I do not like wandering in the established small way

January 22 [Wed], 2014, 17:44
Stop foothills, looking up hill, the eye is the fresh green, and that seem unattainable pinnacle, the mood will be inexplicable excitement surging spirit will instantly compatibility with Castle, this time would mind swaying, excited . Watching the summit, the summit seemed dim infinitely close to the top of the sky, like a distant dream in the top of the peak, there is this state of mind, not bring wholesale soccer jerseys fear and retreat, just provoked a fight with infinite longing, one kind of desire to conquer spontaneously. read this no hesitation, proudly climb. Moving slowly along the mountain road to the summit, Gordon certainly not to pursue this mountain the fastest to reach the top, but to enjoy the fun of climbing, slowly seems to like to hang around and slowly walks to do, so as to best Enjoy the quiet mountain good, and smelling the fragrance of the soil and the air that is mixed with fresh flowers and trees, when the pressure of the world where the troubles are gone, the body and mind clean, refreshing, really feel great natural that such motherly tenderness and thoughtfulness. Sometimes several more crisp sound of birds remembered, without breaking the tranquility of the mountains, but increased the tranquility of the mountains, a long absence, moved flock to the heart, open arms, puffed air, you want to hug, so intoxicated.

I do not like wandering in the established small way, but like another way, where there is no path through, miss Yi Keke cypress pine and attitude of thousands of unknown species, marching the green weeds, chasing the TV drama Miscellaneous Even now in a grass clump nameless wildflowers, feeling immense pleasure. The forest from time to time startled birds, frogs scare, coupled with that from time to time butterflies dragonflies, the forest is full of angry moment, set off with flowers and quiet, a move a quiet, so harmonious, so harmonious. Then a slight breeze, leaves twist, rustling played music, flowers and Qing Wu, Yang Qi graceful posture, the moment, the whole woods are alive, ah, do they feel my joy in welcoming me it? They are not to me and I share this rare happy? Then I will not have the pace brisk tempting to dance, dance like a non-dance, his hands spread out, gently stroking the side of the los angeles lakers jerseys flowers, and they feel like shaking hands in the same or that they spoiled in the same direction , right, is spoiled, because this rare relaxed, because the hearts of irrepressible gratitude. I use; them instead; them, not the wrong word, but I deeply appreciate their lives pulsating, their honest and hospitable, this time they are like my friend confidant, as my closest people.
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