my face will be a lot of young, because my life will improve a Jia zi. Ranging from leaf silent continue to ask, Hirakawa office continued: congenital through a variety of ways, the first is by constant practice, through Ren and Du Meridians, their internal airlift to Dacheng. I use this method for eighteen years, and even carrion water wolf help, still didn't succeed. After second's, is close to a gas situation, looking for insight opportunity...... Seem to feel oneself through Lu on leaf silent Feijian insight secret, Hirakawa office suddenly changed said: no carrion water wolf blood help, want to close a gas is impossible. The tan Jiao with is probably an incomplete way outside inherited, pseudo - congenital. Pseudo congenital is a congenital, once stabilized, is far higher than ground level peak to fix for the master. See the leaf Mo one eye still listen, Hirakawa office hand slowly into the cover on the body of the cloth, see Ye Mosi did not care, Ren Pingchuan still continued: the main logo is not innate master Ren and Du two Mai has passed, but the formation of air sea, and pseudo congenital because is unable to form the sea, can only be gas storage in Du two veins, so pseudo congenital actually and local warrior not much difference...... Canada Goose PBI Expedition Ren Pingchuan's voice did not fall, hands down, leaf silent place to stand suddenly collapse.
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