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August 24 [Sat], 2013, 15:52
See Yan small opening stunned expression, Hao upright and quickly explained: "A big, Ankan you know feng shui, but also sentenced person's good and bad, guess you will surely be telling is not it?" Yan small opening only modest said: "Little, Little" Hao upright joy outstretched hand and said: "That you give I calculate it," Yan small opening and did not take her hand, but looked at her Qiaolian asked: "Do you want to know What? "Hao upright and said:" Anything can be "strict Little Cayman That took her hand and start clinics and the cool with warm, tender, such as cakes, just think of this hand in yourself the following scene, can not help but burst of rapid heart beat, even though he strong self-calm, but still some confusion, people give him a hand, he happens to talk about the face, "Your face is very typical oval face, forehead and chin is caused oval, her chin obviously meat, a slight bit double chin look, this is an HFC phase, which means that loyalty to her husband, cardiothoracic wider, no movement will be considerate of others, athletic flat, looks like this, and his health and longevity majority, late to children were also in the side. "Hao upright after listening eagerly asked:" I married? have no children? "The problem, for all men, not regarded as problems, there is not married, clothes off test what do not know, try it out, go check it unclear marriage registration office do? As to whether there had a baby, more simple, do not take your pants off, pulled the clothes have stretch marks on the belly to see a clear picture. But this is just a man with a general approach, this is not strictly a small opening men in general have no need of this vulgar way, he just looked at her palm, and then shook his head and said: "Your marriage line centered on the list, That your marriage come much later than some of the others, but also somewhat bumpy, according to palmistry view, should be married until after the thirty forty-five, look at your eyebrows forehead, had no signs of fertility, So you should not be married, and no children, but this is by palmistry physiognomy to speculate, it may not necessarily authentic to. "Hao upright heard not help burst of disappointment, because she obviously belongs Nightly News says the woman left the Then she asked again: "That I parents? Ankang you are alive?" Yan small opening a closer look, and then Shou said: "From your facial features three stops Zodiac run, your father is still alive, but the mother has died, and his father's body is not too healthy. "Hao upright heard a burst of heart-rending sadness, asked:" What I have brothers and sisters? "Yan small opening in front of her face and looked and palmistry look, shook his head and said: "You are an only child," Hao upright slightly stunned look, then I do not know what to ask, and had said: "A big, what are you waiting for I see him yet?" Yan small opening to open her up said: "roughly on the case, based on your birth horoscopes and palmistry whole face, you are a rat race of the year before, even very adrift, fortune some changes to this year, there will be a doomed cataclysms, But you do not have to worry too much, because there will be honored hit crossing the robbery, after the cataclysms, and the second on the Hong Fuan Yue, Bai Yun Xiang succeed the. "Hao upright obviously been scared by the jump, hurriedly asked:" Then I plague robbery Canada Goose Langford Parka Men over? "Yan small opening shook his head, not words. Hao upright and said: "not in the past?" Yan small opening mused: "The palace life as you see, there are signs of abating cataclysms seem, can be deemed retreat did not retire, it is not the past or the past, I can not say. physiognomy Master taught me though was great, but I learned it was not hard, and now only half-baked. "Hao upright disappointed muttered:" Well ah "Yan small opening to see her emotionally depressed, some can not bear , thought: "But I also have a way to be able to see some of the deeper and more Touqie." Hao upright eyes light up, "What?" Little Hoi Yan: "Mogu technique" Hao upright puzzled Q: "You say you are looking full phase?" Yan nodded small opening thought: "This is not an exaggeration to say, the phase method goes: Generally, the concept of human appearance, the first view of skeletal, see five times. volume three stops on the length of the face of the profit and loss observed, the concept looks handsome, watching the ups and downs of air, take the foot of the thickness, the concept of sparse beard and hair and dirty, the amount of the length of the body, take the facial features of the success, the government has to look at six , take the Five Sacred Mountains go towards, to see the fullness of the warehouse and watch the sun rise and fall yīn see majesty of the presence or absence of discernible describe honest, the concept of hi gas sè stagnation, watching the delicate skin of the body, the concept of head of the radius, the top of the Ping collapse, or low bone, flesh of sloppiness, the shortness of breath, the sound of loud, heart of good and evil, both fleeting and pushed by parts, and broken bones shaped Bureau. impossibility clockwise fawn, there is blemish in families. This is called see full phase, but I still look relatively jīng pass all phases Mogu surgery, "Hao upright suddenly nodded," you say is Mogu surgery just look a whole phase. "Yan small opening nodded again, slow Slow explained: "Mogu surgery to China five