Dextrose Monohydrate Food Grade 2

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China corn starch, Modified corn starch, Liquid glucose syrup Manufacturers,Suppliers,Factory

 We manufacture and supply modified and native starch used in paper, pharmaceutical, food, construction, oil drilling, textile, corrugation and other industries. the company serves as a backbone to many vital production units. Some of its highly in-demand products are native starch and modified starch. modified variety consists of cationic starchoxidized starch, dextrin, coating starch,spray starch,dusting starch, oil drilling starch etc.

We also use our own native starch as raw material to produce sweeteners and other food aditives such as liquid glucose, glucose syrup, high fructose corn syrup,dextrose monohydrate and dextrose anhydrous as well as malto dextrin.


Dextrose Monohydrate Food Grade

Dextrose monohydrate food grade

Dextrose monohydrate food grade

  • Form:

  • Powder

  • Style:

  • Dried

  • Brand:

  • GSC

  • Certification:


  • Packaging:

  • Bag

  • Effects:

  • sweetener

  • Primary Ingredient:

  • dextrose monohydrate

  • Grade:

  • food garde

  • Color:

  • white

  • Moisture %:

  • 9.0

  • Weight (kg):

  • 25

  • Shelf Life:

  • 24 month

  • CAS:

  • 5996-10-1

  • DE:

  • 99.5

Detailed Info

Glucose, a monosaccharide, is one of the most important carbohydrates. The cell uses it as a source of energy and metabolic intermediate.

This is why you find this product in a lot of fitness, workout drinks and health/dietary supplements.

Glucose is one of the main products of photosynthesis and starts cellular respiration.

The natural form (D-glucose) is also referred to as dextrose, especially in the food industry.

Dextrose Monohydrate is purified and crystallised D-glucose,It exists in white, odourless,

crystalline granules having a bland and sweet taste,also known as brewing sugar as it is ideally suited to brewing

and is the perferred alternative to cane sugar. Dextrose can be subistituted in equal volume for cane sugar. D

extrose adds a smoothness to beer unlike cane sugar which contributes to a cidery tang.


Food Application :

Canned Products

Dextrose is used in canned vegetables and fruits in some instances for controlling

sweetness and preserving properties.


Dextrose is used extensively for sweetening and coating chewing gum and bubble gum.

Dextrose improves the colour and gloss of the gum coatings and its high heat of solution

gives a cool mouthfeel in all gum and candy coating applications.

Dextrose contributes to the tenderness, whippability, and sweetness in marshmallow

and nougat applications.

Bakery Products

Dextrose has several functional purposes in yeast raised goods. such as bread and buns.The primary purpose

is to supply fermentable carbohydrate on which the yeast may grow and provide CO2 for 'raising' the product.

Its presence also assists in browning of the crust to give a final product that is pleasing in appearance and aroma.


Dextrose can partially replace sucrose in fondants and cream fillings where fine crystals are required for smooth texture.

Alcoholic Beverages

Dextrose has high fermentability and can be added to low calorie beer for complete

fermentation to alcohol. No carbohydrate residue remains to increase the calories of the beverages.


Dextrose monohydrate food grade

  • Dextrose monohydrate food grade

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