May 16 [Sat], 2015, 0:16
hello!! Im on a short holiday with my family in Shanghai. we fly back home tomorrow, I'm dying since mainland china blocks twitter and Instagram and google and like. everything. those VPN things or proxies don't work and I still can't get through i gave up fast lol
I'm on my phone right now so don't expect a proper blog post, please
maybe I'll try to write up a better one when I get to my laptop on the 17th
Shanghai is okay, our tour wasn't that great and the first few meals were horrible lol, blame it on the tour. the hotel is nice enough (though my standards for hotels are high so I dunno) I can't really complain though cause most of the trip was free
I bought souvenirs too and we found a shop selling anime merch and I bought 3 pairs of totoro socks for friends and tried the gashapons I DIDNT KNOW NATSUME YUUJINCHOU WAS SO POPULAR??? I have a nyanko-sensei keychain on my phone right now. I tried the Tokyo ghoul one too for nagi and I got the "mystery" chara not on the list (it's shironeki) I also bought a bunch of cute Shanghai panda keychains for other friends. it's probably not enough for all my friends but since we'll be going around US next month I'll get souvenirs from there as well so it should be okay
me and my sisters got those name stamp things they carve!!! from a calligraphy shop! it's so cool I got the 鼠 design cause I was born in 1996 and we gave them our chinese names and they engraved it it's. so cool man
we just got back from watching era, the apparently very popular shanghai acrobatics how and I really liked it it was amazing!!!! it was really good
I have to go change in to pajamas now so byebye

school break plans

April 07 [Tue], 2015, 3:44
starting next week, i will begin doing these things:
baking (cookies, etc)
cooking (katsu curry, pasta)
watch anime (ask for recommendations)
read manga (ask for recommendations)
train puppy
oil painting (buy canvas and paint thinner first, check out mediums)
digital drawing (draw everyday lotsa fanart, unless i paint then that counts)
maybe open commissions?
start actively studying japanese (starting with memorizing the alphabets)

things to draw:
birthday chorus art
llsecret santa gift
ask about love live collab with tou
art trades from dA
birthday gifts for marina (narumiya mei), kk (isshiki or kogi or ban), taka (takarisa/hanakoto)
finish honebami wip
jyuurina summer art
maybe: advance gifts for kira (april 29), tina (may 23) (yachi tina not british tina), stephy (june 28)

*going to shanghai in may, going to US in june


April 06 [Mon], 2015, 18:02

wwwww that shitty introduction is the extent of my japanese knowledge, sorry to say! even registering an account on yaplog was a nightmare and i had to use a lot of google translate (笑)i started this blog in an attempt to document my life; write and post whatever i want. i think i'm also going to try to write entries in japanese, to try and practice. theyll probably be super grammatically incorrect

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