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June 10 [Mon], 2013, 10:47
> Xiazuo proposes to 'Galaxy'' Eagle'' Blazing Brotherhood of Steel'' wolves' This four mercenaries led by the implementation of the federal military crackdown, to be honest Robin also seriously considered such programs. WWw.qUANbEn.CoM standing in the position of the Republic, to adopt a tough stance clear out all the anxiety factor is indeed conducive to the Republic of Undine ruling planet, you can put all the troubles are nipped in the bud. However, in such a way clear and the Federal Republic of disputes between the original intention was not Robin. The reason put Robin Barnard controlled by their own way to the galaxy to confiscate the proceeds of the Republic, even at the central computer indicates that it offends the wrong kernel, is to let the Republic of generating change, in fact, he really desired Quxianjiuguo way is to complete the change of the Republic, so that people from out of the Republic of machinery like that kind of life, a thorough cleaning of the Republic this lifeless twilight. To this point as a starting point, then the Federal Republic and the differences between the concepts arising due to conflict of interests is inevitable thing, and through such disputes, personal experience of the Republic of people can the darkness behind the federal democratic system, and thus a more profound experience Bong of the Republic for the purpose of a fair, just how precious. Meanwhile, the federal bent on pursuing the interests of the concepts that will be in this process gradually affects Republic, bringing the general lack of ambition of the Republic no longer lethargic, can be more progressive attitude to face life. Therefore, currently there this dispute is actually two civilizations, two systems start touching each interacting with each other when the inevitable result. During this period, their forced to completely stifle it is equivalent to the original intention of overthrowing the Robin, but if it is, then letting it matter, further intensification of contradictions may also lead to more serious consequences. Therefore, in dealing with this matter, Robin must be extremely cautious, any error in judgment and decisions are likely to lead to irreparable consequences. "No, not to suppress way to deal with this matter." Carefully weigh the pros and cons of them, Robin shook his head to make a conclusion. "But now that the federal businessman has to make some very public Instigating speech,Coach Classic Sale, many freedmen are beginning to tend them, it is very dangerous ..." came the federal federal politics after witnessing the terrible, making Xiazuo on federal Politicians had a strong psychological conflict. Those who instigated the wealthy of speech, it is the federal politicians usual way, with speeches to influence public opinion, the use of the power of public opinion formation overthrow a regime, which is precisely the federal politicians do best. In the win over public opinion, the Federal Republic of contrast in a really inherent disadvantage. Republic to govern the country, so in the national institutional innate lack warmth, lack of work, and the advantages of the Republic of fairness, impartiality, but only when the people suffered unequal treatment can be reflected, in everyday life, but simply do not feel. Therefore, the Republic can not rely on institutional strengths to win over public opinion. Compared with the Republic, the Federal is another situation. Single-political terms, federal democracy does not exist really fair, impartial, and politicians mouth promote democracy. **, Dark conspiracy is the main theme of federal politics, the reality is that this theme can be a gorgeous coat wrapped federal interests and values ​​on human nature precisely in line with the various **, plus mankind is an emotionally vulnerable to infection species, making some politicians are often able to get a lot of lectures on fervent supporters, and politicians behind ** speech and conspiracy were benefits this gorgeous coat to cover with, make foolish people willingly accept their driving. Roman statesman and philosopher Marcus? Figure Cornelius? Cicero once said, 'There must be democracy, but democracy must be limited to' this sentence, it is referred to the people behind the awful democracy is seditious . Instigated by a group of people who now is a terrible enough to destroy all the regime forces, in some determined under the control of the people, this force can even terrifying moment overthrow a very powerful country. In this regard, Anse Al? Oswald has been a real demonstration of the power of this terrible, but the current volatile political situation in the Commonwealth, it is also unlimited democracy was released after the lead consequences. But in a fully democratic political opposition but also the state of ** and not necessarily how clever, compared to inefficient, filled with political intrigue democracy, ** politics in the implementation of the decree undoubtedly has a democracy can not match advantages in a wise monarch under the leadership of a country pursues ** system can easily overcome an in democratic countries. But political mode ** advantage,Oakley Polarized clearance, but it is fully established whether the monarchy wise this point, and this is precisely the world's most can not control factor. Discard intellectual congenital factors, human nature of greed and laziness ** politics became the biggest enemy. Those enjoying the glory of the Crown Prince fathers who tend to get lost in this self unrestricted right to end his life fathers hand