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November 09 [Fri], 2012, 11:03

Cattle the bb novel reading network you recommended some equally good-looking novels and Road the warlords Heaven heritage of entropy Princess inferior concubine gold medal Princess of seven hundred and ninetieth nine chapters rivers and lakes practices [third more, seeking monthly】 Xu Guoqing Zhuang Rui did not expect utter these words, not help stunned for a moment, his face The embarrassed look murmured: And Xu Guoqing also know some Porcelains old, know own porcelain do the old, unless utilized instrument, otherwise it is difficult to detect out authenticity. Xu Guoqing also have their own bottom line in life, it is not used their craft go Kengpian the others, this is his decade porcelain firing out only to send the main reason not to sell, Chuang Rui's remarks, is He was some conflict. to go lie to those foreigners who deliberately virtual lift Chinese antique prices. Xugong antique market not very understanding of it? these foreign devils who the the intraday balls practices by the patriotism of the people, with antique snatched away before a large number of fraudulent claims belong to the wealth of the Chinese people, I do, nothing to be ashamed ... months in a London auction, a supposed to be blue and white porcelain Guiguzi down into a character Yuan blue and white cans, an anonymous buyer, the shot away with more than ten million pounds, cost-effective to RMB, up to more than 200 million. It also set off a Chinese art auction ** international film market, more than a month, domestic Regal repeatedly shot, although the film is a lot of precious Chinese cultural relics, but they pay for, is also high and almost unimaginable. Zhuang Rui, once on the phone and Uncle De chatted over these things, childhood consorting on the rivers and lakes Uncle De saw through this Maoni, bluntly said, the international auction houses do Bureau is Mr Chuang Rui only dish the ball to say. a. ball from the understanding on the meaning of words, The word Circle launched a new practice. Of course, the speculation here things are precious antiques and has a history of thousands of years. While the the earlier intraday words, refers to these precious antiques is itself rests in the hands of the speculation. No matter how these things fried, how high prices can Stir What tricks are in their control, like get a pearl, thrown into a high port plate inside,Paisley UGGs, any of you how to swing, beads are in the disc rolling, which is called disk balls. When the object of some speculation, has a high price, those who mastered utensils, began in the international market release of these things, to draw the buyers money, this practice the previous popular in the rivers and lakes doorways, but those foreign auction house giants, but also play reached a pinnacle. Like two months in London, Tokyo, Japan, in Berlin, Germany, including Chuang Rui participate in Paris that auction, behind has a figure of international speculators. Paris auction Chuang Rui to wrecked, but several other international auction, China's ancient porcelain, really sizzling. The first is blue and white, while speculation abroad, many of the so-called historical research experts are given is not more than three hundred World Shangyuan blue and white, and most of them in foreign museums conclusive. This news came out, many domestic prides itself on a strong sense of national pride and patriotism that pointless vanity collectors and merchants competing shot, a time, foreign auction market everywhere filled with Chinese art, the endless variety of special . Uncle De once rough statistics, only two to three months of effort, those international speculators who have a large number of Chinese antiques, at least no less than two billion dollars of wealth from the hands of the Chinese people swept away, and this is just the beginning. Play rich collection, mostly playing face,Canada Goose Heli Arctic, this atmosphere, I am afraid there will be more people get involved, of course, there are also some people really think you made a contribution as a national treasure regression, but they behavior, but to a certain extent, contributed to the arrogance of those international speculators',Canada Goose Aosta Bomber. In accordance with the Germany Uncle estimates, the dice hot air, at least take another two or three years time to subside down, then, the prices of these antiques will have a substantial drop, the so-called a rational look at the antique collection and investment. Xugong, those foreigners, is to use this method, despoiling the wealth belongs to the Chinese people, Tang San Cai in the international market, however, has always been highly respected by foreign collectors the domestic collectors do not really care. so I have the idea of ​​your work to get the international film market, foreign speculators from Let pockets inside pocket, Why can not we to the road he also applied Bishen it? after sincere Without Xu Guoqing consent to Xu Guoqing, Zhuang Core is not going to do this thing, which is, after all, the owner of the work does not respect. Said frankly, Zhuang Rui not short of money, he is not the idea is for the