Not afraid of her escape it

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; Chen Jinglong great design , and so is this sentence, heard immediately ecstasy ; 's face but did not dare show it, pretend difficult, hesitation: this ...... no boss orders, I can not be free to leave the camp ...... a frown Guards said: you left is idle, then take a trip with us , what is essential ? As your boss there, so come back we explained to him never to let you have borne chastisement another Guards Interface: this time we will go off things , what matters is , can not be wrong ; little brother, favor, cope through this errand , looking back we told your boss that understand the stakes , with our Guards face, understanding that he did not dare embarrass you ; rest assured Chenjing Long pretend suddenly , Hei Road : Yes Guards brother, it was the emperor 's bodyguard can be different from those of us ordinary sergeant ; say a word , I do not dare to face the boss ? Oh , in that case , did not have to say , the younger brother anyhow have to follow a trip , to help this little busy spoke, he had hurried to his body armor and military Promise off , went to the dead man Yijia Pa , sets to his body . Several Guards also came forward to help , a short work , facelift has been completed, Chen Jinglong from an unusual Promise soldiers , he is a Guards Sgt. Dress hectic process, Chen Jinglong Guards have been prepared by normal wear off his broadsword , put on his steel suspension, but others do not have attention. Guards see that several finishing properly , they returned to their column launched ; one pointing to the ground dead, as well as those of Chen Jinglong Promise military armor and take off , the speaker said: Here trouble Promise military brothers look after ; when we came back , then a treatment that several polar Army sergeant is responsible for guarding the outer gate quickly yelled : Do not worry , we are here to watch , can not go wrong Chenjing Long took the deceased's spear , his parcel , went to pull that dead horses. The horse he hurled stones wounded leg, but just a temporary fall eat pain , bone did not break , standing for a long time already own , although somewhat lame to walk a little state , but do not hinder event. Etc. Chenjing Long launched firmly secured , the public as early as eager Guards , have exclaimed: brisk walking , brisk walking horse people together to play so fast , forward side brigade chase. Guards equipped , there is a sac bow , arrows pot . Chen Jinglong generals quietly pulled the bow , stuffed wrapped stuffed again Overlord bow bow sac ; horses Benxing occasion , people simply look at the road , who do not pay attention to him had these subtle moves. Subsequently Chenjing Long turn wrapped discarded, although others saw only when he took a few inconsequential things , and now too cumbersome, so throw away , so do not bother . Up to this point , Chen Jinglong body no longer unsightly things, and other Guards no longer significantly different from any who met , will not pay attention to him. Benxing exit shortly brigade has caught up with the crowd slow horse fast , neat , remains the same as previously , following the brigade walking ; queue in front of myself, to see them catch up , the number is not lacking in the queue still , they are also put the heart, no people asking just what is happening . Team line to the two families contracted locations , precisely noon . Guards generals feeding in unmanning place orders , directing team consists of four long lines, change into a square team type . Chen Jinglong though not really know how to change the team approach, but just beside the side of the people act , they do not go wrong. Changes such as team-based finished in legislation does not move, Chen Jinglong is in the middle of the second row , in front of only a sergeant , blocking a limited field of vision is still open . Chenjing Long Ningmu glance , the situation looked around , I saw both sides of the Guards side teams , each with a thousand cavalry Promise military side team in legislation . Regulus party present army of three thousand people . Regulus army in front of about baizhang place, is a large kinship cavalry, lined up neat, with Regulus relative standing army , about two thousand people. Those kinship cavalry is full blood red armor, armor -phase Army helmet with Regulus style somewhat similar, but slightly rough shabby , and their helmets on more volume eaves , pheasant feathers and many other useless decorations and more people feel superfluous, burdensome boring ; As for weapons , but added the army of identical with Regulus , are all armed with guns. Armies intermediate space center , stands a cowhide large accounts ; accounts mouth eastward , tents on both sides , on the left stood two Regulus family generals, right stood two blood Kou generals. Reconciliation is at the mouth Shiyu Zhang , thirteen identical carriages lined up ; precisely those Guards escorted to the carriage . Chenjing Long sweep mesh wait and see, we have not got shit princes , knew that before the arrival of the two sides in their own messengers , has entered the tent , which is being negotiated armistice signed books . The two sides army are stationed stand quietly waiting . A little time in the past, has no sound inside the tent . After a nearly half hour straight , square see drapery yixian , a middle-aged man wearing a blood-red armor head out ; followed an old man wearing a yellow robe , but also to come out. That middle-aged, tall, thin stature , pale, breakdown hawk nose , thin lips sip two tightly , mouth forced recurved, Poxian arrogant Henli . That yellow robe old man , about seventy down older , obese , fat round round face full of flattering smiles , it 's boring looking . Do not ask, that middle-aged, naturally blood Kou messengers ; And that yellow robe old man , that is, before the governing Suzaku region , but in the blood Kou invasion, abandoning Suzaku city fled, then commanding