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> She these lines world's most legendary and most romantic name and chant again, the party is still dull voice assistant, did not feel like enough scared community, "Chu Liu Xiang" This two-yu was so Qiaode Tan then ...... especially by a woman Qiaode so indifferent that fear is the first time. Palace Ling bowed ladder leading outside the tolerance dare disturb his wife to come, but this clearly given, with the help of deep origin of Tibet,Oakley Lifestyle, and he come here, but also the relationship thing ... this helped. "Ms. Ren light:" to help in the matter, has no relationship with me, why Laixun me? "Chu Liu Xiang Tao," but this is a great help, but the relationship with his wife. "Ms. Ren said:" What is the relationship? "Look at the palace Chu Liu Xiang Ling clothes, muses," Simon, one thousand, left and miserable, and spirit in mandarin duck, Sapporo wooden tables, this four seniors · Mrs. presumably knew the night under this come about being with him four. "His face is monitoring Ms. Ren talk face look changes, though did not see her face, but found her calm shoulders, Tsukuda almost trembling bell suddenly began to array and then suddenly she Zhangshenerqi come back to. Clans of Intrigue straight in When she looked back, and so take a look around her reverse beings face, her head rotates, Chu Liu Xiang not here by the accelerated heartbeat, but waited for her to go back too far, Chu Liu Xiang was completely disappointed her face mask layer crepe and even went so far Dark clothes are kept even double digit, her own face by competing so stingy, unwilling to make people look at clothing. Chu Liu Xiang speak her a pair of sharp wavefront, has penetrated the crepe, look on his face .... Even had penetrated his body, look into his heart, but he does have bowed his head Han Chu Liu Xiang make the world bow to no one. Ms. Ren eyes Ningzhu, long long time, until she spoke, her voice was calm again , she finally slowly said, "Yes, looking for four people is to recognize this, but it is already two years ago to bring these things but why even have our own Alice forget things bother me? "Chu Liu Xiang Tao" brother who recently wrote their emotions, is not it, "Ms. Ren was Ran said" the letter? "Chu Liu Xiang eyes look directly at her, said electric Wan sales letter that letter said Mrs. Beth some difficulty, they came to help, is playing next to ask this lady calendar says that difficulty is what?" Ms. Ren silent a long while, light On the Road "I do not remember ever wrote this letter, I'm afraid you are wrong, right?" Chu Trade incense like suddenly being crammed into a half-cooked persimmons, and my heart speak, bitter and astringent, and is made He can not figure out why the stuffy Ms. Ren refused to divulge the secret to this fold. But he did not give up hope, and loudly, "Mrs. indeed help write that letter, the next will not be wrong." Ms. Ren cold Ling said: "How do you fine Do not you recognize me wrong handwriting?" Chu Liu Xiang has enlisted the levy, no longer speak. Ms. Ren turned and knelt down, and said: "Palace spirits went out, he himself Yanshang occasion complain Wei do not send out." Palace Ling quietly daze Chu Liu Xiang is a technology, said, "Mrs. Tian said that no written letter, it must have been someone posing as a debt, let's go, "mumbled Chu Liu Xiang Tao" bogus ...... good. "eyes suddenly go to that provider humble porcelain altar, said" the legacy of the old main fact shed any, does the cremation of? "Ms. Ren has not yet speak, but the Spirit grab Palace said:" Write to help sects, mostly cremated after death, it is an ancient legend clever help aid left Regulation. "burning fragrant long laughed," I hate the old main fact the last election See side are not, really very sorry. "Ms. Ren Jing suddenly road" Shi full without regret, taken late husband blossoming cotton disease for many years, suddenly died perceive him one last time, not many people, you better go "Chu Liu Xiang eyes suddenly light up, said" Thank you, madam. "Ms. Ren Tao;" Well I can not help you with anything, you do not have to thank me. "Chu Liu Xiang Tao;" Yes. "he whispered back out · Heart Austria Ms. Ren was chewing the last two sentences, which are two