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June 05 [Wed], 2013, 12:44
> "You would not!" Fox looked seriousness charm Wenwen Raymond, emphatic said. "Oh?" Raymond surprised a moment, then his face smile. The answer is far from being thought of Raymond, Raymond thought several answers,Oakleys Monster Dog Sunglasses, but just not this one. It seems harmless to humans and animals themselves long a face thing! Not only can win the hearts and minds of countless young girls, even the little Lolita is the same for their soft spot ah! In this materialistic, integrity passage of society, able to get a heterogeneous so sure just how proud of one thing? Raymond is now very impulse is picked fox charm Wenwen's flushed little face, fiercely pro on a few mouthfuls, to express their gratitude for her! But as this thing could bring a resounding slap in the face consequences, Raymond eventually refrained. "What makes you say that I would not do?" Raymond Although his handsome looks very confident, but still want to be able to charm Wenwen from the fox's mouth to get the answer, in this case, can prove their own attractiveness. Fox Charm Wenwen not know Raymond inside the brain to produce even in this moment so many ideas to narcissism, heard a sly hint of a smile, and then said: "This I do not tell you! Since you naturally know! "Listen fox charm Wenwen say this, Raymond mind is smug! Something can not now say? The answer is very simple, ah, this little girl on his admiration like the endless surging river, so naturally I am sorry to say the! So just have to wait until after a long time together, understanding each other, and naturally we can know! Have to say, with Raymond cultivation increases, the extent of its own narcissism is also increased. Have a word to say, ten men nine narcissism, and the remaining one is narcissistic. "Well! Look so pathetic in your sake, I will temporarily take you in!" Raymond grabbed the king Millennium ginseng ginseng seeds, and then hand over the pages, incorporated into a small world, and this scene so fox charm Wenwen the eyes of a shell, Zhang Zhang mouth, ask, after all, still hold out without asking. "But you can follow me, but there are several requirements, we must speak out in advance, to the time you want to violate, and it really sorry, you still find other way out of it." Raymond noted fox charm Wenwen expression, do not say broken, then said. "Relax, uncle! You say what is what! Everything I heard you!" Fox Charm Wenwen patting small breasts promised. Although fox charm Wenwen still young, but I do not know because of its own reason for living for hundreds of years, or because she is the fox charm family reasons, but has a very good chest development, and a fourteen-year-old girl almost. Fox Charm Wenwen said this time, the color look lovely, people Yixianzhixia not bear to refuse, saying she would go down. But Raymond could not eat this set, and quickly made a hand gesture paused, and then said: "First of the first, that is later allowed to call me Uncle!" Raymond some dissatisfaction, said: "I was really old twenty-seven Good? even three-year-old not to, you call me uncle, not called me old? "Fox Charm Wenwen nodded, well-behaved, said:" Lin brother said that after Wenwen no longer call you Uncle! "But this little girl is secretly Fufei mind:" Now people twenty-seven all look like thirty-year-old wildly yet? "Raymond saw fox charm Wenwen very fit, his face beaming with satisfaction the smile, and then added: "Article shall afterwards my permission, I can not just go out, I can not just contact with other people." "This is no problem." fox charm Wenwen quickly nodded, then said: "Lin Brother, you are what you say after it! I heard you enough? old rules do not get these things matter!" Raymond think also, after the fox charm Wenwen will live in a small world of the, did not even allow her own wants all get out, not to mention the other. As for some additional conditions, now say it does not make sense, even this little fox is now agreed, but also how to go back to the time? Simply go step by step now! "Well! Meantime, I will not speak!" Raymond thought then facing the fox charm Wenwen said: "I now take you to a place, where is your place later in life, you are not to resist, I'll take you inside. "fox charm Wenwen should be a cry, mind is strange, Raymond to bring yourself go? But then,oakley sunglasses online, fox charm Wenwen it a surprise! Fox Charm Wenwen just felt dizzy, eyes suddenly a black, then the whole person in an unfamiliar environment! Here is a new world! Vast land, plenty of Reiki, rushing rivers, tumbling uneasy border chaos, there is not far from here, looking at the two people silhouette! No, the two ghosts! "What is this place?" Fox Charm Wenwen look of surprise, and looked forward to this world, long before they come up one sentence! "This is my little world!" Do not know what time, Raymond appeared in the fox charm Wenwen behind, where there is a pavilion,Oakley Sport clearance, gazebo Raymond was sitting among sipped tea, a leisurely look. After this time the world of small studies and master, Raymond can now not only the body at any time into the small world of mind and soul can freely access, such as now, Raymond is to put into a small wisp of soul into the world. It is also, and its cultivation has reached the pinnacle of the first layer of a great relationship, if the break the first layer, the second layer, then reached for the small world of the master will further! "Small world, which is what?" Fox Charm Wenwen bewildered, she was just a little fox it, practicing a hundred years, with the help of her mother turned into human form, cultivation is limited, knowledge is limited, naturally do not know what called a small world. This is the human race between monks and friars Yaozu different, Terran monks have books available, many do not know something check what books can be left by their predecessors, while Beastkin monks do not have this convenience, if not a fox charm Wenwen's mother help, now this little fox estimates are lower than even the Changeling! Raymond did not mind and fox charm Wenwen explain what is a small world, but simply to say it, straight hear fox charm Wenwen eyed, shook the hearts of love beyond words! After a long, fox charm Wenwen suddenly turned toward the pavilion among tea Raymond suddenly kneel! (To be continued) <
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