I'm home now... 

2005年07月22日(金) 5時42分
Hi!! Now, Japan is 6:00 of a morning.

I practiced and come back now...But at least the half was carrying out everybody's talk in Germany.

Since it had a really good experience, I want to tie from now.

why am I so good at English today??That' why, I could discovere the great thing( Translation !!!)

But it enables it to want to be able to write for myself little by little.

韓国語もドイツ語も話せるようになりたいな!!   japanese
(I can want to be also able to speak German and Korean now!!) english

(I bought the Korean book today.)

I am looking forward to being able to meet everybody next very much.

What is necessary is just to be able to talk that much, without using a machine!!!

Thank you !!! I miss you too!!!!
I promise to return to Germany !!! Soon !!!
Next, when going, I want to dance and conversation my best more and to grow up .
....The text may be wrong....Sorry...
Please sometimes write in.***


2005年07月21日(木) 2時36分
Hi !!
Now Hiroshima is very hot day....I hate
I always feel bad... I don't like summer in Japan...

Thank you !! I will be back soon... Maybe fall.
I hope to go soon. So I have to work more and more...

You are welcome!! It's good
When I will come to Germany , I 'll give you more Japanese food

Thank you!! 

2005年07月20日(水) 4時54分
Hi everyone!! How are you doing??

Today I met my friend and drink. It was fun.
My students show case is 25.August .so now I making some moves...

Boom will come to Japan 11.August . So I 'm looking forward to meet him.
Now Japan is 6:30 am... I 'm li'l bit sleepy.... So Good night

Thank you !! Your home page is good!!
I don't know how to make... When I was a student, I studied but now forgot...

Arigatou...Danke !!
I have to study English,Germany and more and more!!! I want to talk with everyone!!
aaaaa----...but dificult...

Thank you for your massege Very nice!
I want more glow up dancing and heart.
So I will try to keep up the good work and keep good feelings and.. and...many things!!
I hope we will dance together again!! It was very nice to study for me and very fun Thank you---- Danke well( I don't know the spel...Is it right??)

Picture in germany 

2005年07月20日(水) 3時09分
I made picture's site. so please check


I 'm home... 

2005年07月18日(月) 5時11分
Thank you for all !!! I miss you!!!
I had very very enjoy time for yours...

I 'm starting this blog now.... my English is no good... sory...but, I will try to write...
Yesterday I saw my friend's stage. It was very nice!!!
I cried after that show...nice...

The show's members are all my friends , so I thought many things...

I hope to see you again soon

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