eh.....frequent post? naw, just bored. 

2006年01月13日(金) 11時09分's early in the morning on a friday, and I'm in school doing two things at the same time. Having a project meeting before our class presentation at 1pm, and trying to solve my WDD assignment. It's getting really annoying with all these workload piling on like no tomorrow. However, as soon as i finish these two assignments, I'm only left with my IMGT assignment....simulation of policies and analyzing them... well, I think I can handle that......*dies* Anyway, I've been having some problems trying to write entries here...lagging big time...seriously, they should upgrade their servers quickly.

Anyway, in archery, things doesn't look good....again. Coach is making the team's life difficult by asking the most ridiculous things. First he abhored the use of finger slings, and now? He wants the team to use it. What is this??! And I just recieved another email from him 'reminding' us to bring extra clothing with...a hair dryer....and other crazy necessities. We're not camping over at his range!! geh....I don't feel like taking part in the coming competition in February. He's working us too hard in this dreary weather.

Besides being busy, I've been lacking in the social events lately. With all the training and assignments here, I've missed a dinner and a gathering with my Gotei13+ friends. And, there's a housewarming gathering this sunday...Hopefully I won't be missing that if I can finish my work on saturday....Ok, I better get back to my work, if not my projectmates start chewing my head off...S'not like it's pretty anyway.

first entry of 2006 

2006年01月12日(木) 18時09分
Hi... first entry for 2006 is a tad slow eh? sorry. Anyway, I've been busy with the new semester. All the assignments, all the tests...I'm at my wits end. X___X And I've having pressure from archery and leo....don't talk about the latter. I hate them. =.=

For the record, I fell sick 3 times within 2 months. I've never fallen sick so often in my life....usually I only fall sick once a year or twice...but...this is insane. Well, currently I'm at the clubhse waiting to see if we have any training for the day..I don't want to..coz i wanna finish my assignment...maybe I won't. =) maybe I'll just stick with my assignments for the time. XD OK....I better get back to work. seeya in the next entry.

Mixed feelings 

2005年11月04日(金) 11時53分
Came back from a great holiday and not just a week into the new term, I get trouble. Not mentioning what it is. After the next competition, I'm quitting the team to focus on my studies. That's final. Speaking of such, there's something fishy going on really and I'm not very happy about it. That's why I'm having doubts. Maybe I'm thinking too much or it's really true. Someone or some people are out there to really disrupt my life. Why would they do that? I know each being has their own opinions, thoughts and feelings, but why go all out to disrupt another being's peace? Is it to disrupt trust among us?

Seriously speaking, it's really bugging me greatly. And it is just when I thought things were going to be great this semester, This kind of situation happens. I don't know if someone whom I know has found out about this blog and reading this, or someone is just waiting to see me suffer. YOU BETTER STOP MEDDLING WITH MY LIFE. IT'S VERY DISAPPOINTING TO ME. IF YOU DON'T LIKE ME OR JUST CAN'T STAND WITH HOW I HANDLE MY OWN DECISIONS, TELL ME STRAIGHT IN THE FACE OR JUST STAY OUT OF IT.

I don't want to talk about it anymore. I'm off.


2005年10月06日(木) 19時20分
I don't think I need to elaborate on what I just said eh? If you have been
following me throughout the semester, you understand very well. I won't say that it was exciting, but it definitely was nerve wrecking for me. I expected to get a mere D for the FYP, but I got a C+. My teammate got a C though. Anyway, I am glad that I made it through another torturous semester, however, I will need to work extra hard for the coming last semester. After obtaining this C+, my GPA(General Point Average) was pulled down
drastically from a 3.000 to a 2.500. I'm not academically smart, but if I can up my grades on the coming modules to the A and B+ range, I can scrape
through a 3.000 by the time I graduate.

Now that the prospects of being able to graduate on time is clearer, I have
to now see the future on what I can do after I graduate. So yes, I'm looking
at university options (very bleak future for me in this local side), but if I
can't, then it's off to work for me and a part time degree. Well, for now, at
least I can relax easy for my coming Australian trip.

I need a friend to help me enroll my IS module though...coz I'm not in town
during the alloited time. I go for the day....

A win from the boys!! 

2005年08月31日(水) 11時47分
Hahaha...Sorry if this is really late. I just didn't have the heart to do some blogging yesterday. This is about last sunday, the team finals of the Pesta Sukan. I tell you, tension was high, but not as high as the NUS indoor competition. During the Standard shoot, it looked as if our boys weren't doing so well, and we thought that we might rank 4th among the others. BUT They surprised us by clinching the 3rd position, beating NTU, the one who whacked us to 3rd placing in the last competition, causing us to lose our 2nd placing. HAH! Take that NTU!! At least NP is constant, with two 3rd placings at both boys
catagory, and zip from the girls.

The most disappointing thing was, when we looked at the scores for the girls team catagory, we were so upset!! With the type of scores they have, we
could have beaten the girls to get a 3rd or 2nd placing!! Very upsetting, all
thanks to my other two teammates' performances the previous week. Ah forget it. Now it's time to train my form and perfect myself.

Congrats to the Pasir Ris East CC boys too! They came 1st in the
competition. Good going boys!! Here I present you, the PRECC and NP boys with our coach.