Zangsong Diao efforts are to build empire. Therefore, from the small office to analyze these two political model plane, either democracy or ** politics have said is not perfect. Hoffman imperial political persecution in Martin? Hervey, it is precisely because a profound understanding of these two political models desirable, before dragging a residual footer back to Earth, the establishment of a central computer led to new system, in an attempt to achieve the seemingly impossible communist system to replace the existing advantages and disadvantages of these two world political model. If reject out Martin? Hervey kind of near-human to human pathological repression, then dominated by the central computer can best embody the republican system precisely Marcus? Figure Cornelius? Cicero 'democracy must have, but democracy must be limited to 'this philosophy. Let no humanity, fully pursue the political process on a central computer ** undoubtedly make state machine operation efficiency is greatly improved, and the central computer which democracy rests in the absence of any artificial intelligence in the hands of selfish, they do not worry about the power of public opinion would be this terrible some people use. Just look at these two points, it seems that the most perfect system, there is no defect, full of advantages. But the reality is that because of Martin? Hervey morbid oppression of humanity, making the central computer did not grasp the people's opinion. In other words, people of the Republic and the Republic of sense of belonging to the central computer is very weak, and this is precisely the Xiazuo most worried about, but also the most afraid of.罗宾比夏佐 longer life in the federal, federal politicians have more contact, so naturally he is also very clear Xiazuo inner fears, but also understand that if we allow these federal businessman who wanton speech, incitement, then, Wendy ni planet will usher in a devastating political disaster. At that time, not just those that are likely to be instigated Freedmen, and even comes from the Republic of the Republic of immigrants may also be added to the ranks of federal businessman who, so far as to deal with the Republic itself. "I understand what you mean, but also understand the dangers of these federal rich businessmen." After careful consideration, Robin got up and said: "To be frustrating if people of the Republic of the Republic's sense of belonging is indeed worrying, but as a nation, We can not always implemented Door Policy is tied with chains could not popular, and in the future, the Republic should continue to develop, would have to be in contact with other countries, contact with new political, new values, new lifestyle. Therefore, only a temporary suppression suppressed this conflict, but it can not solve the fundamental problem. "" ...... "to hear Robin still oppose repression, Xiazuo obviously want to get up to refute, but savoring the words Robin The meaning, but also understand Xiazuo Robin is correct. After all, the Republic has come out of the solar system, and is no longer blindly blocking contact with other countries, and in this case, the mandatory lock state, the closure does not solve the problem, it does not change the fundamental ills Republic Republic jumped to to become the most powerful country in the Milky Way. So after a long hesitation, Xia Zuo eventually sat down. He would like to hear the views of Robin, he knew Robin always be some unexpected idea, especially the kind of innate superior insight, so that you can easily grasp the event Robin essence, an extremely complex issue in the most simple way to dispose of them. This time, Robin also did not let Xiazuo disappointed. With the right Rejecting Xia Zuo, Robin has had some vague idea, though not guaranteed whether this idea can be recognized by the central computer, but Robin was instinctively think this idea should be implemented with great value . "There is a saying in the old saying Han block as dredging in ancient times, which is used to manage the flood, but I think it also can be used as a rule the country." Robin his hands and the table, the ring heir crowd said: "The current Those federal wealthy reason mob, the core of the problem is actually currency exchange. because we refuse to contribute to the federal currency exchange point for the sake of this currency in circulation, so that these federal businessman who carried a large number of assets to become a useless waste paper, which is equal to some extent cut off their right to life, so they will therefore rioted to forgiven. "" You ready to allow the exchange? "logistics department Booz frown question road. "No, of course not." Robin smile: "Federal rich businessmen, but very rich, if carried out in accordance with the actual conversion price level, then every businessman can instantly have a federal contribution of hundreds of millions of points, which in Republic who would seem to be no reason to do it, is bound to cause a national opposition. And if the exchange rate lower, then it is in effect deprived the wealthy part of their assets,Air Jordan 14 UK Sale, which also makes those wealthy businessmen who fly into a rage, so we can not receive federal contribution currency exchange points, but we can build a replica of the Commonwealth Bank of circulation of money available to banks to function Undine circulation federal dollars, in addition, those who are not suitable for further stay in the Federal Bolton wealthy city, they should go to another place, they are good to play this specialty ...... political conspiracy. " <
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