crucify my love... 

2006年08月20日(日) 3時13分
crucify my love,
if my love is blind...
crucify my love,
if it sets me free......

『慶太日記』 is.. 

2006年08月19日(土) 1時45分
what's different with 『慶太日記』 and 慶太日記 ?
i didn't find 『慶太日記』 on the internet now,
w-inds.'s diary is my 元気 for every day o!,..whatever how long it will be new one.
so, so what?..( i want to sing the song/// )

「ブギウギ66」will be on sell la, nd WORKS vol.5..aa!!
it's so good ha.
i love keita san's voice...i dont knw how to describe his voice,
listening to his voice,i don't know why i want to cry.
the same as ryohei san's dance nd ryuichi san's guitar.
anywhere,w-inds. is w-inds. oo!!

Mtv's live will be hold Taiwan(China!) in 2006/9/2,emem,
so,the next month,「MTV封神榜萬人演唱會」,nearly!!
i can go to watch the live?? for me just a impossible dream.

w-inds.,(頑張っで in Janpanese?)!!

it's 1:26 in China now.

Hard To Speak? 

2006年08月18日(金) 2時04分
it's a new time here,How do u do?
yesterday,i knew tat i must study english harder and harder.
my English is poor,one of my friends online said to me"hard to speak"! sad..i thought my english is jst so so,
but now, somebody cant understood wat i said!!
i'm always made mistake,but i never give up,

actuality,i cant understand japanese.nd now i am learning it. may be a long time,
but i hope tat one day if i can meet w-inds.,i can communicate with them. looks like my dream?wanna make dream come ture.

so i study japanese,english..for one day in the future.also for me.
cant use a luanguage well,it's too bad.
or others may think u dont hav manners emm..anything.
i dont want to heard any sentences like "hard to speak" because of me...anymore

it's too late now...sleepy..
tomorrow will be
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