Saturday 1 August, 13:26 

2009年08月01日(土) 20時25分
For Lauralee :

Lauralee, you are very sexy to my eyes \o/

I must say it ww

Looks like Zonzon

Thursday 30th July 11:11 

2009年07月30日(木) 17時39分

Yoh !

I didn't want to sleep this night because... eto... I don't know ww !
I just wanted to write in english et created some articles on Ameba. But I can't, because Ameba has a B.U.G. ( Y ω Y )
Playing with my kitten, I broke my mobile's recharger... I'm very clumsy ( /_ ; )
I don't know how I'm going to do, but... I will manage.

I decided to write my articles in english. They will be more comprehensible for everyone and I work my english !

I didn't sleep so I spoke {in english} with japanese & europeans people on Pigg. A japanese (boy) who live in Africa, a mexican (girl) who speak very bad english and three japanese (woman) who old between 31-45 years old. They are soooo funny !
When I said " I was 16 years old " " sooo younnng ! " " I'm a baby TwT " " no no ! but you're so young ! "
With one, we have spoken during two hours !ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ About weather, traditions and school' system in Japan. She was very glad to be japanese after to have me hear speak {very english sorry u_u'} my love for Japan. Onsen too (-^□^-)
It's pity, I have lost the screenshot where she said me " We should be friend "
haaaai (〃∇〃) / She was very very nice.

Pigg is very fun and convivial {thx to Kazu} but the teenagers japanese don't talk with strangers ( = A = )p very coooold

I'm completly tired, I sleep on my numeric keypad ( u _ u )' {I has again paint in my home this morning -very boring but fun when the movie Lilo&Stitch is at the tv- the paint killed me x_x}.

Take shower now and sleep this afternoon ( = w = )
Love it's holiday ~

pix : This man, Aoi, become more and more male and attractive (///∇//)

Friday 3 July, 16h16 

2009年07月03日(金) 23時16分
C'est horrible, je passe mes journées à glander et à comater. J'ai beau faire mes 8h de sommeil, la chaleur me fatigue.
J'ai réussi à faire des photos hier et je suis assez contente du résultat. Les gens me demandent " Bah t'as un labret centré toi maintenant ? " HAHA la bonne blague ! Les gens, je colle une pique sous ma bouche et voilà |D. Mais c'est vrai qu'un labret centré, noir, me tenterait bien, ça va bien avec celui que j'ai déjà à droite.
Si seulement les pierceurs faisaient des soldes sur les piercings Y_Y
J'ai essayé les faux-cils pour la première fois de ma vie. Ca rend assez bien mais ça se décolle si l'oeil pleure un peu et adieu maquillage. C'est toujours gore quand on les enlève, on a l'impression que la paupière va partie avec ~

Fwaha j'ai mangé une bonne glace ce midi

Essai de magical maker =w=

Saturday 27th June, 16h35 

2009年06月27日(土) 23時16分
Je veux rejouer à Adibou ( ; A ; ) /
Je me sens con mais c'est horrible comment ce jeu me manque >_<

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