the army of Promise , for Fei Guan repeatedly abandoned and framed Murong Binbin , troops would crush the new long tassel shit Annan princes . Kou messengers out of account that the blood line of the two-step , regressing stopped , stared straight ahead thirteen carriages, slight sneer . Annan princes stand behind him , Gongyao stooped , a servant appearance , and lose the smile, whispered a few words to him carefully . Blood Kou messenger nodded slightly , wondering a moment , looked around and exclaimed : two families of the soldiers who armistice book, already a good sign , the war is over ; From now on, a large family of kinship with Regulus , will live in peace , you do not have to battle hard, you can sit safely home life are silent sergeant two communities ; kinship sergeant were erect and triumphant , while Regulus clan army , mostly showing shame resentful of color, there are few people , loose tone , quite a North Face Ribbon Clearance sense of relief . That blood Kou messenger glance look armies , and proud smiles: Regulus family , will the previous wars, to pay the price , they will offer money and land , in exchange for the forgiveness of our great big kinship kinship warriors , brave and you use loyalty to defend the glory of the great kinship remark a blood Koujun Bing suddenly thunderous applause , while Regulus ethnic armies , mostly teeth, angry inside . That Annan princes , actually followed applaud actually makes one o'clock confused, whether he is Regulus family of princes , or kinship minions . Chen Jinglong hate Manxiong , the left hand tight at the waist bow sac, filled with palm Rehan ; just wished he could immediately draw the bow and arrow , a stone one , then two angels will all shoot a right to wear . Cheers to be gradually decreases blood Koujun Bing . That blood Kou messenger suddenly face a board, Nu Sheng shouted: However, some hatred, not with money and land to heal ; blood debt , can only be used to repay our blood, died in the war hero , the need to pay homage with blood , and comfort they brave soul to say his words a blood Koujun Bing suddenly clamoring up, have cried out : Shasha Regulus family , quickly turn him ...... Annan princes anxious sweating , fat face flushed, bowed repeatedly punching kinship army waving, requesting people quiet. After a moment , the army kinship voice lower, Annan princes smile apologetically exclaimed: you big kinship Jun Ye , Shaoanwuzao we Regulus tribe , offended a large kinship is our right ; owe a large debt of blood kinship sinners , we no shelter , we must give account to follow messengers unto the blood Kou Baoquan bow , smile apologetically and said: water the generals, the conditions of the armistice , we will do , dare not lose the trust of a large kinship unto thirteen carriages a finger , and said: You see, got to be the sinner , has sent ; let the water of the adult pleasure that kinship messenger looked thirteen carriages looked a moment, coldly : Annan princes brought out quickly should be , but also the direction of big punch buggy called: bring out , bring out with him shouting and saw twelve carriage curtain has opened, in every car , out of three people , only the first vehicle from the left , there is no sound, the curtain does not move , but no one out . Out of the car in person , are the men , have done Guards dressed only in the third car from the left , out of the three women ; two sides are vertical Nose bridge projects, Bangdayaoyuan , wearing men's jacket , ribs collapse knife , look pretty rough than the ordinary man has many ; intermediate one , dressed in red armor, red North Face Outlet Sale embroidered phoenix cloak dragged back , waist hanging sword ; looking face, Liu Meifeng mesh, Yingkou Taosai , Jiao US reveal hidden fortitude , it Murong Binbin ; but she now rickety , gait disturbance , as if without the slightest effort, thanks to the woman beside those two stout arm , barely standing . Chen Jinglong met Murong Binbin , but also excited, but none the less horror , secretly weigh drop : She did not carry bondage, how willing to listen to people behaved mercy ? No effort to see her appearance , does the body is injured ? Necessary to chop her, why do they still give her a helmet armor-piercing , do generals dressed ? His suspicions are undecided ...... occasion , only when that princes Chanxiao Annan said : Water the adults , and that is great kinship killed many warriors great sinner Murong Binbin She could this outfit , great kinship with enemies , now we still give her this dress to bet , then place in her treatment of her evil sin , how ? The water laughing , nodding praise: good princes , ye Emperor Xuan Yuan , very thoughtful ; Only then is the real punish her , can I get my NCOs , the solution to Canada Goose Thompson the hearts of hatred micro one hesitated , then asked said: Why , did not tie her ? Not afraid of her escape it ? Annan princes apparently do not understand hesitation: this ...... Xiangna arm Murong Binbin 's two strong women asked: how is it ? One of the strong woman should be said: This is the big guards still captain commanded. Still the captain gave us a bottle of powder, we ordered three hour intervals , they give a little fed Murong generals , saying that she had no strength , and must not escape , compared with a strong cord tied also useful. We did so , and she suddenly realized that Chenjing Long : power is the elimination of magic powder still exalt Heliconia needle is soiled with magic power dissipation powder, so in order of human strength, magic ; his hands, there is a consumer of natural magic force the powder ; just did not think the original of this powder, oral also useful immediately mind a tight , feel anxious , underground passage : She no effort, not fight , I grab her hand , pour one half of the energy required to take care of her , but she wanted to break loose it ? That is really dreaming. More to the address
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