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October 08 [Tue], 2013, 10:45
Specific to details for, the program said in skin through team constantly win ball to players brings has a confidence, "in skin dared to different of game made different of select, and presence Shang reached not as effect of situation Xia, he temporary of change let team adapted accelerated, usually of training in the to players indoctrination of tactical more than a, different opponents has changed array appeared, players more understand in location above of this functions, players in run-in has good years zhihou formed has very good of tacit, confidence to has yihou, Attack such as mercury and purging. Winning players as a result of the continued confidence, dropping the ball when not in a hurry, such a mentality change is affected. Meticulous rendering of this despot at the Stadium this year, especially among the ball against the wind, should more effectively. "The programme also believed that Lippi selected foreign aid was targeted," ultra-the most expensive player in the aierkesen is not, he is naming the player himself, resembling no pure Center in attacking a strategy aierkesen was completed one of the best of them. Choose the nationality of the foreign aid is also very important, he told Murach [Twitter], Conca in the same Brazil League player, aierkesen on their help can be quickly integrated into life in Guangzhou, which is very critical. "Recently, Guangzhou constant big in in the Super champion has became SAC in the of property of situation Xia, still no big area of enabled young players, on this, the program think constant lots attention put in has Asia Crown finals and FA Cup Shang, players only State good and poor of points, cannot from age Shang simple to divided," does has capital to prepared we also no got of this tournament, for team for completed season of this task is very of necessary. No young players and old players after the game players, only the difference between good and bad, if trained well, I think Lippi does not say that they had not. ”

SINA sports news 2013 season in the Super League 27th round events in the, Guangzhou constant big [micro-Bo] away 4-2 defeated Shandong Luneng [micro-Bo], ahead of 3 round achieved has Triple Crown achievements, local players arranged into ball to out has self proved, Murach [micro-Bo] and aierkesen [micro-Bo] hit has textbooks like of Beatdown tie, in skin of brilliant coached career is again Tim a pen. Liao-foot home 1-1 national security [Twitter] World War I, the old captain Zhao Junzhe [Twitter] scored meritorious, embodies the meaning of insist again. Following is Sina sports selection of in the Super 27th round the best--best into ball: GAO forest [micro-Bo] (Guangzhou constant big) constant big and Luneng of focus war Shang, Gao forest into ball of that Beatdown tie was opinion praised for hit has basketb asics gel noosa tri 7 uk ll field Shang air relay like of Dorset degrees, aierkesen selfless to front points ball Hou, Gao forest of high-speed Qian plug flank really domineering; and this into ball tie of maximum gold, apparently also is zhiqian orchestrated offensive of that moment--Murach left advance Shi, aishen suddenly anti-offside plug Shang, Murach's point shot in that moment found aishen-speed trajectory, two powerful foreign aid not only underlines the impact, this tie is rooted in both awareness in understanding this tie can be defined as anti-offside offensive textbooks and all links are very juicy. Best player: Zhao Junzhe (Liaoning Hongyun [Twitter]) aged 34, Zhao Junzhe, existed in Super League has a historical significance--this round he will keep record of China's top League matches before rising to 355. If constant large round top manifestation of Super strength, Zhao Junzhe had highlighted was "not insisting" the meaning of the word. Inserted before the first half, he has headed regret missed goal opportunities forward finally broke again in the second half. He is likely to retire at the end of the season, caused this goal could be meritorious in the League the last time the captain, Captain Zhao outstanding loyalty and persistence, this moment deserves our deepest memories. Best coach: Marcello Lippi (Guangzhou evergrande) appear together with the Anthich figure in the current round of the sidelines, Super coach in today's world faces a historic stop. In this round, coach Lippi got his 17th win of his career, he had conquered the Italian conquest of Europe conquered the world, now not only is the rate constant of the Triple Crown, and more throughout the season give evergrande's Super ultra stable proved his conquest. The next step is to see if he can conquer the Asian (AFC)! Lippi taught the skill of profound and complex, but can be as simple as doing better than: Super-shuaiandiqi in the best position to challenge its skin, Luneng coaching reputation there is a certain controversy, and Marcello Lippi, for one? Best team: Guangzhou evergrande Super Triple Crown! Constant big Chase flat has Luneng in in the Super era of champion number, this round stepped had Luneng top, more has has heritage in the Super Overlord identity of historic meaning; Triple Crown, constant big also reproduce has year Dalian million up and Dalian shide [micro-Bo] in League in the King of most has convinced force story; constant big also completely has capacity do of better, they has strong into has Asia Crown finals. In this game alone, evergrande has proved itself more--the smell of a top, you can do sth. in a fit of pique to criticize evergrande rely on foreign aid? 4 goal all players to break into, and 4 different players!

Reporter Wang Wei, reported 0:1, Changchun Yatai [Twitter] in the Guangzhou road challenges [Twitter] in a key relegation battle lost, still struggling in the relegation round, but Liu Yuming, Chairman of Yatai Club told reporters that: "Yatai confident survival success. "Eyes on the 5th can fill in game this afternoon, Fuli Yatai race are fighting for survival in this northern teams is very important, first half of the game bothered, although Asian Thai Temple created scoring opportunities, but the offensive line players not to score. Intermission time, Guangzhou yuexiu mountain Stadium, the visiting team in the VIP room that there was some intense, to supervise operations in Guangzhou is Yuming Liu looked a bit intense, he said, if in Fuli get 1 in it's relegation the victory on the road. "10 rounds before our team won only 4 minutes, Yatai has been working to catch up with integral hard fought. In fact, our team strength is not bad, they played very hard, so we Yatai have faith in relegation. "Liu Yuming said," it can be said that Yatai Club we are very stable Club Super team, we've never owed the player's salary, bonus, bonus is 2 million after tax and we win, that is, in accordance with the rates, Yatai win bonus was actually 2.9 million per game. "Yatai players on the pitch hard and also created a golden opportunity for two or three goals, especially Zhang Wenzhao downfield threat of break-through to the Temple of great, also created a few opportunities for teammates. Yatai players appreciated the can-do spirit of Liu YM, "reflects the importance of unity when in trouble. Team members know how to fight, they never lost confidence. "Liu Yuming said," we and the players talked, they said they would fight to the last minute. "In Fuli and Asia Thai game of while, Wuhan Zhuo, [micro-Bo] and Qingdao in the can [micro-Bo] of game also in for, that field game hit into 0:0 tied, this on Asia Thai for is a comparison ideal of asics gel noosa tri 8 uk results, in the can Xia weekend challenge Teda of game, winner has may decided Asia Thai and in the can this two support relegation team of eventually fate. "We were playing their own game cases, remains to be seen next week, and these make up races in Teda. "Liu Yuming said. Due to the Tianjin Teda [microblogging] already relegation worry-free, if company taking advantage of the 3 minutes, pressure will ease the relegation of Yatai, on the contrary, if the company appears in the game in question, is Yatai directly affected parties, so is Yuming Liu said "watch the Teda and the make up game. ”
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