they became a campus envy

October 21 [Sun], 2012, 16:12

Stop out the money. Yelled the boy to the girl. Girl scared fell to the ground, the hand books scattered on the ground. I have no money. The girl is afraid to say, the boy saw the girl look like laughing and distressed. The boy's men see a very expensive watch girls hands say this is what? This is called the money do? Brothers up my search. The girl screamed hear. But in vain, a boy covered the girl's mouth, the other three were the East West touch. What are you doing, indecent assault. The boy shouted to his brother. The boy's hands to stop the action watching the boy. The boy went to the girl in front of deadpan Speaking Come on hand. The girl hesitated or took the boy's hand. The girls patted the dust but do not know what to say, boy opening you okay. The girl's hand was already bleeding, but the girl was afraid the boy hurt she said nothing. The boy was already injured brothers see the girl's hand, you go back first. What is your name. Girl consternation. I called the Little static, How about you? You can call me small barrier. The boy still blankly Why do you want to come out to rob it? The girl just to say the words you'll regret it does not say it, I can help you to dress their wounds. The girl looked at the boy's handsome face, heart thumping, girls face red slowly. The boy saw the girl his face very complex expression asked how, I did not hurt you. Girl shy to say no. She hastily covered her face. Well, I take you home. Boy rub under the forehead of sweat is not right. Is also, oh UGG Classic Mini Boots Sale, give a phone number. The next time you an apology. My number is xxxxxxxxxxx. Remember, I back slightly. You can also go back to the dangerous outside. Then the boy walked away. The girl looked at the boy to leave their own home. Drops to drip to the girl from his pocket and took out the phone, Hey, are you? The girl asked, because this is the number of strangers. I am a small barrier, you go home and you? Girl feel boys seem to care about myself that no sooner arrived home, How about you? And brothers, I eat it, then hang up the phone Timberland Roll Top Boots Sale. The phone is hung, the girl on the bed. Our class today transferred to a new classmate. The teacher said on the podium mutter come. Boy into the classroom a help anthomaniac the death staring at the boy and hold, I called the Little Barrier, we care a lot. The teacher pointed to a girl behind the position to say where you sit. The boy just went to the girl next to the position to say what a coincidence, we met again. Girl Shy lying on the table. After class, the boys took the ice cream to the girls that small static to you. Count me apologize to you. The girl took the ice cream to say thank you. Behind a bunch of animal in nature looking at them, we went out to play you? The boy said. The girl hesitated oh. Anthomaniac severely behind in their stare. So boys old called the girl went out to play UGG Classic Mini Sale, play late boys send girls home. Call girl the barrier Mrs. girl in school, they are recognized as a man and a woman friend, whenever others face as red as the monkey PP. The girl seems to enjoy others so called, the boys do not mind other people say. Days passed UGG Infants Erin Outlet, gradually heated up the feelings of the boys and girls ... this day girl and usual and boys together, the girl suddenly remembered that question when they encounter problems said. Barrier, why are you out robbery. The girl asked the boy puzzled boy face a stalemate for a childhood, my father and my mother divorced my father and I now live with. But my father every time playing cards lost home hit me, I could not bear it and brothers out robbery. Their situation and I .... Then the boy cried tears rushing DC. The girl hurried to comfort the boy said do not cry, you cry I would cry. Then the girl began sobbing boy stopped the tears and say, OK, do not cry okay. I wept not handsome. Girls naughty smile, you laugh so pretty. The girl stopped smile, her face slowly turned red. I like you, when my girlfriend please? Affectionate boy told the girl. Girl's face is red, a long time did not back to the boy, as if thinking something, he finally girl talk, you really like me? The boy is very determined that I really like you, believe me. The girl hugged the boy said in fact, I had to like you, they do not dare tell you. Boy and girl in love, they became a campus envy. Small static, we go out to eat. Boys like a child can not, I do not like to go out to eat. Or school. That also know that the boy did not have the money Well, we went to dinner. The boy took the girl's hand and go to the canteen, the girls mouth exposed a very complicated laugh boy is devoured, you will go out to do bad things? The girl looked worried boy, the boy looked at the girl said baby, in order to you and I will no longer go out to do bad things. This time the girl was relieved. Big Brother, Xuan out to be hit. How to do. The irate went in front of the boy. To go, to get the guy. The boy is now a pound the table away. The girl looked at the boy to leave the back, my heart is broken. Also just forget Is she said .... boy and a group of brothers and a group of people to fight Xuan trounced, but the boy was still injured. To find the girl a few days the girls did not go to the boy, the boy worried. The boy went to the girl's home. We break up. The girl said with tears in their after. The boy panicked and why? We are not good? I do not want to live in fear every day for you, because I really liked it to break up with you. The boys wake up, the small static forgive me? Then I will not. The boy flapping their hands of wound dehiscence. Gauze has been red, the boy collapsed girl doorstep ..... boy woke up, opened his eyes and saw the girl looked excited hugged the girl said to forgive me? The wound dehiscence again, the girl to see distressed that fool forgive you last Well. The boy pulled the girl to the bed, kissed the girl said I love you deeply. On ......... (past touching story)

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