October 28 [Wed], 2009, 2:31
Sometimes, people are just fucking disgusting...

locking their 4 year old outside the door and going away and letting her cry...

that's just...wah...

I mean, I'm not a really great fan of kids and babys, but hearing a small girl cry for her mother and sitting outside the locked door in wet clothes is not a really god method to raise your child. right?

And because i'm too weak when it comes to small kids crying for their mother, I just HAVE to help them somehow. So I talkted to the little cutie and brought her to her grandmother.

Jus...god...look after your kids propperly, kay?


October 27 [Tue], 2009, 2:23
My wishlist~

new piercings - 1 industrial, 2 under my lip, 1 in my tongue & some helix too <33
2-3 cartons of cigarettes DD: (which will last for a month or two, if i'm lucky~)

playing cards 

October 27 [Tue], 2009, 0:06
My little sister and my mom are playing cards on her sofabed...looks kinda funny, because my mom's protesting about my sisters playing skills...:D

heeeeeeeeelp!! TT_TT~ 

October 26 [Mon], 2009, 8:21
Okay...now I want to know, why I ALWAYS get the so called "sweettalking" from old men?

First, there was Tomtom, the DJ of the bar I always go out with Sabi and her boyfriend. He's a really nice guy, but that STUFF he said to me was weird...(he's about 45 =_=''')

then, some random guys in their 40's winked at me and then I heard some wolfe-whistle and one of them wanted to talk with me and started like 'hey darling~ how r u? do u wanna drink something with us?'...D:

some time later, two drunken guys invited me to a drink in the city...I just lied and said 'I'm only 15 DD: go away TT_TT'

After that, a jamaican man came to me and said 'hey. I'm Mike. Are u married? Because I like you. Do u wanna have sum coffee at my apartment? 8D'

And even in HELSINKI I'm not save from old men...because I was waitng for a SCREW concert infront of the theatre and some old, drunken guy, nearly 60 if not 70 got out from a taxi and started talking wit yuu and me. then, he turned his ugly face to me and was like 'you should get a REAL men! Someone like ME! +pats his HUGE potbelly+'

and today I had to walk home from the trainstation, because I missed the last bus. and when I was waitig for the signallight, a car stopped infront of me and the guy on the driversseat asked 'should I drive you home, cutie? you must be freezing~ get in my car~ It's REALLY warm~'

And don't think that this was the first time on my way home. NO. One day, I walked a shorter route home. BIG MISTAKE. A guy started a conversation with me, because a wild cat just walked at my side (I just nemed him Ryouga~) and was like 'Is that your cat? Oh, and do you wanna drink some coffee with me at the restaurand? 8D because I want to know more about you. oh and, btw, i like your boobs~'....nice right? and I just said 'NO, IF our ways are crossing again, I'll think about it' an I walked off. but then a car drove beside me and when the window was down, I just wanted to cry. Who sat on the driversseat? yea, right. This random guy, I said no..like...40 secs ago 8D
The only thing I thought was 'MOMMY!! Q__Q" and I ran off~

So now's the question. WHAT did I wrong in my past life? Maybe I was some cheap whore in old england and jack the ripper killed me. or idk...

and WHY ist it alwas COFFEE they want to drink with me?! water would be fine too, but I would still say NO....


October 21 [Wed], 2009, 3:42
God..I miss my little kitty Heenim
I hope she will have a good and longe life at her new place...

I will never forget you, Heenim{ラブラブ}
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