common words, but he felt just like AIDS ignorant infinity. They ─ road back to Jinan, the palace Ling Chu Liu Xiang like to know a bad mood, so it did not bother him · accompany law ... just quietly beside. To Jinan, is the night of the third day. Qu Gong spiritual practice this road "Chuxiong abortive visits · Dehen brother also feel disappointed." Chu Liu Xiang laughed, "I own rate of multi-barrel harm you share with me a trip is like a child, please give two glasses Diao 'is . "Nan Ling laughed official" stuck Chuxiong drink a wine, at least they have drunk Santian, Chuxiong, or give me a break "super fragrant positive Pakistani bad sooner the better, big laughs," This trip to help spare you, but if you do not have to go & I only changed his mind Peter. "if not finished, the South has been the official spirit really laugh Baoquan away. Palace Ling certainly, Chu Liu Xiang arrived Daming Lake. This time · He effortlessly, you will find a black pearl, black pearl one to see him, pearl-like neck to help more shiny black, jumped from the boat and said "You met Autumn Clouds cable?" Burning stay Incense "Although some people bent stopped me, but I saw her." Black Pearl Road, "She is really very beautiful what?" Chu Tian Xiang laughed: "You're too Zende and girls, she said, do not ask me What, then, it was to ask me is what she was born Mo Yang, but unfortunately her face mask block crepe, and I did not see her face. "black pearl like Chu Liu Xiang even than disappointed sigh, this asked: "What did she say?" Chu Liu Xiang smile, "she said, she can not remember a situation like that ever written." black pearl startled by startled, said: "That Debt Is not she write it?" Chu Liu Xiang sighed, "she wrote those genuinely in love, and you will have to know Simon, one thousand, who have died for her · How can lie to me? Did she want me to uncover the secrets of her" Black Pearl startled a long while, mumbled Road "Yes, she is indeed no reason to lie to you, but ......" Chu Liu Xiang's hand suddenly grabbed marriage, speechless said: "You say black veil on her face mask is Chu Liu Xiang Tao" thanks to "Black Pearl Shu Tao, "Could not you see discretionary Autumn Clouds cable? Face is disguised to help others? "Chu Liu Xiang Tao" is by no means the people dressed. "Black Collection," You did not even see her face, but she is not known to blame others drum into? "Chu Liu Xiang sighed," I saw her clothes although not that kind of voice, but as grace, were able to push the world have come to mention, if she is a fake, would not someone Gordon stopped me and do not see her rope . "Black Pearl finally heaved a long breath, and said:" That being said, it is not exposed the secrets of the What does it mean? "Chu Liu Xiang smiled through" in Chu Liu Xiang eyes, never 'impossible' This black pearl sneered three months; "your eyes are still what yu? Only Bo 'EU' word, right?" Chu Liu Xiang not care for him , eyes four turn, said "I want to watch you for a fee to help that person, it is also the future it" Black Pearl Road "have come before." Chu Liu Xiang overjoyed; "Did you see her? Where is she?" Black Pearl road "dead", "death" is the word, since his mouth to say, to put it though easy, listening ears in Chu Liu Xiang, but it is tantamount to top the giant thunder, earth shattering. Chu Liu Xiang whole person jumped up, grabbed the Black Pearl stepped shoulder, speechless: "What did you say?" Black Pearl said: "I said she had been killed." Chu Liu Xiang, "You see ...... Mi "Black Pearl," I saw the. "Chu Liu Xiang Tiao splitting head, hissed; stare at you look at her escape was killed? You ...... Do not you darling fails? "Black Pearl shoulder has almost crush him, but his teeth, motionless, dark inside Suisi have tears in the spin, the mouth but still coldly," but I do not see how? But at the end you want me to protect her, but, not to mention, I do not know her, she is dead or alive, what is the relationship with me, "Chu Liu Xiang stare at him, slowly release the palm finally, I want to dig down body shaking, and finally sit Battlefield down Su Rong Xue actually dead, very intelligent, infinitely gentle girl competing died, he really can not believe that he is the party of the pinch in this world I was killing the bear