all a little bit hot-blooded Longhua players are

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Back to the book page four hundred and thirty second chapter of the urban romance - Need beauty bodyguard stormy Previous to return to the directory Next Han Feng efforts to enhance the Rain is the strength of the forest, in fact, not just to honor their commitments, as well as the rain forest children do have to Wu's determination and talent, will come after the storm, three good of the United States and their own relationship nv, can be a little more self-protection ability. (- Phone novels) Of course, after storms, there is no need for the three US-nv go strikes, Han Feng just want them to to cater xiǎo twists and turns Bale. Although the forest Rain is the practice jiāo to the her own, Han Feng occasionally certainly want guidance. Often upset meaning luàn distracted Rain is the forest, you want to progress by virtue of their own practice, it is too difficult, but this annoyance Lin Rain is bad Feng Han said, nor will it even incense children and Xiao Yao said. Also in the forest Rain is ready to make a determined effort Ashur UGG, try holding the attitude, truncated finger approaches the egg love Lord of the Rings to take down the occasion the storm finally come, and to the very violent. The Longhua calendar early March Amberlee Riding UGGs Boots, the federal currency calendar early April, ask virtual one of Lee Caine region players amounting to more than three hundred thousand players Corps, appear on the outside of the Seifu the control Tallon fortress And no words, soon as he stormed up is burst. At the same time, the Japanese players a million players Legion, open to Bruce, under the fortress walls, composed by Thames region players amounting to no less than three hundred thousand players Corps began to Shenggeluya fortress the bombardment, fifteen thousand troops by the Milan region players Kuanggong Remar fortress flange area, Germanic Region ... just on the line less than half a xiǎo, Seifu bigwigs constantly received a battlefield report , as well as the various fortress for help message, Xiao Yao slightly statistics about each other was actually in half an xiǎo assembled more than four million strong army, and the level of players all more than thirty-five of which more nearly half a million forty-nine players. Seifu's players already on the line more than two million over eight hundred thousand main battle Legion look before half past nine p.m., the on-line players should be able to on-line, the total number of about six million, although the members belonging to the order of battle, not more than three million. they are sent point staff over to help us get through this period of time. our Air Force seemed to be waiting with them a decisive battle Gissella UGG, Their Air Force is no limit that our fortress fundamental restrain Yeah. less than the slightest cheap the previous fortress all military fortress, even if the fall, little loss. The established family this performance touches fairly positive, they also know that we Seifu could not carry, they just have to be finished. Eagle group of brothers return, the players of the major areas, many are coming to us Seifu these fortress. Indeed, the fighting between the big forces, not Seifu fear, afraid afraid of the major areas of ordinary players involved, because that number is too large, the situation will become difficult to control. Next is Han Feng to five million coins to play once the system Scarlet Letter announcement to launch Triad Zone order, call for the Longhua large area players together against foreign enemies. The previous the Longhua Region players may also see clearly now Short Sheepskin Cuff UGG, the major area of ​​the Legion in attack Seifu, even ordinary players flooded over, even if the brain and then stupid people would have guessed that some clues, not to mention also Eagle group of intelligence officers in an uproar Canada Goose Heli-Arctic Parka Sale, Han Feng issued an emergency notice, all a little bit hot-blooded Longhua players are very determined to stand Seifu side, anyway war up to hang in the game a few levels, blasting some equipment , they are not really dead. Any man, which one is not a little willingness to swords, unable to meet the aspirations of the reality, one can experience in the game is a good choice. Furthermore, the campaign now has been significantly related to the dignity of the race, even if the bad behavior of the rogue bully strikes, and also at this point in dying. Of course, this premise is the game will not kill anybody, major region of the player, who came to attack it not only because it dares to wantonly kill. If the game of death, death also, in reality the one thousandth now believe can be the frontline killing one of the players is absolutely inadequate. Ever since classic ugg boots, has yet to be Seifu the fortress, the players of the major areas and Longhua large area players, fiercely grappling in with more than 60% of the entire Q virtual players are currently in Rush. Things now, even if do not want to ask virtual players involved in the fighting, and will kill players of other regions because of inexplicable anger counterattack after the resurrection. A single spark can start a prairie fire, this sentence is really true, local conflicts, a comprehensive upgrade Longhua asked imaginary, just like the overall situation in the war of resistance, the players are not on the battlefield despise playing Kill The players, naturally even greater glory, much revered. The event, originally asked for this so the game moving dàng, the impact of federal unity virtual official should mediation or use of technical means for the containment, they did not, but turned a deaf ear, despite the trouble expanding. Support of the reinforcements in the the Longhua Region players for their help, Seifu Although one up lost several military fortress in ten p.m. counterattack also violent.

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