she didn't even know why

January 28 [Mon], 2013, 17:14
Hua butler with bamboo cleaning cream to meet out, bamboo Qing in the hall she left and ghost face, looked at the ghost face that Zhang mask of terror, think of those purple spines crazy bandit behave in a vicious and unrestrained way deeds on weekdays, hear, inevitably some fear, like homeopathy.But her feet just move, ghost face was sitting in a chair lazy body, suddenly one Shan, with even appeared in front of her face, looked at him."Ah!"Suddenly a face close head-on, bamboo snow don't frighten a scream, even back several steps, clutching his chest, panic, "what do you want?Don't come here, if you dare to bully me, I called Qin brother up your."Ghost face laughed, but like to scare the little girl like, with his metal voice, smile is very infiltration."Little girl, don't be afraid, I won't eat you.Although, sometimes I will cut some meat dish, but you this tender can not meet my taste."Ghost face a side said, side toward the bamboo snow went.Bamboo snow is back again and again, to be back against the wall, the back are posted on the wall, have no retreat, not from again cried, waving the Ou arm two white, a fierce make threatening gestures. "You don't come here, or I can be kind to you.""Gentlemen, I said your this girl looks good, some local development is also very good, how can not make courage developmental?"Ghost eyes from bamboo Snow's chest and I, but the LORD was not a good woman, the eunuch character, in his eyes, can not see the slightest hint of evil.Bamboo snow is a little girl after all, hearing this Canada Goose Thompson Jackets Cheap, inevitably some defy spirit, a chest, "who said I am timid, I am a person went to the forest to hide the beast?You said my courage is small?It is you, huh, must dare not, otherwise why all day wearing a mask to scare people?Is to make people afraid of you this mask, cover up your little big little courage."Then, Takeshi Yuki also specially out of little finger, Bihua about ghost face only such a big courage.Ghost face immediately by the girl's cute amused, ha ha smiled "didn't think the little girl, but very sharp teeth, but wins in the lovely, no wonder the road only have eyes for you.""Ah?"Bamboo snow Qiao face Teng once red up, hesitating in speaking and said "you are you talking about?What what show special preference to ah, what happens.You can not talk nonsense again. Oh, say, I called Qin brother'll punch you.""No?"The ghost noodles thinking, then he nodded "seems to really have not.""You" bamboo Qing snow is annoyed, she didn't even know why you get angry, a stamp, seem to forget that before the ghost frightened, rushed to him, waving their fist way "why not?You tell me, why not?Hum!"Ghost face shrugged, spreading his hands, "you said it would be, saying that did not, the head office?"" Men's Air Max 2011;Hum, it."Bamboo snow to recover the fist, it back before the fear of ghosts, do not know why, the ghost face such a busy, she suddenly afraid of him."You are OK, I will go.I'm going to Qin eldest brother, has not come back Womens City Polo Outlet, they are worried."Bamboo snow wave."Oh, I am more than you worry, but worry is useless, temper, is."Ghost face and shook his head, he said is the truth.Compared with the snow of the Qin Bamboo thorn worry, his but no less worry, even more so.Because Qin sting is now only hope he lifted vast poison, if Qin needling what happened, disappear, for him, is a fatal blow.Where he can't pay attention to?"See, you will be anxious?I see you don't worry."Bamboo snow didn't turn over cold stare, once the body turn left to.However, ghost face shape move, and stop at his before the body."What do you want?"Bamboo snow some angry."Well, you're not afraid of me?"Ghost face amused."Your courage is so small, I'm afraid you."Bamboo snow grunt.Ghost face smiled, put away the joke. "I want to have a look, this little beast your shoulders, don't know?"Zhu Qing immediately alert, an embrace of small mammals, nervous looking at ghost face "what are you doing in the white?White is mine, can't give you."
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