this time it is come to Fulong wood

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> Chapter 250 Xia Ke "Hugh kill me master of the house. WWw, QUANbEn, cOm" However, at this time, the first side of the Zhaolao reflect over, see Zhang as soon kill Wanghong Lie, heart jump, shot immediately Xisha Zhang Cheng. "Ah?" Zhang hesitated before he just want to kill Wanghong Lie,Air Jordan 8, touches the person next to forget. At the moment, he can clearly feel Zhaolao over fist brought some huge force, knew that if he continues to kill Wanghong Lie, then the person himself is bound to be a boxer in that time will be seriously injured himself. Zhang Cheng fist subconsciously they stopped, while the body jerked a retreat to the back. However, this time some other saver of the master seems to have seen, Zhang was not quite that terrible moment Zhaolao actually also fear an attack, so they played a strong courage together towards Zhang attacked . Zhang also the face of so much offensive, a time some confusion, but he still has the confidence in their own strength, so soon adjusted over. Then, at the foot inventory, "Kowloon Dance" cast out. Suddenly, he felt the air flow, but also aware of these people attack their own intentions. He'd no hurry to use the "Kowloon thorn" to deal with them, but would like to take this opportunity to feel good about this, "Kowloon Dance" predict the effect of intent to attack each other. So, he perceived them in accordance with their intentions to respond Gradually, he found that "Kowloon Dance" perceived their intent is also true. However, due to his reaction can not keep up, sometimes slow reaction, since it was hit. And sometimes their fast response, and do useful work. So, beginning when he also suffered a few. However, did not suffer any substantial damage. But as time went on, he was "in Kowloon dance" is used more and more skilled, and finally, a few of them not even Zhang's clothes is touched up. However, the entire over-Cheng Zhangcheng somewhat embarrassed. "Brother, we still look at the past to help him, although he was a strong man, and can not be so many experts together rival ah." Xia said Houhao Yun was a little worried. "Do not worry, though he looked a little embarrassed, but actually its capability, you do not see it, so many people together shot, not even his clothes are not met." Jaap Haotian said. "I see!" Summer Houhao Yun actually did not see it, but at the moment by Jaap Haotian so a reminder, he saw some prospect, and then exclaimed: "He's very clever indeed agility can often feed first enemy, the other party has not attack, he had determined to how multi-shot, really amazing. "" Yes ah, this person shenfa very brilliant, but the beginning of time, and did not reach such proportions, presumably no shots before he killed them, it should be intentional with these people to help him practice, ie, he is now not worried about his safety, this way, we let one of his own show it, we No need to go to Senate combined. "Jaap moment before Haotian has no share of the heavy, as before Zhang said, by him to come forward and be able to resolve the matter. Now he was a bit depressed, if he had believed his words, there would be so many things what, but, at the moment he has let the family who sent out, as people now have to get it back, really have enough trouble The. "If that happens, we sent out before the person is not looking back?" Summer Houhao Yun asked. "It is inevitable, so nothing here now, and you go to them directly with people as soon as they get it back." Jaap Haotian replied. "Yes!" Then she took the summer Houhao Yun Jaap few people left the family, to find what people went away. Meanwhile, hundreds of miles away from family, Jaap, a pedestrian quietly landing. Headed by a woman, look charming exception, it is in the Dragon Empire and before Zhang had one side of the edge, and was robbed Zhang Fulong wood man. However, even if Zhang came here, I am afraid it did not recognize who he was, because he did not seen that person's true colors. "Ke, the matter we have to deal with it, and you do not need to come along." Side of a man walked in front of this woman said. "Frunze wood is missing from my hands, I naturally want to personally get it back!" Woman then saw a man, said: "There, Xia Yu, would you please call me Miss or Xia Ke, our relationship seems Well, then do not reach. "" But we are not going to marry a ...... "" Xia Yu, I tell you again, this thing from beginning to end, I have not promised you, although my father had agreed to this marriage, but as long as I does not agree, he Mozhe, so you and I still draw clear boundaries of good. "Xia Ke somewhat angrily said. "Kexin, you can not, this marriage relationship to the blood of our family heritage, you can watch as we do Dragon clan's blood disappear you?" Xia said somewhat nervously. "What blood heritage, I do not care, as well, only my family, there is more than one woman,Outlet Oakley Sport, you want to maintain the family blood, can find someone else." Xia Ke replied. "But ......" "Well, this time it is come to Fulong wood, if you want to help me, then back Frunze in wood before, do not so much nonsense. Otherwise, you can go now the. "Xia Xia Ke interrupted again saying road. "Well, I do not say this thing, okay." Xia Yu helpless sigh, and then asked: "But, you can ...... Xia Ke, before you met that person really only fourteen five What age? "" Yes, I remember very clearly, but he's not even I can see through the repair and wanted to have reached the saver of the repair. "Xia Ke replied. "Fourteen-year-old saver of the master?" Xia brow wrinkled, and then looked at the other man asked: "This may be what?" "How, you do not believe what I say?" Xia Ke snappily asked. "No,oakley outlet store, I just feel a little weird Bale ......" Xia Xia Ke see his face is not more beautiful, hastened to change the subject are: "However, even if he is the saver of a master, you do not worry, do not forget, I also a saver of a master, and, my strength to dollar super saver initial master general, as long as he is not a master Yuan Ying saver, my dragon magic can be ordered them. "" You better not effect, That kid's strength unfathomable, maybe there will be any occult in the body, if you planted in his hands, that I may disgrace the face of the Dragon clan. "Xia Ke reminds us. <
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