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November 15 [Thu], 2012, 10:53
Casual sports shoes foundation's request is to be comfortable, easy, features, so protective efficacy will continue to be the two main characteristics of leisure sports shoes exaggerated. The envisaged Features involution and trendy, style generals doubling exists to expand, and raised the flow line dynamic. Men's casual sports shoes shape tends to be more emotional, emphasizes elegance and elegance, concise style, fluently. Women's casual black cement 3 seeking a comfortable, elegant and discreet, not shape shift.

Bright colors has been popular from the fall to winter, brightly colored sneakers stylish and beautiful, but what with only the best looking? Youth playful girl immediately demonstration for your spring and summer outfit shoes with several methods, together Look at it!

Spring and summer shoes with: baseball cap of the same color + fertilizer big T-shirt + tights pink leopard pattern hoodie + skirt + tights

Spring and summer shoes with: the lovely Mickey the pattern YuanLingShan + miniskirt + tights sweet hoodies + miniskirt + cautious tights

1 spring and summer shoes with the format.

(1) Luxury complicated

In the format, a brief performance lines, floating lines, and poetry, and light, but also gives a heave of pleasure. Overall growth to the complicated technology. Briefly this winter casual jordan 3 primary yardstick. Its development trend is exaggerated to the a comfortable romantic formats slick average visual inclusions use and convenience of the types of information the layout conceived wear off. Men's Casual Shoes exaggerated natural Chunzhi, sports shoes and boots is a tributary of the format, in order to comply with the the outdoor acts of need. The color will be a large number to take with nature take care of the primary colors is the primary yardstick of winter casual shoes. Its development trend is exaggerated a comfortable romantic format, slick average visual.

(2) Futurism

Wind and scraping activities, often scraping lasting, costume activities is the general trend. Uppers and soles of the lines, there are dense the Benz and sprint charm, active, light, very dynamic.

(3) The activity trend

The confrontation between the performance of the tension, conflict with the performance of perfect mix again with both, complicated with a gentle temperament. Casual sports shoes fashion stage, a large area of ​​asymmetric ruffles cascading, casual canvas edges, making it extra glare.

(2) golden fashionable

(1) red sway

Spring and summer has always been the red national activities, with involution wind, is the the red thrust to weight to high status. The various brands have launched a red sports shoes, leather shoes, casual black cement 3 envisaged. Of course, creamy white, gray and other colors, but still based on positive red.

Uppers and soles of the contour lines envisaged to emerge out of the trend of diversification, to enrich the confession of romantic, leisure, seize, active and prance feelings.

2 spring and summer shoes with color

Jordan 3 black cement it is the shoes, but sports shoes leather, sneakers some. At the cultural level, sneakers has some left and activities, it is clear to the trendy label affixed.

Casual sports shoes (yundongxie) format with color mix. Leisure sports shoes (yundongxie), the main part of the fashionable clothing. Leisure sports shoes can represent the wearer's state of mind, to quiet the wearer's aesthetics and philosophy of life, an expression of the small grade and civilized way. To bring with it a totally different mettle and classical forget the past and, at the same time also a youthful vitality to tame all "Petty were, their quality of life means that the performance of their spiritual value orientation.
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