the head went. Zhang flowers no hesitation

April 08 [Mon], 2013, 14:45
That green jade Jane is previously Zhang spent misty send collection you got within the prohibition of that is about to collapsing, when Zhang flowers do not have the ability to crack the above prohibition of Yu-Jane, tossed in the pocketbook, and Jade next to Jane, also quietly by myself, earlier in the town of Lu anger punish bullies when a pair of red Yuhuan. These two things out, Zhang flowers look carefully, volatility is still on the jade Jane, and no signs of dissipation, fluctuations in red Yuhuan, but it felt more debilitating than before. Do not even think Zhang Xiao-first Yuhuan that hold in your hand, Zhang Xiao horizons open, has long been known Yuhuan it is an adder, not previously the human record Gong Yu-Jane, offering refining, or a clue how to use. Thought for a moment, flowers turn a blind eye to your breath, "refining world" recalled, "refining world" While refining the instruments used in the Dharma, which also records the common law of sacrifice refining method, The children looked a long while, Zhang flowers hearts've got the looks, he has a few days ago offering refining the "gossip the Zijin furnace" Although not on the refining world "common law formula, after all some experience. Carefully and then offering refining steps from start to finish aftertaste in my mind again, and then hand it will be short-selling Yuhuan, left over Yuhuan, that law formula hit Yuhuan, Yuhuan seems to be little reaction was not in a hurry, Zhang flowers, deep a breath and then ordered into the subsequent law formula, with the law formula into the bleak Yuhuan gradually been some Guanghua, just like the previous Dan furnace, but this Yuhuan issued Guanghua light red. Sacrifice refining method formula are into the Yuhuan, Yuhuan still may not have much brilliance, Zhang Xiaohua mouth wearing a smile, Yuhuan world of strength goes by too serious, if only a few law formula can be restore the previous look, the Zhang flowers will not believe. So, flowers, and turn law formula from start to finish to play again, this time to the last method tactic to break into, that the Yuhuan suddenly issue a trace of bright red, then produce a powerful attraction, along the law formula into the direction, Zhang flowers infuriating the body will fall into children inhalation. Bad dish to Zhang flowers immediately shocked, and had previously encountered such a scenario, he dare not neglect, I feel removed from the arms yuan stone placed in one hand, the other hand will be infuriating a steady stream of Yuhuan, only a little while later, his body infuriating to be a wash out, "Yuhuan adder? how so many infuriating,Nike Free 3.0 V4?" So, while from the meta-stone draw their strength, while transported to the Yuhuan. Alas, Zhang flowers is bold, but he just is Lianqi mid cultivation, little infuriating, but to drive the instruments used, this is about to lose the vitality of the instruments used, which was the first repair lack of vitality, this is where the world of strength Zhang flowers can provide? In this era of scarce world of strength for others is almost impossible to complete. Ye Hao Zhang Xiao Yuan-shih such a thing, or at him so I do not know the severity of the repair adder, adder has long been sucked into meat. I do not know how long, Yuhuan in the air gradually float, Guanghua no longer brilliant, tend to be soft, absorb infuriating and slow down, until this time, the flowers have spare look up at the air that Yuhuan. This is a pair of red shiny Yuhuan, inscribed with pattern Yuhuan faint flame flow, and then to take a closer look, but do not see what is so special, and that the vigor of Yuhuan fluctuations to the extreme, and then, Yuhuan stop infuriating absorption Zhang flowers, one fluctuations also will be introduced into the minds of the Zhang flowers. Zhang flowers that fluctuations in the first reading, joyful hearts, not injustice to their own cost so much infuriating, this fluctuation is the manipulation of the law Yuhuan within. The original name of the Yuhuan called "Fulong ring", looked at the name is even the dragon can be bound, Zhang flowers method formula manipulation thin learn again, gradually Dier in mind. Shouyi Zhao, that float in the air, have been restored to their original "Fulong ring fell into the hands, the Zhang flowers love the caress while, income pocketbook, he'd like to try it now" Fulong ring " power, but he is now infuriating the body has long been empty, where can drive? Moreover, the hour is early, there is a daily routine of homework to do. Saying next morning, Zhang Xiaohua done to make a living as a disciple of the Ministry of grass, soul release, a closer look, actually did not find to have been tailed Zou Shuming. "Hey, this guy a few days not in, is not what ails? Ah, yes, this mountain wind, He also worked so high, how can I bear, ha ha ha" Zhang flowers, I thought of escape to a side no man's land. Sure