great fangirling day. 

October 28 [Sun], 2007, 23:44
it is a sunny day. finally!

so orenji & i set off for breakfast at our favourite brekkie store before we headed back to JR kannai to take the train down to hiroto's house located near to JR higashi kanagawa. so as we reached, i tried to figure out the way by memory (obviously i have been stalking hiroto's house on yahoo jp maps too many times). *coughs* it wasn't an easy search but when i realised that we were somewhere very near, my brains were spazzing.

BUT! i cant find the fucking entrance!!!

in my frustration i detoured and walked down the lane... then orenji pointed out a remotely located open carpark WHICH WAS THE EFFIN' CARPARK OVERLOOKING THE SHIPYARD! .... so you should know what happened next - was spazzing and photowhoring the location.

and i have to repeat over & over again that hiroto is really really very poor! and whats more depressing is that he can see and even walk directly to nao's magnificent state-of-the-art apartments... xD

anyway... following that was a whole day of fangirling... i cannot upload the photos now as i did not bring my lappie along. but i will when i get back to sg. but i have to say that it is a full day of fangirling.. and i am very happy now. LOL but drats my effin feet hurts from all the walking!

p/s: yokohama is a damn good place to stay and work in.
p/s: yokohama makes you wanna go on a rendezvous. LOLOL
pp/s: thanks orenji for being my fangirling buddy!

alrights. thats all for now.

i am tired and its another long day tmr! jyaa!


October 28 [Sun], 2007, 23:22
alyssa and I practically travel by foot to almost all places within yokohama today besides Higashi Kanagawa only. We walked all the way from Sakurai Cho till our hotel back at Kannai... すごくない? haha...

so today we covered places like...

1. Higashi Kanagawa (Alyssa wanted to go here coz of Kame. Remember Hiroto's house in "tatta hitotsu no koi"? It was there and we found the place...Also found Nao's(Ayase Haruka) house as well as the area where Hiroto got into a fight and Nao's brother(Kaname) had to help to stop the fight...)
2. Landmark Tower and Sky Garden
3. Rinko Park (This is one of the places I wanted to go. There was a scene of Kaname and Inamori Izumi's drama "Magarikado no Kanojo" that was filmed there. It was the scene where he proposed to her. KYAA! I stood in the same spot where they stood and took pics. Will upload when I come back...)
4. Ferris Wheel and Cosmoworld (We only walked past...)
5. Chinatown

Regarding typhoon 20... it was the strongest yesterday and we almost stayed in the hotel for the whole day besides makan time... Sigh... so one day was wasted...

Anyway, it's time to go Tokyo tml! Meeting Samantha tml and most like meeting Jamie too so.... yeah baby!!! Sunny days ahead.....

I think alyssa will give a detailed report of what happened each day so can read hers instead. lol!!

kyaa finally... my yokosuka experience 

October 27 [Sat], 2007, 23:47
im using the hotel computer now while orenji is watching tv in the room. i have go back by midnight so i have 15mins left.

today was just bad cos of the silly typhoon 25. and we ended up heading up to chinatown for dinner. ate chaofan & corn soup. LOLOL. looking forward to our packed itinerary tmr!

speaking of which.. fujiki naohitos concert is really fantastic. he is really good in live performances and god, i love his guitars... they are all damn pretty! i think it looks like a 5 string fender but im not too sure though. and the band is really tight and filled with energy. thumbs up for that concert! although i was really wishing that we would get the guitar tabs.. that fucking bitch next to me!!! kyaaa

and JR yokosuka station is really... memorable.... we chose to take the train back from yokosuka station so we walked past yokosuka park and admired the scenery.. LOL as we reached yokosuka station.. we stood outside and was deciding if we shld just grab something from the conbini convenience store for dinner as it was raining and getting pretty late.

... and then there was stream of people walking out from the gantry... and i realised a red checkered presence walking towards my direction.. so naturally i turned and looked...

... and found myself looking at pi. yes, eye contact. he stunned i think. and somehow my reflex was fast for once and i i merely maintained the contact for a split second then turned to continue talking to orange (in english). orange didnt managed to spot him frontal and only caught his sideview... LOL then he just walked to the entrance of the station to meet another friend of his....

the 2nd fucking time i saw him in my life. once in roppongi almost two years back. and the now. at the weirdest places ever!.

alright times up. bedtime for me. oyasumi!


October 27 [Sat], 2007, 10:26

currently standing in front of the pc wearing shorts and slippers typing this...

Naohito was fantastic in his opening concert last night!!! Shall give a detailed report when I come back as I wrote down the gist of the whole concert when I reached my hotel last night.

It is raining right now outside so Alyssa and I feel a bit lazy now. It rained and stopped a few times yesterday too but the good thing is the rain stopped before his concert started.

Did not manage to sleep well in the plane and so I only managed to have a good sleep when I reached hotel last night. kekeke...

This pc has usb port so if possible I might put pics up...



October 24 [Wed], 2007, 8:08
!!!! soonsoonsoon. i can't wait for the vacation to start.

.... should i buy that fucking super gorgeous murasaki coloured knitted long cardigan from guess? yes, fine, i AM A SHOPPING WHORE ALRIGHTS? :p

packing is done. wallets done. medication done. necessities not done. nails not done.


p/s: i'm hooked to gazette's cassis. WHAT THE...

2 more days... 

October 23 [Tue], 2007, 12:15
Today's Tuesday...

2 more days and we're flying off to the land of the rising sun! うれしい!

でも、I've yet to finish packing my luggage and I still have some minor stuff to buy for this trip.

My friend's friend Maki would be sending Naohito's concert tickets to my hotel in Yokohama and so I have no idea how my seats are. If I got seats that's level 3 and above I think I'm we're just unlucky...

Pray for the best!

Gonna watch a bit of 医龍2 first before I head for my bath and then work.

can't eat, can't sleep, i'm sick. 

October 07 [Sun], 2007, 11:57
... as in i'm really sick! bloody flu bug.

i need to recover from flu asap. it is not pleasant if i end up in 神奈川 with a semi-recovered flu. japan's health system is darnass troublesome especially for non-nationals.

it has been a year already... time flies!


October 07 [Sun], 2007, 3:37



October 04 [Thu], 2007, 12:57
hokay, i think i will write in english predominantly, as i'm a "banana", and orenji shall write more in 日本語.

21 more days, and i'm already counting down to it! it is such a long awaited trip , especially when it's the first trip i take after starting work. and what's more, 有閑倶楽部 is gonna start soon! .

yosh. that's all for now. just an introductory post to.. uhm you know, heat things up a little.


October 04 [Thu], 2007, 2:02



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