Joint I & I 2005/2006 

2005年08月29日(月) 1時07分
Haiz...I'm too tired really...every weekend is so exhausting...I'm getting lazy to update this place. lolz I'm a day late on this entry, but well, I'll update the next day about sunday then.

Saturday, the day of the LEO Club Joint I & I 2005/2006, was a very busy and messy day. Straight from ditching training at Bedok half way, I taxied my way down to Ngee Ann for the rehearsals and final arrangements. Then after running up and down the convention hall and clubhouse, all of us got ready and changed into formal wear. I shouldn't have worn the court shoes coz I've got blisters now. The whole ceremony was kinda lengthy, but that is expected, and I was surprised that the programme committee invited Jeremy from my faculty to perform his magic tricks. Jeremy's from my past module, ECAD, and my former teammate in the assignment. Everytime during that module classes, I always see him flipping this large coin in his hand, and the action was really smooth and fast. His performance wasn't so great on stage, but well, he's a budding magician. The TJC song was.....horrendous.
refreshments were alright and I met a lot of new people, familiar Lions and LEOs and even ran into W. How shock I was when I saw him. You only can catch that guy once every year you know. Chatted with him for a while (After abandoning my best friend to some Meropolitan peeps, so sorry) and got shoved into the hall again for photo taking. Traditionally, the photo taking sessions were too long really.

After that, met up with Holly, Mingshi and Alicia for a Swensen's dinner. It was really nice, but after a hearty dinner and dessert, a little high on some alcohol from the Raisin ice-cream, we created some insane mess below:

I cannot think what we have put into that small saucer. Anyway, that's it for my saturday. Stay tune for the Sunday update tomorrow.

Pesta Sukan results a disappointment.. 

2005年08月24日(水) 23時17分
I saw the results today and I'm very disappointed. Out of 36 Standard
women archers, I ranked 13. It's an ok position since I've climbed quite a bit
from the last competition, But I'm not qualified for the final team event!!!
Why..........I was so looking forward to competiting this sunday, so geared up
and ready to win a medal.

I guess that's enough of sniffling and whining about my score... Well, the
next Pesta Sukan, I'm going to win a medal for myself. For sure. The next competition, I will train hard for it and win an individual medal for myself, I
can't rely on my teammates for a team medal any more.

The Mass I & I for the LEO Clubs is coming this saturday, hopefully I can
make it early for the rehearsal. If not, I'll blast the godzilla's head into pieces. The Archery Club's AGM and Handover is coming next saturday as well, and I've still yet to find a caterer for the refreshments What to do......

Early bday present and Natsu Matsuri 

2005年08月21日(日) 19時25分
I'm totally bushed. After the sighters and equipment inspection yesterday, I went home to change into my yukata and I had a surprise. Holly gave me a super early Bday present. A Benetton Sport perfume. Whee~~ I love the frangrance really. The smell is not too strong and not
too light, and it's not those absolutely flowery ones mind you.

My very first perfume. Very nice. Anyway, after we changed, we headed down to Changi Japanese School for the festival. The usual food, drinks, dance, etc was present, but it seemed that there were more people this time. Must be very popular. Eddy turned up later into the festival and man, he doesn't look any different, maybe darker and er...smellier, but it's alright. lolz! Very nice to see him after he MIA for so long. Anyway, saw too many of my friends at the festival and dare say, it was really enjoyable. =) Maybe I'll get a better yukata next time eh?

We were once 13.... 

2005年08月14日(日) 21時28分
And our numbers have dwindled. But to me, we are 13 no matter what.

Pardon my sudden depressing entry this round. Another one of our original
members just got sacked from the team, and after seeing Jeffrey's message on MSN, it just hit me on how the seniors are falling apart. First Jeffrey got sacked and now Daniel. CC is on the
danger line now. I'm sure very soon, all of us 13 will be replaced. Things were good with the 13 of us, being the first to get through the Basics and the ranking, the first team to be sent out, won the first medal and now, we 13 are
breaking up. We may not have been very great friends or kind to each other at times, but we had gone through thick and thin for quite a while. I'm glad I
had the chance to meet all these wonderful people. I thank M for 'reviving'
the club.

Not in picture: Chris

Jrock or Visual Kei 

2005年08月12日(金) 0時32分
Hey hey. Well, as the title says. Ever since my reintro into Jrock and Visual Kei, I've begun to pick up my long lost interest in Jrock and VK. Of course
when it comes to picking songs, I'm very choosey. The distinctive difference between VK and Jrock is that, VK bands usually exaggerate via elaborate
dressing ( e.g. Kagrra, Fatima, Kagerou...) and Jrock can be anything that
comes from the genre of rock. Take ELLEGARGEN and Asian-KungFu
Generation for example. However, whether they are from the rock, pop, blues or country genres, as long as they are good music, it's in my book.

Oh, speaking of music and bands, NANA The Movie is coming out soon! I've
been waiting for a very long while for this movie to come up, but I'm not sure how they are going to squeeze most of the manga line into a movie. Most probably a portion of it I guess. And Mika Nakashima is starring as Nana! =) The Black Stone's Nana btw. She really looks like the character imo.
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