under her black pearls are also aiming big eyes stare Chu Liu Xiang, biting his lips and said: "That woman actually really share it so important to you? "Chu Liu Xiang hissed," You'll never know how important she was to me, I'd rather be drawn and quartered random knife unwilling her any harm. "Black Jane Moran family semi Share · sudden excitement stomp," You just sad for her now, but I do not have to hurt her, you have no right to know I'm not a man sad, is not it? "Fragrant foot leaps again, and grabbed his shoulder and said," Yes, you do not have to hurt her, but you must tell me, who killed her? "Black Pearl chest and downs, over half a brain, only Chen Sheng said," when she came yesterday evening, in that pavilion, look around, I see that this is what you said who was going past ...... "Chu Liu Xiang snapped said: "But you failed to Past, is not it otherwise she would not have died. "Black Pearl,Oakley Crosslink Sunglasses," I have not in the past, has embarked on four pavilions, these four individuals competing like you know her, and she said two things, may also wish to greet the smiling. "Burn your mouth immediately asked," is four looks is what looks like? "Black Pearl," I and they are far apart they also Qiaobu Qing Sheng, Peng can only see them wearing a green robe looks very garish. "Chu Liu Xiang laughed coldly," key person, still wearing the clothes that hole, which must be fraud. "Black Pearl Road" Yes, they deliberately dignitaries attention to their clothes, they will not pay much attention to their faces and clothes of the · is ready to come off. "Chu Liu Xiang," You both know this, why not pay particular attention ...... "Black Pearl Ling carry cut, saying:" The play is my afterthought, when I'm not immortal, How do you know they want to kill, I see Since it is to that woman know them, naturally will not take notice. "Chu Liu Xiang sighed and said," How did they start with? "Black Pearl Road;" They talk very speculative since like, I do not want to come in, I saw four Lvpao people seem to want her to go with them but she refused the four men gesticulating shook his head and said for a long time, but she just laughed shaking his head like a helpless four men hold the Baoquan, like leaving. "Chu Liu Xiang could not resist," What happened? "Hee Pearl sneered," What happened ...... have no later, and just when they Baoquan, while four people have been fired sleeve hidden weapon, hidden weapon this great, fast, distance and near, although the woman leaps it was too late she had only heard mixed Muslim call down the railing, falling into the lake. "Fan fragrant warble" That ...... really ...... really hit those hidden weapon in her Mody? "Black Jane Chen Tao" did not hit on her, it is also not a hit on me? "Chu Liu Xiang teeth and said," You saw her being plot, do not ... "Is ...... The Black Jane spy loudly," I never expect what? Is it dumb? I saw she was plot, naturally, scared to eat, but when I drive past, that people always already gone four edge hold groups of no comprehensive, lake, although there have been bloody corpses are not even take up · Look gone. "Chu Liu Xiang before she finished, has turned to wipe out. Black Pearl Look at his stature than say soap still supple, the sound suddenly faint sigh and said," so strong cool people think there are sad, when excited, make He sadly excited to help this person, grade natural death, and also the considered blessed it. "The Storm on the column stalks pavilion has been careful patched, railing on the lake, but also very calm, breeze Europe into the pavilion, with a new kind of girl after bath aroma, Dantan starlight, gentle eyes like a lover is, all in all, drain the slightest trace of murder. Chu Liu Xiang can not even imagine someone with such a beautiful place in the heart to kill so beautiful girl, he wanted to find out on the railing twelve nails had been hidden weapon marks, if they are fine with what hidden weapon Road under the hostility, may be able to find out who they are, but they are nothing but put a new column one thousand, and some into the work of a careful and deliberate, as if blind girl in front Ting Make your own rib-like, absolutely refused to leave the slightest thing might have been drawn blank gift of such enemies