The small Qin Wyatt

November 08 [Thu], 2012, 16:26

> As Qin Yun funeral getting closer, the two SONG Zhen Yuan, Shen Zhou Qin proud empire now the mainstay of more and more worried about the new His Majesty the Emperor as one immersed in grief and remorse were not the wise old bold gestures, filling the king around the clock like an idiot, just looked blankly in front of living in their own world. WWw, QUAnbEN, cOM. . . ,Kids UGG Boots. . ,Canada Goose Hybridge Lite Jacket. At this time, the savior has finally come. . . . . . Liu Suifeng to Gaoxiang to Su soft dragons of nv, dragons, Xiaojin people come, and there is also a mysterious figure came to the barracks. . . . . . . Liu Suifeng thin, red and swollen eyes are bloodshot. Gaoxiang lost a Zhongxiao, his face full of evil spirits, chapped lips, eyes shining eyes only hatred. . . . . . . The face of the crowd behind them in addition to anger is sad, the whole body exudes are losing their leaves in the awe-inspiring of gas. Far from two hundred thousand troops, is the systemic hormone White, shrouded in grief and anger in the barracks of the tens of miles. . . . . . . See the two brothers and accompany from the crowd, two elderly hearts of an acid, but the next is the kind of satisfaction and joy. Zhou Shen is secretly in mind, said: you feel sad, you should feel at ease and rest in peace. within a very short period of time on the bar next to the camp. Gao Xiang and Liu Suifeng brothers SONG Zhen Yuan Shen Zhou's lead, came to the the providential barracks. See Gao Xiang and Liu Suifeng into arrive, an acid Kirin eyes, tears flow down, he quickly times to wipe away tears, choked with the front of the two brothers said: to see.. look ah! barely a this again.... . . . . . . . eldest brother in front of my eyes, in my eyes disappeared ah? I but I can not do anything, I could not save him, I really useless ah! ., not so, I do not blame you, do not blame you! Liu Suifeng wept, while persuasion with a heaven-sent.... blame me, I'm incompetent, I really do not save Big Brother ah! Are three brothers, a Ku Cheng Su soft dragons of nv, dragons, Xiaojin people filed into the big account, to see the look of the three brothers, shed tears in everyone's face.. . entire account, in addition to the sound of weeping, is the chōu choking sound, strong emotions of sadness lingering in everyone's heart... two the elderly quickly stepped forward to pull on Kirin him from the account in pulling the outside. Zhou Shen side wiping her tears, facing Kirin said: Inspector General adults, you may now crowd the most sober Do not you forget that these people are to the purpose here this? What we need now is not crying, cheer, cheer up to His Majesty the Emperor, and you are not unaware of the stability of the funeral of the late emperor, empire, in the future there is a lot of things? Listened to Shen Zhou the unicorn suddenly realized nodded, then murmured: is easier said than done is really hard! The tone became more intense and shrill up, the elderly white beard trembling, his eyes filled with anxiety and excitement. . . . . Said in the Qin proud empire, unicorn and a more respectful and people from the heart to fight fear, is The Albatron teacher and father-in-law, Empire Taishi Week careful. Shen Zhou learned before cell upright, stern, but for the things they look for is the nine head of cattle also could not pull back, the famous Zheng Chen Qin proud empire, over the years, is to quarrel with the emperor Qin transit number of his own also numerous. For such an elderly, unicorn playing a saw him feeling scalp tingling, something all right, avoiding him far. . . . . . Now, look to see Shen Zhou, unicorn sighed deeply, nodded his head back to the big tent. Large current account is still crying. Me shut up, crying Liang Sangzi on the line, you were not enough unicorn just Shen Zhou front by the gas suddenly sprayed out, his face anger cried facing the providential brothers: three, add up to almost 60 years old, one is the emperor of the two countries, one is a marshal, a chief of staff of the Empire, and all three add up to two Empire! How, you want to make themselves and their own empire. Cry so? Entire account Kirin stunned even providential three brothers also raised his whirling tears in their eyes, looking at the angry Kirin Kirin strode to the side of the three brothers, continue to roar loudly said: Qin boss first, the three of you to cry so go on, but how can he cried alive? There, Qinshuang bastard up to now have not a shadow, you let him hiding in the distance watching you smile, laugh your incompetence ah? That damn of the Ku Erlun, Shenlong Empire. Chang Yu Empire, the Tang Empire hybrids are they laughing? Placed great hatred is not reported, stood down to business do not do, you will weep to see you this Offer, rely on, you do not take revenge, I myself go. . . . . . . . ,Canada Goose Aosta Bomber. . . Uncle. . . . . Tetra. . . . . I. . . . I Yueer, your nephew. . . . . . . . open a small hand Yibubuxiang providential three brothers came... three brothers surprised with looking at the child toward their own that facial features, that demeanor, that look is simply a miniature version of the Qin cloud ah? In this case, the three brothers seem to see big brother with a faint smile on his face, mouth shouted: . . . . . the Fu Huang queen mother called my Yueer, that my name Jiaoqin Wyatt.... four brothers. Big Brother children. .. our kids coming... up tightly in his arms on. . . . . . Yes. . . . . Is the son of the eldest brother, is our son. . . . . Liusui Feng, Gao Xiang follow rushed forward, a few pairs of eyes shining with joy, excited eyes tightly staring at the providential arms Qin Yue. . . . . great hero cry, right? The small Qin Wyatt. Three brothers could not believe their ears, their big staring eyes stared child face hand touched the heaven-sent, then said: often running their own wrestling, a painful cry, when Fu Huang and his mother would always I said to my three uncles school, they told me, you are the bravest heroes of the world, di-tert-dragon grandfather told me Fu Huang and his mother to a far place, and can no longer come back to see Yueer to, accompany Yueer play, school teach Yueer, Yue Er felt very sad, but Yueer cry, Yueer want to three Uncle learn, have to do an indomitable spirit of a hero, you said, Yue Er, well-behaved this? . . . . . . to continue, the wind is generally out of the big account, the distant sound of a unicorn sad howling.... providential three brothers finally came out from grief, for this lovely child for the future of the continent, more ... Three days later, Qin Yun funeral be held as scheduled. Tianyu continent January 27, Qin proud Empire nationwide hanging filial piety, the people stood up from the rubble, officials are endless sadness bid farewell to their The wise, benevolent, ingenious emperors. endless hope to meet a more brave unparalleled day vertical Wizards, to become their new emperors Sky mainland people do not know the name of Ling providential, Qin proud empire people do not know Ling providential relationship with Qin Yun, Yun Qin deathbed testament has spread throughout the entire Qin proud empire. So the provinces, the Legion have a letter, to become their new monarch immediately accepted providential. before Qin cloud of barrow when providential has no longer cry, no more tears, he secretly in mind,Roxy UGG Boot, said: . . Sister-in-law. . . . You rest in peace, Yue Er I, is also a third brother, the child of four brothers, we will take a good education he decade, big brother, and you give me ten years time, I will be his education to become the greatest Sky continent emperors. . . . . . . [..] .. <

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