patients, in one study phase, phase study is to observe the shape of the object, and predict its internal good and bad. physiognomy encompassing, mostly judged to observe people, things specific representation, Further analysis judged relative to its cost in the past, as well as analysis of good and bad effects that may occur in the future. Mogu is the art from the contact, touching a person's head, hand bones, body frame, etc., will be able to judge its a xìng, preferences, capabilities, expertise, pattern, and future achievements, and so a science. relatively less popular, many people who know. Mogu people who are kind with respect to the bulk, the average person can face plastic surgery, but it is very phrenology difficult to change a lot of people have come into contact with palmistry physiognomy, and many people can say several cognitive concept, but phrenology on the little known, the Mogu technique is relatively difficult content, and includes several phase method , whether it is from the phase volume of bone or bone, etc., can have a certain fathom force, bone is the fate of the framework itself apparent, belong natal characteristics, meat is their germinal gas, there are a large part of skeleton frame Destiny is the first manifestation of grid, so phrenology physiognomy is fundamental, so you want to know more and more on their own Touqie, for Men's North Face Waterproof Sale now, I am afraid we must Mogu "Hao upright after listening excitedly hand said: "I Mogu that you give it," Yan small opening shook his head, "upright sister, Mogu not so touched." Hao upright froze for a moment, "That's how to touch" Yan small opening somewhat embarrassed, but finally Road : "After undressed, scratch touch feet" Hao upright startled mind, Huarong lost sè marvel: "ah" saw her son was so scared, Yan small opening is smile again and again, "upright sister, Mogu surgery most cases forced to see it, and we have not yet to the point because there are many ways, we still did not use it? "Hao upright quickly asked:" What way? "Little Hoi Yan:" The most simple direct way, that is reported jǐng, go and look into the disappearance of the population, there is no name, age, looks, and you get on. "Hao upright nodded," That if you did not it? "Little Hoi Yan:" If not, then there is another way, albeit a little frustrating, but can also be a trial, and still know a lot of people welcomed, but it was also an official of her home, you let her look for the national census office, and from there look for Your name, although some trouble, but definitely promising. "Hao upright nodded again, only the last but still said:" A big, you do not want to Mogu I do? "Yan small opening quickly shook his head." No, by no means unwilling, but "Hao upright asked:" That's because of what? "Yan small opening straining thought, and finally thought of an excuse," This Mogu surgery have to concentrate jīng God, and very jīng consuming physical force, I was injured, jīng God can not concentrate, can not keep up physically, especially point is that the activities of both hands is not easy, how to give your Mogu "Hao upright suddenly nodded," That's a, A big, I listen to you, to try something else, if not, wait for you to hurt after a good I Mogu "Yan small opening burst of shame, the heart that you really do not mind you undress in front of me ? In fact, he just said those reasons, it sounds like the case, in fact, is completely nonsense, Mogu surgery cast and not so many requests, he just felt Needing a room middle of the night, is already a very dangerous things, like just now, he was almost obsessed, but also more dangerous then engage Mogu this more challenging things, he really did not grasp control is maintained themselves, if touched touched on the brink put people to pack up it? That is not to help people not harm ye do? Haoshuodaishuo, finally let Hao upright Mogu dispel the idea after Yan small opening relieved, looking as if she did not leave the meaning, and finally I had to ask out has been entangled in the heart of the problem, "upright sister, you how would I so good? "Hao upright obviously stunned for a moment, then asked:" I do not how you okay just did some things that should do nothing, do the authors you forget, but you now I Miss Monk nanny "Yan small opening sweated, really wanted to ask her a direct: nanny is also responsible for the main brush men, and even below also rub it? See Yan Hao upright small opening such expression, softly whispered: "A big, you are good monk lady, good or despicably good people, if not you Miss monk compassion, will I save back from the street , I'm afraid now that mouthful of gold teeth really fell in the wrong hands, the results do not yet know what will happen so I was really grateful to you, but also the psyche is I loved you as look at you are I's younger brother , I still miss is The North Face Outlet the nieces, but I have no skill, only the best I can to take care of you, to serve you. outside, I can not how, but in this family, as long as I in Anjiu not make you hungry chilled by a little bit of grievances. "It's words, really small opening to the strict moved, his physiognomy no mistake, this is a tolerant and considerate, but also know how Gratitude gentle woman. Just, moved, and my heart was somewhat faint lost, because he originally wanted her in addition to more than grateful, there is little else counted. As to what this something else, then I am afraid that only he himself knows the
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