still have not only requires wisdom and courage, it would have to be some of the Peninsula. anyone can see , Chu Liu Xiang now missing is some luck, nothing can be said is missing too much. Chu Liu Xiang Zheng railing leaning force & Ying fishy tail light also appears crisp and suddenly, sometimes flat Dan swing over from the lake. Zhou head a hygrophila trip cap for the elderly, are acetabulum discretion from the drink, swing over rain pavilion, Chu Liu Xiang glanced glances up and down, and suddenly laughed "less human To our sorrow, may wish to come on board and the old Austrian cups of efficiency . "This is pretty good fisherman. Chu Liu Xiang rubbed his nose, jumped on board, he never knew what the four false polite, pick up bowls of wine, they drank, suppression heads Yin said:" Lest Sungai Dan Fried manganese, Zaibu Dong, many worry ...... "to knock the wine in front of the fisherman, said," Lao Zhang may have enough wine, poured got the next chest depressed? "That fisherman had seen a race like the early human sparse mad man, bring wine, as he poured a bowl full of smiled and said" So scenery, why cry under Nigeria? "Chu Liu Xiang back laughing through:" a cry about his life, from tears I do not know what AIDS is ignorant "laughter gradually Xie pause," it "will Jiuwan heavily down, Jingsi even bars not drink it, it stayed warm Weng Look at him to stay put and then heaved faint sound, said: "I'm so hurt to have you as a male even if I did die, Whatdoes. "Chu Liu Xiang jumped up, grabbed it," fisherman "shoulder, speechless;" Rongrong was you. A really you? "He did not care which is traced on the one o'clock in the big boat in,oakley sunglasses store, and regardless of whether it would easily cover Alice, competing her whole person hold up, laughed:" I know you will not die, I'll Narrow Road No one can bear to kill you. "Su Rongrong neck to help hold him tightly, his brother gifted side light laugh:" I lay down, Qu afraid he who saw it, "Chu Liu Xiang laughed," I was just holding a little old man, even if the person saw, what relationship. "He used her hand to twist the nose, and forced" a song sweet child, a Li armbands, I have a headache already enough of them still do not want you naughty than we deliberately depriving me so anxious. 'Su Rong onions Tiao softly: "I do not want you to worry, I just want to cut some people think that I have never really dead to beware of rope you want · I have the heart to make you anxious what?" Chu Xiang cut gently put down her stare her clothes Tao "They can hurt you?" Su Rongqiang exclaimed, "The four men hanging beyond true meaning of ruthless and thin, yellow fortunately do not always already Qiaochu, otherwise ─ ─ ─ Otherwise, I'm afraid Pai really have not see you. "Chu Liu Xiang root to do step" for people like you, they also got under the murderous competition, such a person really needs to be cut off his head and fishes, you tell me who they are? "Su Rongrong four: "How can I recognize them." moments fragrant strange: Asahi you did and they said some words show me "Su Rongci Road;" Yesterday · I'm fine pavilion that you suddenly came four individuals, asked me not Soviet Fangniang, Shao Long said he does set special sand to help disciples, and said that you call them to pick me. "She childbirth natural smile, then said," But I know, you know I'm waiting for you, others will not just come, you know I hate, and meet strange men, so I was moved with suspicion and refuse and he even go along to see them again quietly wink, it has always already wary of them out of the Liquid Sword exclaimed: "Fortunately, you know through me will never mess with you but you hate .... Why did not simply fall upon them , forcing them to tell the origin. "Su Rongrong said:" These people sinister means, plans to use secret, if I made Zuo them, someone will come back definitely help blanks, I do not know whether it could withstand through, so ...... "Chu Liu Xiang laughed: "So you're pretending to be his daughter bet is struck, so age support joint." Su Rong tweezers laughed "You fine and that I am most reluctant to fight the people." control fragrant road "but water in the pan out of the blood, but also how it happened. "<
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