people will find her to sign

October 28 [Sun], 2012, 16:30
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresult Feel shy ,you have been staring at our house ,our duty ,that are you gangsters ,now it is clear , said .
You can go. you sorry on the line ? Soldiers angry and said you have just used a gun to my head, you have seriously hindered our task . said coldly : you said you on a mission ,but at our door for several days ,if not ,we will suspect you are evil acts of our boss, this a few days while not peaceful ,people have been killed ,there are missing ,our boss rich ,not be careful too and we do not take what will you do ,if you want to play, then call the police .
come out mobile phone to call the soldiers see .So ,he hurriedly said : you don ,we do not tell you ,we live together peacefully soldiers know they being played ,they are deliberately get them anyway ,and don ,just to confirm their identity .
They call to the army is no use Palliser Coat, want to play to play not see these men do not .For ,he said with a smile: feel shy ah ,brother ,we listen to the boss ,you is not easy ,you have to listen to your superiors command you hungry The ?Would you like to send you something to eat ,you also hard ,also help us look at the door ,this lets a lot of discomfort, the safety factor is high .
no, we have come to take over the military lamely shook his head ,he also knows that Long Yufan they know them these days here situation ,they need not hide hide ,others are bad man just like these bodyguards hand quickly ,skill is not inferior to them ,you slowly the implementation of tasks ,we go ,Xiaowu they sat on his car back to the villa inside the soldiers see .
They go back ,they took out an intercom call , 01 ,01 ,I was 02 ,we have been discovered ,they had almost take us as a gangster ,but we took the certificate has no . you still in there ,staring at him ,can leave the capital on the line walkie talkie sounded the sound of 01 good ,understand , said the soldiers .
They went back to the villa ,he reported to Long Yufan , happy ,they still be there Timberland Chukka,too . Okay ,he We should keep watching ,anyway we are indifferent ,they help us when the security is good Long Yufan smiled and said he knew the inspection office if he left the capital, so someone following him ,this is a good thing ,which makes him with a layer of protection as He Xiong is captured, he is just he is sent to ,rather than he did Longge ,this time you can not leave the capital ? Xiao Wu asked.
They asked me to do so , Ryo Ufan nodded and said I want to go shopping ,you prepare for those who love ,follow ,let them follow the afternoon ,Ryo Ufan was brought down the heart to go shopping, because he is the public figure, so she also dress up a little ,old clothes ,wearing a hat and sunglasses ,no one should recognize her but let down the heart is not happy, just in time out, dragon Yufan afraid of her being recognized ,but also deliberately in her face painted ,now in her own didn ,though she is pretty ,but not so beautiful Yu where brother ,I can not dress up ,I feel uncomfortable .
Tang heart not OK ,you go back ,my name is bodyguard send you back dragon Yufan smiled now capital an eventful year ,if Tang heart by fans recognized words ,they want to go also can no, I think it can be Tang heart listen to Ryo Ufan said ,she did not dare to say anything now she is a little afraid of dragon Yufan ,Ryo Ufan say.
you want out shopping, and to dress up ,how is this possible ?You know what else if you know Tang heart, you can go shopping ? Long Yufan deliberately said angry heart feel shy Tang said: brother Yu fan ,I know is wrong ,how do you say I do go ,we go shopping ,what you like ,I buy you anything and Long Yufan said he has plenty of money, as long as the Tang heart like ,he is very generous Tang Xinjiao laughs , that ,I want you ,you help me buy a don that ,when I was your Long Yufan laughed and said Oh ,pity ,my mental problem is not resolved , said Tang heart feel shy if not her psychology resist a man ,her early in the morning is the Dragon Yufan woman ,she did not know what to do , Yu where brother ,or you knocked me out ,so I won push you to do what you want ,OK? Tang Xin whim ,if she passed is certainly not something, as long as the fact that she becomes a dragon Yufan woman ,may everything will be fine dragon Yufan shook his head seriously said: Tang heart ,I man ,if only to get your body ,I prefer not to do I want you to be most willing to stay with me ,and you got well ,so that the line Long Yufan is now no shortage of women ,he did not want to hurt the Tang heart if you really want Tang Xin serious ,he will be guilty of Yu where brother ,you are good to me , the grateful heart stupid ,you and me who to you .
