so Li Ruoxi this thing without him

June 18 [Tue], 2013, 11:00
In the evening, Li Ruoxi in the two floor office, white like dust and Li Ruoxi sat on the sofa, drinking tea, chatting. "Lee if, this thing shall I find someone to work, the boss didn't know that eating the wrong what medicine, all my friends out of the news, the person know delicious restaurant held a press conference today, he be furious, called a few capable hands, as if to play what y ī N and tricks." White if the openings asked. Li Ruoxi shook his head and said: "forget it! No matter what the other side y ī n got a trick, I can give him through, as long as the other side is not strong, then it doesn't matter, but Wang Ke will be back soon,Oakley Sunglasses Whisker, I want to wait for him, to solve this matter." After all, involved the Mafia molecular, Li Ruoxi didn't want to owe white if the favor, even if the recent period of time, white Ruochen helped her, but owe a favor,Outlet Oakley Sunglasses, the future will have a. White if the silently nodded, he also has his things recently, so Li Ruoxi this thing without him, he also will not demand. With the passage of time, seeing the woman and his cousin's engagement and his beloved closer, his heart more uncomfortable, and even after over in one's mind, he has to think clearly, if so let himself deep love woman to that asshole engagement, he would be a lifetime can not feel at ease, will welcome a lifetime. So, he recently these days, in preparation for a kind of special material, the use of taboo rapid promotion means the strength of their own, if successful, will make a spurt of progress that his practice, then return to the White House, his love of a woman, with a fist back. If failure, is the meridians are broken, thoroughly become a basket case. He is willing to bet! He is willing to risk! In order to love the woman or, in order to the rest of your life without regret, want to spell a. In the early morning sunshine through the slit in the curtains, shines into the bedroom the Simmons bed huge. Sit cross-legged Wang Ke slowly open your eyes, a touch of J ī ng light flashes, his body is light up, an invisible Qi,Oakley Lifestyle Sunglasses, as though the ch á o water toward the spread around. If the bedroom there are other people's words, they will be shocked to discover, Wang Ke's feet and not on the bed, but on the left and right distance bed surface ten cm height, suspended. "Mobile!" Wang Ke heart secretly cried. Suddenly, the scattered energy he quickly recovered, and from his back, a true again spread, at the same time, in his feet at the bottom, there is still true in the rapid rotation. Standing body, along with the true eruption faster and faster, his body is slowly moving toward the front. The whole body is very light taste, let Wang Ke J ī ng god earthquake, even he has a kind of illusion, feel the body is like a piece of feather, with the surging and fluttering in qi. From above the bed, his body balance flying out of six or seven meters, near the shift to the wall sofa, his body suddenly one earthquake, at the foot of it instantly become messy. "With" the body of Wang Ke stumbled and fell on the sofa armrest. A pop, fast on the sofa.
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