no one around, Zhang flowers pulled from the arms that left-handed pinch method tactic Yuhuan, Yuhuan throw in the air, and saw that Yuhuan saw the wind up, and instantly turned the size of three feet, Zhang flowers method formula into the pointing, it is far from a towering rocks. It of Yuhuan down flowers finger direction, "call" to cry fly past, a sudden it will trap rocks up and down, then, flowers began to pinch tactics, it is necessary to motivate the other functions of the Yuhuan, however, that law formula just pinch dynamic, Zhang Xiao-think your body infuriating about the time and that law formula is still not formed, "What is law formula, actually so many infuriating?" Zhang flowers did not dare to play, the flick of the hand, law tactics stop halfway through, but fortunately, there is no signs of infuriating bite, take a look at the rocks on the two Yuhuan, flowers shook his head: "Oh, hardly managed to get a high-level little things, but still can not use ...... really seem discouraging. "sigh, Zhang flowers Shouyi Zhao, that Yuhuan fly from the rocks above the back, shrunk to the original look, Zhang Xiao-hand pick up their bosom. At this point, the flowers corner of a challenge, the release of the soul, I saw the top of the Hill, lanky figure display dodge on, is it not the past few days have not seen stalking Zou Shuming? "When will this guy from the dark into the next plane?" The Zhang flowers was very surprised, and then fled to the underground, catch before Zoushu Ming, came to the corner of the fields of the drug,Kobe Dream Season IV. Zou Shuming was Tianmu peak, drill a look, see Zhang flowers standing on the top of the ridge of the drug fields, but it is past often labor naturally is not suspected him, yet he came to it, with a smile said: "Young Ren, Ren Young?" flowers pretending to be surprised like, turned around and said: the Aigo, Zou senior, I have not seen the to how suddenly thought today we Tianmu peak? " , hut lazy white Huan hear the sound of the cries, came out, Mei smiled and was greeted and said: "the Zou Big Brother really occasional visitors." Zou Shuming hand and said: "Ever since lost any Young, Zou a has been facing the wall, thinking hard about lost any Young why, but have failed to find the answer, see Young penance, so I do the brothers is a real shame, admit defeat you. "Zhang flowers heart thought to himself, his mouth said: "Zou brothers polite, brother, but labor is used to day do not work, the hands and feet itch, so ..." Zou Shuming waved and said: "any Young, not to mention the used Zoumou hard origin , just enjoy too far, only in the martial arts on a retreat passed on. "Then turned to dialogue Huan said:" White Young Zoumou some things to ask any Young,Oakley Holbrook, you see ... "White Huan heard immediately pointed to the distant a drug Tian said: "Brother Zou thing just like any Young Well, there are just a block medicine field is not watering, I went to talk to you ..." Then, red Zhang flowers winked and walked away. Zhang flowers look white Huan, eyes, think of this guy wink What does it mean, Zou Shuming said: "Zou brothers had turned around and asked, but the crucial thing, on a trip to the summit take the trouble to you personally?" Zou Shuming look around and not others, or do not trust, pointing to a cliff and said: "Any Young, walking, let's go over there to talk." Then, ranging answered flowers, the head went. Zhang flowers no hesitation at your back. Until the edge of the cliff, Zou Shuming thought for a moment, said: "any Young, this time I on behalf of our Dan Wu Dalang say a few words with you, I hope you can seriously consider." Zhang Xiaohua surprised a moment, puzzled and said: "Wu Dalang something, why do not you come up?" "Oh, the matter some care, so the the Dairo inconvenience come, however, Dairo hope this thing only you and me know that he knows, do not know a fourth "Huh? what's going on, actually so mysterious?" and Zhang Xiaohua very surprised. "Hey, is not a big thing, perhaps you something nice as long as you promised, I will tell you." "Well, today the thing no one I will not tell, Zou brothers to speak." Zou Shuming nodded; "Well, since either Young promised, then I'll tell you frankly any Young not want to learn the alchemy of the Ministry of Dan?" "Huh? Zou brothers How to know?" "Hey, you do not ask , I just Dairo original words to ask you, you only have to answer to. "Zhang Xiaohua thought for a moment and said:" Yes, but I do not know Dairo there was a way to let the worship of the Ministry of Dan to teach me alchemy of the law? "" Well, really not Dairo expected, that Dairo let me ask you, if you learn the alchemy of the law, are you willing to pay the price? "price?", Zhang Xiao Qi: specifically what cost? "Zou Shuming chuckled:" It is simple, you five hundred twenty gold! long as you put five hundred and twenty gold out, can you learn the alchemy of desire. "
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