Yufan touched down heart dragon head to the mall to buy them something ,Tang Xin is very happy ,she rarely out of this place to play ,do not say it to buy the thing she come out is a lot of people followed ,if to be found words ,people will find her to sign Tang Xin to a woman said : the aunt ,you little ornaments to want the how much money? Tang Xin is not concerned about this thing how much money ,she only care about living a normal life, she is a girl, she thought to be light of heart from care life 50, the mother said with a smile girl ,you wearing this charm is certainly very beautiful is ?It give me a bag Tang heart laughed and said she turned to Long Yufan and said: brother Yu fan ,you give money in Tang heart eyes ,something so beautiful just 50 dollars ,is very cheap dragon Yufan shook his head and took out his wallet pockets to aunt, Tang Xin is unaware of these small ornament is a fake ,only to kill Jew ,namely ten block eight can buy down but he looked down the heart so happy ,he didn sweep down the heart and rare out to play ,let down the heart happy is also very good to see Tang Xin is not bargain buy her jewels ,and she is very happy girl ,do you want other decorations ?I give you a discount, as long as you like ,and I sell it to you cheap aunt Long Yufan said excitedly that Tang Xin is also want to buy ,he completes the slaughtered preparations did not think Tang Xinyao shook his head and said : I do not buy ,I go to the other stalls have a look , Tang Xin is the pursuit of the Dragon Yu Fan behind the bill ,she doesn want to buy too much pity at Aunt Tang heart away ,another sheep and ran away, but she also made a profit of $forty ,is the happy Long Yufan whispered to Tang Xin said : Tang heart ,in fact you should bargain ,although I don money ,but this small decorations are fake ,people generally is several times higher prices ,so that your counter-offer, but you are not counter-offer to suffer had long Yufan is not to say ,but see Tang heart so pleased ,if she goes back to find out it is an imitation of things, he is afraid she will be sad there is such a thing ? Tang Xin said in amazement she was was discovered by a talent scout to become a star Canada Goose Chateau Parka Sale,so she rarely time out to buy something what she needs ,the broker will help her to buy and to pay attention to image ,she often wear company to buy her clothes ,she a little freedom nor the later entertainment company after the acquisition by Long Yufan Tang Xincai ,a little freedom, but she is now a famous ,she is afraid to outside too free and now she wears such clothes ,will let others be surprised Yeah ,you can bargain ? Dragon Yufan asked Tang Xin Tang Xinyao shook his head and said: happy ,I will not bargain ?What should I bargain ?Hehehe ,it must be fun ,you teach me ,I will own shopping bargain dragon Yufan is silent ,but Tang heart to play ,is to let her play with he found that several plain-clothed soldiers in the far behind them and they know how to master ,tracking ,and will not attract attention ,but also can hold the monitored person is boring Calgary Jacket.
Anyway ,let down the heart play the bargain things is a knowledge comes, but I tell you ,just like small ornaments ,they give you 50 bucks ,you count the small decorations not ,if not disadvantages ,you have to as disadvantages ,to give her 5 dollars ,if not ,the other would say you make fun of ,give you demand a low price .
Long Yufan taught that ?Then. Tang Xin is asked and then you continue to improve a little ,she would press ,estimated that the charm is 10 yuan . Tang heart surprised and said: what ?Even so, did we not give 40 dollars ?No, I call the mother returned to us 40 blocks .
you ah you, have to sell things ,but also how back ah ,we have no invoice or something, they don acknowledge it I have to say and they say it is worth $50, you don know how to say the next note .
On the line ,the 40 is when the tuition Long Yufan said well ,I will pay attention to the Tang Xin is nodded solemn where Yu brother ,is it right? You think I stupid? I even such things will not .
how to say it ,each one has his use Timberland Mens Classic 3 Eye,you can buy things ,but you sing . Dragon Yufan comfort down heart You are the Dragon elder brother ? A voice in Long Yufan there today .
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