The Bangladesh country of EU's knitting industry

April 20 [Wed], 2011, 16:27

The Bangladesh country of EU's knitting industry is being like a Bangladesh country thus of don't develop a nation most , relax on the original habitat of all foods.

The native structure body manufacturer should raise the Bangladesh country suggestion of their rate of productions of, rpet bag wholesale dealer,china wholesale improve the quality of their products, improve EU of production efficiency the underground original habitat relax the food of knitting the fan-shaped contrary effect.

The original habitat of EU new rule provides to tax-free access for promising towards doing not develop the rest that the nation started this clothes exporter to export EU most -27 nations from January 1, 2011, even if they purchase the weave thing from other nations.

According to EU original habitat rule of idle, the clothes are from other nations, is like a structure body be started of Be imported from China at the manufacturer of Bangladesh country, RPET can the bag using again supply manufacturer, the importing goods of other nations exceed a local market of their buy price of goods is low price.

Therefore, currently in the first quarter of fiscal year, EU of the readymade clothes exports goods to violently increase, making firm decision of EU's structure body in part sale, particularly the knit fabric contained the weave thing of influence of a disadvantage.

The module that the main clothes make doesn't want to supply manufacturer to buy from the structure body of our country,paper bag template but grows towards causing the low price of the importing goods of the structure body of foreign homology of native structure body industry canning not more quickly.

The our country of Bangladesh country being previous year of knits an umbrella of protection that the food of original habitat in industrial EU takes shape, because request the clothes the manufacturer if you want to enjoy tax-free exit goods to EU, will have to is from the knitting unit to buy of part at the main part of structure body.

Can say, the competition of their products price, being a Bangladesh country the clothier will start from our country of the manufacturer buy in the structure body. Therefore, the partial structure body manufacturer needs to catch this opportunity to improve their rate of productions, circulating cation again to turn on electricity to break a layer to photograph the Shu can use again of bag, increment efficiency, improve the quality of their products. The source orders:

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