do not do anything passive

November 12 [Mon], 2012, 10:23

> Like the silent city estimates, when his own ideas with the white dust frank white dust immediately Farmer City submitted its proposal. WwW. QuAnBeN. cOm after a day, Renee would be immediately brought this intelligence to see Sha Po Lang. Renee looked kill broken Lang, nodded and said: to defend against us, as I see, they probably will not really Deathmatch, just to fight a decision victory or defeat after the other party said that the surrender would be finished, but if the the silent city's plan really realized. then the situation may be very different. , but ... , that guy is a real battle madman is stronger than he, and he wanted to challenge. step forward, asked. To kill broken Lang turned, looked at Renee, asked: Millennium Falcon this person, you know? raised challenges, Papa film a my singles beat you, but I will not give you the chance with my singles to pass out, known as shadow Ares five major human genius generals, perfect, the Millennium Falcon, flash Ray, John Simsen Mingyue, he ranks second in the Millennium Falcon has ranked first perfect challenge However, because the perfect Papa is also the film's love in order to avoid the two tigers to compete, must be an injury to the situation, Papa film personally come forward before mediation, good. film to surrender. Papa film camp Millennium Falcon led a fleet went collusion I Mingran, under the command of the famous sea holy led the ten formations intercept. Millennium Falcon to the strength of a formation. combat with the front of the sea holy the sea holy ten formation 10 to its eight The Millennium Falcon in the First World War and Ding him Papa the film weight will the identity. Union bloody mercenary eighty elite formations, the Millennium Falcon led three formations raid. wipe out three days put the bloody Union chief nineteen elite formation. bloody Union Papa film re-return system. Papa film presented in the Millennium Falcon first an interstellar sixteen planet jurisdiction, the Millennium Falcon rolled refused Papa film changed to grant him three hundred million hard currency. accompanying arsenal, the Millennium Falcon. the Ziyun Prince learned the news, secretly dispatched under the command Skybreaker led the two formations attacked Papa film Fleet Fleet Papa film was only two hundred destroyers, fifteen heavy cruisers . Millennium Falcon led 50 destroyers assault, defeated Ziyun Prince first formation, which is 尔后帕帕菲林 lead a fleet initiative onslaught, Ziyun fleet completely defeated. the second to the sixth interstellar 18 Union alliance announced its withdrawal from Papa film system, five interstellar. brightest forces loyal to Papa film all raids either flee or surrender only stick in the third interstellar Millennium Falcon still stick to the his moments dusk. 18 League chief Triple wood capitulate letter sent to the Millennium Falcon,Timberland Chukka. faced up to in the film, Papa, ready to give up the five galaxies, already came in front of the Millennium Falcon led headquarters Fleet , and fled to his fleet defeated the 18 Union coalition forces, captured by the report of the chief of triple wood in just three months, the Millennium Falcon for more than four consecutive wars, and both wins, invincible. precisely from this After that, he was known as the shadow Ares hear Sha Po Lang so clear, read out all the important record of the lifetime of the Millennium Falcon, Renee looks a little surprised, This man, strong, strong men, but I was not afraid of him. The Millennium Falcon is leakage * point of overflowing generals, his explosiveness is not ponder. But even if I win, I can not kill him. And if I can not afford to kill him, then my real strength, since then it will be exposed to the world. This is greatly detrimental to our great cause. , But I respect the strong. I started you in intuition skeptical. Imagine Papa film of the gene, was able to give birth to such a horrible son. The only thing that matters is that the The Farmer City gave us a great opportunity, and we must seize it. Renee to come forward. Sha Po Lang replied. Sha Po Lang looked at Renee, asked Renee hesitated eventually truthfully replied: He wrote a book challenge. The expression slow down, From you again and again persevere sent me to challenge the book, you can see that you are a confident person. A people adhere to their own will. The reason I never accept you to challenge, not because I'm not willing to war with you just because you are an active person, I do not do anything passive. Including combat. And now. I believe we have reached the appropriate time for a war between you and me. Let us use the energy group as a language. To express our feelings of the story. Finally, this is a destined to be handed down to posterity challenge books, carefully saved. Kill broken Lang smile again after listening to Renee finished, well written, a good start, but unfortunately ... is not the end of what I want. Falcon almost immediately give Sha Po Lang reply, the Millennium Falcon is written in the letter ---- too long in this seemingly great, in fact, the universe of small places, change experience, I have gone through the experience, I also have experience. fierce impasse, and the people in fierce impasse. occupation of someone else's parent star, the planet of others explosion into the black hole of the universe, and contribution to the Alliance capital, World War I and 14 million feats, etc. However, it is a great pity, since hundreds of years ago with 18 alliance to combat the whole Life will become waves without the only bit mean, want to perfect challenge, but is Happening Wang blocked However, even in this, for the military on the ground exhausted, I never no slack support me to do so go only one of the reasons is that the Marshal your presence you like a outsider gods, there is always a voice reminder when you thought had been standing on the top of the Forbidden, you have not been Marshal of the strong authentication . era. everything as Marshal said,Canada Goose Baby Elijah, we are destined to be handed down to posterity .... Despite everything expected of Farmer City, but really to see the exact contents of the letter, Farmer City, but unbearable excitement all the way trotting sounded Hold firmly door. Millennium Falcon and 10 days after starting to interstellar rotation the door of fifty-four gf3454 star near duel with human cloning Marshal. Ten days? personal strength, and he used technology, the fastest in four days, the slowest six days, the Millennium Falcon can be rushed gf3454. Marshal combat, has been his dream, he will not wait. ah? deputy of the Millennium Falcon and how? Falcon so small a fleet, where the need for what the deputy, he need only obedient subordinates like the Millennium Falcon Fleet, in addition to his own no too powerful prefect. If so, do you think Papa film will not guard against him? departure,ugg womens boots, so that we can, when he just felt gf3454 just launched offensive moments dusk. then we all must be completed within four days strategic task, and a successful retreat. Otherwise, we would be finished. shaking his head, said: dusk when the Millennium Falcon is not just to come back? what Marshal then confidence? City looked Hold firmly asked. Farmer City, bitterly cry,timberland cheap boots,
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