Looked up to see a chubby teenage boy is standing pebbles on the shore

February 26 [Wed], 2014, 16:29
Just as worried when deep cold will not come again in the spring, like much ado about nothing purely superfluous. Fortunately, these are all things winter, now is the beautiful spring. Everything seemed to be just woke up, and everything seemed to be just the beginning, of course, can not attend, it is too late for that aircraft come down in the sunset wisteria speak what the heart. sun was setting, the sky a little calm down. Warm air was filled with the faint scattered scattered plum fragrance. Distant water shore hills, clusters of red plum like puffs of flame burning, and clumps of white cherry blossoms like a plume rising clouds wound. Pan Yang Chu greenish yellow Stir gently swaying softly a shore. Looked up watching the western sky, just still huge and full of a red CHI flat iron sun has been invisible, magnificent sunset still keep coming from all directions. If they are the force to push the dark abyss sun instigator general excitement. Look at them indiscriminately spill, the East block, west one, the western sky blooming into a deep faint, undulating ink. Freedom to spread to another roll up, coming in to pull down. From the red and gold, crimson been tossing into the dark gray, matte black, only the convergence of Xingyi, gradually soothing calm down, lazy lie freely horizon. ; bang, bang, bang - from wisteria frame the next pass, when suddenly a burst of exploding ears, scared me a shiver.

Looked up to see a chubby teenage boy is standing pebbles on the shore, head down pouted, looking like nothing on earth. ; Naughty little guy, you definitely naughty friends. I secretly concluded that little boy's unruly, will be severely hit in pebble pebbles looking for excitement and happiness. Such a thing I would do, not to mention him. Mind for fear of being hurt stones will give birth to the little boy came mad meaning. Is planning to quickly escape your head, as if suddenly there; burst crackling sound in the side, in the head, in the back of the head resounded. I received the footsteps carefully turned and stared at the little boy and saw what he looked down there looking for, a very carefully look. I looked up, unexpectedly found that frame Wisteria dry pods are constantly babyliss curl secret pops burst in the air whipped eddies look. Leng Leng I stood there, stayed. I've seen a lot of the way of life and growth, has quietly down roots grow upward, there is gently blowing stray afar, have quietly strong drift. There are tears come to grief stick patience, there is no such dramatic quiet Shattered shattering sound like a broken broken, no, burst is the first time I saw.I stand motionless Dai Li in wisteria, tens of meters between far and near, far and near Huzuohuyou constantly intermittently exploding burst.
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