Mountain along Benji fingers flew

June 01 [Sat], 2013, 11:21
> After a few days, Liu Ruyan exit, clouds were above the saver of his disciples are to meet under Fushan enough to have hundreds of people. Shi Lei, a few days earlier while they secretly slipped out of the small building, hid his pit to practice went. "Welcome the Shishu!" People saver of disciples in unison Hershey, Liu Ruyan in the ears could not help but listen to reveal a smile, before she saver when the monks, but these people are not looking at Yin Sang and the late Master face, shouting loudly Shishu own. Yuan Ying now become their own, which is no longer congratulate sound insincere, but a little more respectful. This is to say that their impact Yuan Ying fail, but only to be that kid was reversed universe, a small building that a few days thought absurd, a little blush on her face. "Well, you first withdraw it. Let the clouds were the addition of a bit monk Yuan Ying, the ancestral home of the first location of continents more poise." Dominicans led puppet leave the body to greet the crowd standing before a Fan words were all smile, clouds were more powerful, they are in the ancestral continent repair Once upon the higher position,Coach Bags Outlet, they understand this truth. After looking at so many are leaving salute, Dominicans turned to Liu Ruyan said: "junior sister apprentice, you come with me!" Misty empty house, two clouds of Yuan Ying monks were sitting opposite, that the old man would stand in the puppet Dominicans behind. Dominic intently staring at each other, some anxiety,Air Jordan 5, said: "Yin Liu brothers, and that it had gone away two or three years time, but so far there is no audio, that place is great, and should not be delayed so long ah .. I grew more and more wrong, fortunately junior sister apprentice you have exceeded the realm, this two-day leave to go help my brothers will immediately hand it! "Liu Ruyan face is a dignified, if they have a mulberry Yin without any mishap, and that to suffer is when the clouds were.这么些年来, Yin Sang for that ancestral continent without first monks were the first, then I do not know how many lovers. Those who see no match before he would swallow, but if he really come back, those who follow him forever Yuan Ying monks could not escape, this huge clouds were alone, she must defend not two Dominicans live this foundation. "For what clouds were, I Liu Ruyan without any hesitation!" Cloud Yuan Ying monks were the last two have left, if Benji In this case, what he says will not let Liu Ruyan marry trip this muddy water . But that is really useful Mody, Liu Ruyan clouds were on the loyalty he was visible, otherwise why he ran out of the small building pit practicing. Deep puddles, a pillar of fire is a top-down jet unity in the human Ding Lei who saw his whole body exudes a touch of golden skin, even severe fire can not be ignited hair. The greater the more golden fire that filled the earth, the rock was fierce fighting fire coming out of a pit, dark red viscous lava on Mars at the foot of the faint braved sub, but others standing there naked naked, show off his back somewhat heroic momentum to. And his soul already entered Yuan Ling Island among Whitehead is staring statue on the square that Haotian tripod, looking serious, two eyebrows almost always twisted into a rope. "Bang ......" pan cover impressively volley float, but there are not ten thousand golden smoke,Cheap Oakley M FRAME, but a burst of smoke into the nose, looking at the black smoke Benji's face it down. Row a few days, he did not stop, as is the drastic change in the ancestral continent before the advent of multi-refining a few self-defense fighting Lei, Liu Ruyan repair now natural Needless to say, that time itself can not be a drag. Ding Hao Tian Yuan began into one since, and after he broke through the base building is not long before they appeared in the Yuan Ling over the island and wanted to use this tripod is also closely linked with his break repair it. Although there is no spiritual fire under tripod torment, but his whole person was being baked, the so-called human tripod unity is like that. Waste a lot of fairy every time he took out from the storage bag in Hachiko are placed under the guidance of the spirit of the yuan over the island. Unfortunately, his body rejects fairy although many, but spirituality has been scattered, last kill Liu Lei fighting the wind that it consumes a dozen pieces of scrap before finally refining them, but also consumes a lot the past few days , but a bucket mine did not come out too refined. He did a few unusual refining God of Thunder against the monks built the base comes in the following so-so, but the face of Liu Feng saver as no one gets the role of the monks. "Son, you have no quick fix to urgent, the most taboo impatient refining mine, need to get calm, spiritual, ceremonial instruments Zaixun some magic to it a success, then maybe these fairy infinite power, now on what ...... times by refining a fight you to mine is very luck! "Hachiko looked over Benji and his own plays strong, bear little hearts, to persuade the side road, but unexpectedly the other did not listening, obsessed lost fairy still inside, ready for the next refining, he had a faint sigh loudly and turned into mist disappears in place. Benji a finger pan cover, Hao Tian Ding immediately closed, he was ready to start, but it is a soul in action, immediately return to the