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June 06 [Thu], 2013, 12:32
> M; m; first and more, will be sent two more, we do not forget to vote pink, recommendation, collection ...... Also thank you for the message of love, moved TTm; m; xiaolou took a small break open the door to go, behind the pipe four looked, nor prevent, but with a hint of laughter in the face,Jordan 5 Shoes, look at her, and turned to a lengthy gone. Small building has opened the back door and was about to go out, Jane also followed up next week, the small building glanced at him, suddenly stood still. Week Jane see her action abruptly stopped,Air Jordan New School UK Sale, a little bit uncomfortable, I think she just took the liberty of their own, sweeping her one, and finally asked: "What?" Xiaolou asked: "Week Jane, you may have a silver?" week Jane was surprised a moment she asked, after a while, said: "some, but not too much it wants to." He was mixed gangs, usually together with the brothers are out, even if it is to pay for things, but also from It was first, do not he personally shot, this is either the small building, he wanted to discuss in front of the small building a good, so will the other brothers are sent away his own past. "Can not fill a prescription?" Xiaolou looked at him nervously. "Uh, you can still right." Zhou Jane scratched his head. Zaozhidaojiu let those people waiting outside with it. Xiaolou bite Yaochun, look at him, then said: "Zhou Jane, I have something you want to take the trouble." Jane for a week old temper, if anyone so after the former arrogant Christine to him, indispensable to make good Grandpa put enough shelves to each other quite nice job. However, despite their small building object, which has never refused to bow to anyone of the small building at the moment, with a slight gentle tone of his request, revealing a trace of anxiety in eyes with hope for ...... so beautiful to look at him, to see his heart burst of racing, anxious chest shot immediately promised down, whether it is under the pan can be ordered by Ye Hao ...... And, God knows what he saw on the perceived those small building, Is not illusion ...... "What?" Zhou Kan as possible to crimp voice. Calm asked. My heart was happy flowering. Would happily turn a few laps high cluttering, maybe. "I ...... want you to go back with a small break. Band Ado doctor if you can. Put me on the first money paid, I would wait to. Become what?" Xiaolou begged said. Jane looked at her for a week. Then said: "Okay." They asked. "You wait will be all to do?" "Yes." Xiaolou nodded. She took a small break to skirt: "xiaolou brother ......" xiaolou uphold tear little face looked at him. To reach out and touch a bit of his head. Said: "Jane obediently followed his brother to go weeks and I soon got to. Know what?" Mini break hesitate to look at her, and look to the week Jane. Week Jane glanced him, but completely gone towards small building carefully, angrily said: "See what see, I do not put you sell." "You are so fierce doing?" Xiaolou stare at him, Zhou abbreviated a faint, look away. Small building will be pushed to the periphery Jane small break around, threatening, said: "You make good for me watching them, if anything goes wrong ......" Zhou Kan said hastily: "Do not worry, you to me, there is absolutely no wrong . "This small building smile:" I know, Zhou recruited shot, what else could accomplish it? "This smile beaming flower, looking everywhere blinding week Jane, has been left to the small building, eyes still shaking with the pure smile, or small broken stand, tugged at his one and said: "Zhou Jane brother What are you laughing ah? look looks silly." Zhou Jane Lengzheng look, just wake up, and quickly cough ,Nike Air Jordan Womens UK, said: "What? ah? xiaolou gone? then we go, hurry hurry, then who is going to take you to see a doctor, and quickly." incoherent finished, just pondering over and asked, "Just say your kid What? say I stupid what? cut, over my Zousi you! later allowed to say that, you know? "" Well ...... "little puzzled broken promise, Wuliu Liu's eyes looking at him, looking at the tall seemingly ferocious men, actually blushed. m; m; m; xiaolou hurried to open the door myself, will be in the hands of old clothes casually thrown on the ground, never mind, go toward to the bedside, the pillow move away from the bottom out of a small small parcels come. Recent past few days she tried to save money, plus there the day before Jane knocked to the same week a fee, probably enough to ask the doctor for medicine, the number of remaining estimates can buy good food for those little guys hoarding . Squeeze the money in the hands of the small building, put it down. Just wait for them to pinch it some more ...... suddenly remembered Ouyang San Niang, then could not help but excited and nervous sigh, heaven, almost forgot to lose money should be given to building it, but, the first solution fills a pressing problem . In the heart repeatedly hesitated for a moment, the small building hides arms look past the money, he wanted to turn out, suddenly bow saw his clothes, could not help but stop feet. To think about just why the back door on the other side, Zhou Jane see their looks a bit strange, does not it ...... also dress their past. She never wanted to be too assertive in appearance, goes face to marvel Yufeng Instead she tried to hide, and therefore not many clothes can be changed, only a slight breeze sets also style. She rushed to a stride beside the bedside cupboard, open cabinets, hastily dug out from the inside of a black commoner, thrown on the bed, one hand busy to untie his waist strap, to fling the ground, and put a large bathrobe off, also threw on the ground. Because she wanted to seize the time, it's fast action to do something, the whole body will be ** a little while, the body exposed out in the vacancy among the pale glow of little holy light. Although it is summer, the small building but still feel a little coolness infection. "A little cold it ......" whispered the small building, arms outstretched toward the bed black arrested, she wanted to hurry up to the bed, put on clothes, but just in a moment, the action suddenly becomes stiff. Covered almost can not move a finger. She smelled like a wave of dangerous atmosphere. Mind a turn, she suddenly thought of an important thing, and that is - this room, it appears as if, perhaps ...... no, yes! There is also a person, that person ...... Norikaze! She almost whispered from the throat uttered exclaimed, quickly grabbed the bed clothes, casually draped over his body, picked up the belt disorderly in the waist line up action at one go no pause, heart disorderly to think: That man, that a dangerous man, although fed by their own effective anesthetic and tied up, but he is after all ...... definitely not be underestimated, and she had just how careless, when the door actually forgot to check something ...... xiaolou heart panic, a hurried one bent knee kneel bed, the curtains come off, looked inward. Under the bed, empty nobody. One creepy chill from her back slowly climb to the top of the head. Xiaolou blinked, I hope to see is an illusion, she continued to look at the past, the bed is still empty, she suddenly jumped up, incredibly empty bed looking at the front, and that empty bed: No, impossible ...... even if he superior martial arts, even if he extraordinary effort, even if he did not he ...... may double tied from her escape ah, then ...... - Yufeng, gone? "You are looking for me?" Seems to see her fright anxiety with doubts, there is a faint smile voices heard at their back door. ---- Ah will be heading the party in the end ...... but pinch, is actually quite apt, we say is wrong with it? Please read novels (full novel network <
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