Can Wanmoxiangdao that Stinger this

August 10 [Sat], 2013, 10:44
() Pete was found in the 1st Stinger big accident occurred outside, cause a person out of the base view. Ordinarily, this kind of thing should not have to come forward by Pete, but very coincidentally, Pete's location just in front of the gate No. So let Pete Stinger come forward. Can Wanmoxiangdao that Stinger this order, let Pete xìng completely ruined life, crazy Kaka wrongly Pitt to accidentally killed, which makes Stinger regret. But there's even more difficult to accept the things Stinger, Le Jeter actually very easy, cruel killing Kaka. Kaka's death, fell to attract any Stinger psychologically much rebound, the key is the music Jeter has shown strength, is the horror Stinger. .. As Kaka's perception, like Stinger too do not think Kaka music Jeter has the strength to kill,North Face Outlet Sale, not to mention, is easy to kill? From music Jeter state, Stinger very keen aware, this is not music Jeter, but from the outside enemy struck. If you let this mysterious counterfeit music Birgit successfully sneaked into the interior of the base, then the base will thus set off a bloody, killing unpredictable. Therefore, the Stinger to think quickly let men off base gates, the music Jeter isolated on bases outside. Number of specially stiffened steel base door, that the use of tank gun, it is also not bad boom, let alone in front of it this mortal music Jeter? Stinger base ready to use heavy weapons, future music Jeter kill invading enemies outside the base, so that the base will not have any damage. I believe in heavy weapons combat, this invading enemy is certainly not escape the fate of being killed. .. But he really misjudged the invading enemy's ability to Tian Yue's ability to borrow on the 3rd intelligent programs and then the case where the base of the door and a rare live he does? "The 3rd base now take full control of all equipment, open the 1st door lock arsenal ......" Tian Yue intimate knowledge of the 3rd secretly ordered. The next moment. Control of the whole underground base, they do in the 3rd between the absolute control of it. In Tian Yue quietly sneak into the 1st base gate, Gate 1, the quietly slowly shut. Just one into the base interior. Ears came the sound of a variety of shrill jǐng reported, while Stinger commands that horror sound, still in the open interior of the base through the sound system inside the speaker ringing. Stinger At the command is issued, Jeter raised his right hand to see that music. The neck and made a cut to kill the action, and the mouth is a mouth saying: "You can not escape!" Le Jeter's behavior, on the whole underground base for thrusting. Is a red. Nude naked humiliation, never had the odd big disgrace. Always thrusting arrogant, and when someone else's turn to threaten thrusting, and it is only the threat of a person? But in Stinger's heart, there is such a ridiculous idea, just this threat to their own people, there is enough of a threat-based absolute strength. The next moment. Stinger, we know that his hunch will produce exactly why, because the entire base of the control system, changed hands. Thrusting underground bases in the 1st training hall, has been quietly standing in the training hall zhōngyāng. Large display, suddenly appeared between one pair of Stinger, it is nothing more than a fairy tale of the strange picture. Was originally designed to withstand strong base of foreign invasion, and set up at Gate 1 long aisle, then a dozen arm, suddenly turned the muzzle, facing hide inevitably, the base member made shè debut Road flames. Those base running in the aisle, the internal killers members, was a powerful network of fire road, torn to pieces very fine. Originally a long aisle, there is no escape of any substance, the face suddenly turned muzzle manipulator, members of the organization were powerless to resist. The only fate of these people, only the dead,Men's North Face Apex Clearance, hit by strong network of fire into the slag. While leaving Stinger shocked that that masquerade as music Jeter kind of person, at the moment, is walking in the fire net Xianting walk through, as if those who had eyes like a robot, which people turn a blind eye. "This is how could?" Stinger was filled with horror. What does this mean? At this point even if stupid people understand the base internal electronic control systems, even the entire internal system, all the people in front of me under control. "Is there the other undercover base there?" Stinger horror think. In fact, do not blame him have such thoughts, in airtight interior of the base, he has command closes all doors base case, the other party was able to sneak into the interior of the base, but also full control of weapons systems, in addition to internal jiān and nothing is possible. Stinger is a dream not think there are like the 3rd time this smart program exists. It is impossible to imagine the things that he, like the ancient streets of cars people see today, filled the airplane incredible. This is the first science and technology, advanced productive forces,Women's North Face Jackets 2013, represented by the absolute strength in the 3rd smart in front of all electronic systems it will become an assistant, no one can force beyond its control. Base, and instantly became a hell on earth, as long as there is a mechanical and electrical systems controlled thermal weapon, have become the 3rd helper, thrusting those close to the arm near the base member, will be merciless strangulation, leaving little suspense. Stinger is indeed the base One leader, he quickly from the shock state react, short-range system with internal calls, the men were quickly told, underground training hall to the 1st round. Because, here, in addition to a complete artificial defense system, there is a very large underground arsenal. This is a non-automatic control, manual control arsenal. Stinger understand that, at this time, as long as the place is electronically controlled, weapons arsenal and even then, are likely to be the enemy's power. Although he did not know how to control the other party is an internal system, and how many of the enemy hiding in the interior of the base, but at least he knows that electronic monitoring and control systems, network systems, will become part of the enemy's power. His choice is indeed correct, then, in addition to the 1st base training hall, the other regions, basically at Tian Yue under the absolute control. Of course, where there is a place that is not controlled by the system, and that is a member of the residential area inside the base. This place is the thrusting base, in addition to the 1st training hall, the only place not to be controlled, is the only place where no monitoring equipment. At this point, Tian Yue went into the residential area where the thrusting member. While here, he actually saw two twins dismay sisters. This is the two looks, height, dress, measurements are exactly the same, charming creature to the bone marrow. (To be continued.)
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