flesh soul among the spiritual fire that also will be jetting off. Mars covered with pale golden child accompanied dissipated in the cave, he wore good clothes, they burst out a volley, go into the spiritual eyes being gone. "Smoke, how do you come?" Lei smiled out sarcophagus, was back to see his wives, a small building two loving thought, he could not stop the blood on the Bay. "Well brother, I want to find Yin Brother Brother Dominic, the clouds were not without his chair ah ......" Liu Ruyan's remarks fall Benji ears as much as a lightning bolt, which is what juncture, Yin no Mulberry now what he did not know what the situation, his woman he wants to go back, I'm afraid to take on the inside together. Though his mind is furious, but not aloud to discourage, Liu Ruyan on clouds were loyal to their stronger left her down, she will certainly be looked down upon. If the repair Devil conspiracy say it, and that is causing chaos in advance ancestral continent, the other less likely to follow their own escape, regardless of the clouds were Foundation's safety. It seems that muddy water, they do not have to wade trip, and fortunately there are kings A can sustain up the scene, and I hope those who repair the monks are buying it like the Devil. Benji is not a sentimental person, then made up his mind, he smiled and said: "Since you're going to smoke, they put me in it, I can not stay in the clouds were a person, in case Happy were those people who have come to , how I can do! "" fool, since you want to follow to go together, put some of you in here, I really do not trust it! "Airo want to hear themselves together and go, Liu Ruyan is naturally delighted , but she seems to smile from the other side to see what the heart gratuitous called sudden, she is a smart woman, she naturally did not mention the other since it will not ask, anyway, to cases in which the forces of clouds in the ancestral continent There is nothing to fear it? "There are a few days leave?" "Tomorrow morning!" Lei Liu Ruyan drifted away looking at the figure, Benji smiling face was replaced by clouds, could not help but clenched his fists. Ancestral continent upheaval is at hand, let me see whether it can escape from it, since Liu Ruyan is the companion of his, he was due to assume this responsibility. As for the rest of ancestral continent, even if this does not repair the Devil's conspiracy, they themselves are not the same as cannibalism! Much time must hurry! He returned a dodge puddles, sat cross-legged, soul immediately Yuan Ling will appear in the island. Bucket mine already wasted too much material, and can only be released once the face of such great changes more or deterrent effect, rather than the first so Liu Feng's soul refined into perverted wire, for their own use. Whoosh, Liu Feng has no knowledge of God's soul in his hands, pale yellow light group exudes a soft light, so calm place suspended in the palm of the hand. "Lian!" Two yuan Benji eyes from the fire of God, in the shot, straight soul shines on top of that soul is immediately burst into flames refining snapped scream, although it has no soul, but instinctively know that powerful, even violent trembling. Soul of the fire could matter so much, into two hands hold the flame to the ends Chequ soul, screams in the ear without a break, Benji always face as usual color, reminding us of scenes does not smell. That soul is pulled into a long strip of light with his hands flat stretch behind the crossed out, the hand of the flame go hand in hand in the air to draw an aperture, the soul will be stretched to the limit, and finally turned into a silk shaped light. Spirit-shaped wire has occurred, then the soul is built. Back into the hands of two flame flame, burning along the aperture in a circle appears around the body Benji flame burning constantly refining the soul. Screams increasingly severe, it seems crazy to his mouth when his eyes stare, fierce fire up immediately, it screams halted. As the flame slowly fade, a slender dark as hair appeared in front of Black Mountain. "Go!" Black Mountain along Benji fingers flew Yuan Ling Island air, constantly changing direction, draw a road strange patterns, in the end can not tell in the end how many roots, such as the arm so that. Tempered silk spirit! He smiled, spirit-like silk fly back immediately as the valley of death. Ding Hao Tian looked not far in front of dozens of pieces of scrap fairy, he stood up, walked slowly toward him, and whispered to himself: "Can you see your achievements, and time is running out ... ... "The next morning, Dominicans came marching magic Fushan, Getting to accompany Liu Ruyan says Benji, did not show a very surprised expression, just indifferent nodded, then turned to the head flew off. Liu Ruyan storage bag pulled from a bright yellow to copper crane, a toss in the air, light drink soon "long!", That copper crane will wind grew unexpectedly bursts Heming, such as living Manazuru . She would jump leap skip a schematic, Benji subsequently fly up, drove to the Dominicans accompanying copper crane away. Benji sitting cross-legged foot three meters wide view on the crane generation, face expressionless, his eyes staring at the front of the wearer's Dominic and puppet. A slowly rising from the east in early May, will expel the darkness between heaven and earth was erased, immediately regained consciousness over all things. <
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