money, it is those foreigners too far. Say foreigners who acts, equal snatched away from your home is something, then let you use several times or even ten times higher price than this thing, to buy back, which is simply stealing money is pirates of the Caribbean, also his mother's not so hard ah Xu Guoqing hear Chuang Rui then fell silent, he did not expect such a bizarre thing, antique row and international auction houses, actually, Xu Guoqing only But personal hobby imitation porcelain, these things, so that his mind was some confusion in the moment. Chuang Rui is heard Pieliaopiezui, the said: Xu Dage, this money so let's make a go, I fear, than let foreigners earn Well, and money, I will put a large part of the investment in your lab, if you can Song Dynasty top five the Guanyao the porcelain generic, and that I will be able to break those speculators Bureau, so that they no longer speculation Chinese porcelain ... laboratory, it is because he also needs the cost, and all the risks are Zhuang Rui commitments, and how many have to leave some money to subsidize the museum there, right? ...... to time to let the gang sub Japan who taste the power of the Chinese-made he is not with the little psychological burden. The Chuang Rui words made stiff Xu Guoqing laughed Comin suffered little devils gas vented out in laughter. sister-in-law children, do not let them know, involve ... Chuang Rui like to speak very seriously, he took the fake antiques sold to foreign countries, bear a lot of risk and also a great chance of being discovered. If you do not accidentally break the porcelain from the fracture can distinguish the old porcelain and porcelain, although this possibility is small,Timberland Classic Shoes, but not a thing will never happen, if noticed, certainly should be investigated to the domestic. The Chuang Rui home guarded, it touches not afraid of those who retaliate, but Xu Guoqing die, in case someone vent their anger on him, that is tantamount to harm him. Chuang Rui is no reason why Speaking to Lee vigorously and in the regular army, this is because of this reason, two doorways and more, but contact with human hybrid, that mouth may not be able to be kept confidential, Rui Chong do not want to be safe around two time bomb . As for how these objects get foreign auction, Chuang Rui hearts already had an idea, he was prepared to use their own private aircraft ready to enter into the foreign film market something shipped to Burma to deal with, so Hu Rong. As we all know, from the Han and Tang Dynasties, Myanmar is a vassal of China, these artifacts spread over the past many objects get from the hands of the Burmese foreign shot field credibility will also raise a lot of antiques abroad must be like the early people really a reason. Forces and relations of Hu Rong in Myanmar, casually looking middleman can hold these things go to the auction house in Hong Kong or Anglo-American, commissioned by the auction business, Zhuang Rui in the process, I absolutely will not show up. As a result, even if these things be identified is false, and that less than Chuang Rui head tracing, Hu Rong means of absolute, both are wiped dry wipe the. But Zhuang Core or ask the Xu Guoqing confidentiality After all, the money of foreigners ... that is sore, it was rumored to go Chuang Rui students in the face of the international art market, may point no. Those domestic collectors buy Zhuang Rui sell fakes, I am afraid it will not be good. Chuang Rui elderly parents, do not want to provoke those trouble simply began to put things to make it clear, Xu Guoqing mouth tightly so he would rather quit the acts. Xu Guoqing This usually is a puzzle, and his wife also saying, and son have nothing to communicate Then again, his wife is simply not interested in these things, said said is White. Well, another month from the ten million inside paid thousands of dollars, when wages, Xu Dage, how you look like? things first specification province to mix unclear, involves money, Fuqifanmu, brother Cheng Chou things are numerous. Xu Guoqing broken yard, in addition to the place of money, the other can sell them ragged, Chuang Rui come up with ten million real money, as long as the 60 percent stake, has been regarded as very generous. give him two hundred thousand living expenses each month, Xu Guoqing has quite satisfied. ... And Xu Guoqing has been talked about the middle of the night ... more Chuang Rui handwriting drafting an agreement, began to fall asleep, this special slept sweet, knock on the door to 11 o'clock in the morning, was Peng Fei called woke up. , which makes him a bit surprised, civil servants do not have to work ah? Peng Fei replied: ...... a satisfactory answer. - (PS: third more, thousands of words, thousands of words, attached three days, brothers, monthly passes, ah, to drill drain * point, ah, no monthly passes recommended votes in favor, drill need, need all the votes votes). Ready to rest? Hou door the entropy women look door lady concubine scared China the strongest Queen's first class lady wealthy mistress ace Diao Fei Shu difficult life geniuses princess eloquent minister of the best in the world

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