this thing we seal the deal and everyone

October 28 [Sun], 2012, 18:02

Go to six * nine * in * text * Read the latest chapter / JiangYang, then let the scenes of a sudden become particularly quiet, quiet some terrible, Interpol are looked blankly Jiangyang did not expect Jiangyang even unashamed to say so offended the words. Read look at the novel network to know the words when the face of it that the mother of the Beast head, absolutely seriously injured into the hospital Northface Women's Denali Jackets, every three months, absolutely can not, they really are increasingly admire this brother too Niubi too lightly the too tough, it was only the people, in order to rein in head. In fact, they did not Jiangyang a look at the offender, the original head and said go raid heaven and earth, the bureau, some people do not agree with the head or with people squatting in the doorway of heaven and earth, in the eyes see Jishihaoren red into heaven on earth, but tens of minutes, a play sideways out, which makes it hot temper Li Bai how can stand it, day on earth absolutely an illegal organization, otherwise how will eat this ax to help such a big loss it? Ever since, more than a dozen Interpol, with micro-punch Canada Goose Aosta Bomber, with Li Bai's behind unashamed stormed heaven and earth, aimed against the two parties to armed fighting personnel, but they learned, this private room has to go up a package, Li Bai moment with men rushed to the private room and made everyone think, only three people in the private room, one woman, two men, a strange man, a famous Liu Bing, the boss of the Axe Gang, shank Lord, just that Jiang Yang stood in opposite of Liubing, so Li Bai put Jiangyang as it fights the other, However, Interpol Northface Boots Sale, I did not think so, and be able to freehand playing the 20th person to be naked, this is definitely the master, but also extremely special means, have to say, this person is definitely a strange man, plus could have let the head destroyer like mother being beaten Northface Denali Hoodie Sale, which virtually Jiangyang image to improve a lot, so never even Jiangyang as crime. Baidu search read look at just handcuffs is head roasted up, they did not have a key, so there is not chaos, after all, in front of this brother not conquer head, you guys are still in the abyss of disaster, more dare mess came. do a lot of big cases, so our boss did not you see it unbearable right now. Jiang Yang said, looked pitiful. is a very shocking thing. The whole of my wife complain every day that I is not out there, day, and this is my horrible head, boss, you do not know that we do Interpol difficulty in stalls throughout such a workaholic whining This is what, and still not beat on the steering wheel. Amount, others, big brother ugg classic boots, you see, we head that no point of skill, rein got it? In my years of experience, you and only you have the strength I have never seen our head in front of men so unbearable, Brother, save our task on to you, rest assured, this thing we seal the deal and everyone, you just need to help us get our boss on the line awkward, ah, Jiangyang faint smile, wondering, nothing better to do at the moment anyway, this giant wave, Pa beauty, why not tasted it? Even dead, it seems worth it. Car Hummer off-road vehicles followed a rapid flick first step parked in the parking spaces, Li Bai, jumped out of the car, sit and watch the parking police car, he had thought of the N ways to torture hateful man. even the girl being beaten, unforgivable, absolutely unforgivable. That the Xiao Zhou hastened submissive with Jiangyang steps into towards the so-called interrogation room, 1 the Jiangyang Xiao Zhou took look of indifferent followed glanced that Li Bai. Li Bai angry one Yexia his waist belt and ran to the interrogation room, Quickstep followed Xiao Zhou, belt in hand even uttered a sound Cui Xiang in his swinging, so that the front of Xiao Zhou exposed the slightest smile. - F | 9 | in | Man | Upload / book club -

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