saccades beneath the sink a track

October 24 [Wed], 2012, 10:45
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultTwo days later ,in a stretch and mountain air ,two figure as the ground at great speed through the sky, the final hover over a mountain air .
Because this is around here . Sword dust body that replaced a magnificent robes in the wind shakes violently ,his gaze saccades beneath the sink a track ,with a solemn look .The Jade family ancestors Jie detai hale and hearty ,he dressed in a long white robes hovering in the sword dust side ,a SAGE-like type style, a pair of his gaze saccades around one ,asked ; sword dust ,what are you doing here, is to hunt down a powerful beast ? Near this because the have a strength is not weak gold and silver snake ,I would like to try to not be win .
Sword dust low channel .Hearing of gold and silver snake ,Jie detai suddenly be moved, wonder : gold and silver snakes snake but the royal family ,in Tianyuan with the mainland is very rare, but the ancient animals ,fighting capacity is very strong ,especially that of a very virulent strongly ,in mainland Tianyuan in all toxic enough to rank in the top three ,is not so easy ,to will win is not easy ,unless taking advantage of it at an early age to start North Face Men's Gore Tex Sale, otherwise ,once it grew up with a certain amount of euro ,it will never be broke .
For Jedte said the sword dust also feels very reasonable ,slightly after will ,nodded: gold and silver snake in mainland Tianyuan rare ,whether can get I must go to see Germany and Thailand ,Jie ,you here ,I will go for it the nest ,if need your help I will call you .
Reckless ,gold and silver snake releasing toxicity is very strong ,there is no antidote ,though you have a strong physique ,but still does not have control of the space ,once encounter is a strength of up to six order wow gold and silver snake ,that there is no way to deal with it .
A highly toxic ,if the body of toxic ,it may be in trouble North Face Women's Boots Sale. Jedte stern said .Although he has to become a sword dust pawn are also some dissatisfaction ,but he is also a long-term vision of the human mind sword ,dust talent terrible, if you follow him ,perhaps in the future it will get beat all benefits ,even if not as a sword dust said breakthrough holy emperor ,but at least it was for the Jade family to a powerful patron ,for future generations to benefit .
Just as well, for his virulent I own coping method . Sword dust does not care ,not to mention that he had developed a poison million do not invade the body ,just the chaos body have very strong resistance to toxicity .
Subsequently, the sword dust let Jay detai stationed in place ,oneself alone to around looking for gold and silver snake den .The sword in the dust with boiling blood for induction ,while the knowledge of God as a supplement in circumference a few lis range search ,finally will target set at twenty miles a tall mountain ,God knows the whole mountain enveloped ,was on the hillside in a very secluded place to found a cave ,God knowledge through the cave ,but in the cave, but did not find the existence of gold and silver snake Canada Goose Calgary.
It is a strength of up to seven order of world of warcraft gold and silver snake . Sword dust muttering said ,was immediately from the high to fall through the air and landed in the very hidden cave door ,direct punches the wall at the mouth of the cave which break ,then marched in .
The channel is very deep, the crooked straight into the ground ,a pitch-dark ,pitch-black darkness here ,but the sword dust is early not the slightest impact ,in his eyes as the day .
The dust along the road towards the sword to walk hundreds of meters away ,eventually came to a diameter sufficient have km of colossal cave ,wall soil full fist sized pearl, with a soft white light ,the cave as transparent transparent .
While in the cave in the middle ,with a height of two meters in Shitai ,the only one finger thickness ,two meters long Golden Snake are entrenched in the face ,gold and silver two lines in the dorsal cross ,the size of only the thumb head held high ,small eyes staring at sword dust the speed guest .
Sword dust smiling looking at the Golden Snake ,the snake seemingly insignificant ,but he dare not have any small hearts ,submissively path : the sword to dust ,today to visit ,if not to place also please forgive me ! The human ,how dare, dare to break into my cave ,is really act recklessly and blindly .
Golden snake mouth slightly open and close the mouth ,words ,sounds such as hot in the whole cave echoed Nike Air Max Command Shoes,from the sharp voice simply can is male is female .For gold and silver snake danger sword dust is not to care about, still with a smile ,said: Sir, in today specially comes to visit ,there is one thing want to offer ,this thing to you, should have no small help ! Upon hearing this, gold and silver snake that tiny eyes flickered ,said: I am in your body feel similar tastes ,you used my similar blood made million poison does not invade the body .
Nice. I was in the devil beast mountains met a young gold and silver snake ,had a tremendous effort to be struck ,access to its body ,and use its essence and practice into poison million does not invade the body ,while its body ,I have still retained in the body, intact .
Sword dust immediately from the space ring inside out stored inside has several years of gold and silver snake ,because of the space ring no air ,no time ,inside the time equivalent straight ,so that the sword of slaying the dust of gold and silver snake stored inside a few years before ,still maintained the original appearance ,did not produce any changes .
Saw dust in the hands of the sword is belong to the same body of snake eyes ,gold and silver show strong hot, immediately saw the golden flashes ,it is with great speed toward the sword dust sprang, ran toward the sword in hand is similar to dust body bite .
Sword dust smiled ,transient shadow magic body cast ,optional step forward step ,instantly across more than 10 meters distance from the gold and silver snake attack ,and then hand over the twinkling of an eye ,the gold and silver snake back into space ring .
Si ! Gold and silver snake snake apricot a spit ,whole body again for a golden light at a faster speed toward the sword dust shoot, big mouth open with the sharp teeth ,directly toward the sword dust neck bite .
Sword dust ideas easily, the forces of chaos throughout the body ,the body will be chaos defense play to the extreme ,then make a fist to hit to gold and silver snake . Touch ! Gold and silver snake fist and fiercely collide together Kids Timberland Boots, erupts a buzzing sound ,the cave was trembling ,and gold and silver snake did not think this sword dust would have such a powerful blow ,be caught off guard ,the petite body directly is hit flew out, hard hit in the rear the wall, the hard rock hits out of a huge hole .
After the rounds ,gold and silver snake also seem to understand sword dust is not imagined so good to deal with .It just suspended in mid-air ,a pair of small eyes staring at sword dust ,said: the strength is not weak ,but you are not my opponent ,put the same body to me, not kill you ! Sword dust is swung by the earthquake some pins and needles of the right arm, heart also in for gold and silver snake body defense force is powerful and surprised ,said: in today specially comes to visit ,it is to offer ,but there may be no such thing as a free lunch ,this thing I have not come by easily ,but can do nothing for you .
what do you want from me ? Gold and silver snake asked . I want you to follow my ten years ,my ,belongs to you . Sword dust lane .Gold and Silver Snake Eyes fierce Everbright Sheng ,a strong intention to kill from its radiate ,anger extremely smile ,said: man ,you are too naive ,to my great Nubisi follow you ten years ,even it is Kuhuang strong also do not have this qualification ,not to mention you .
Sword dust ha-ha laughs: you must have better than I know similar bodies on your gold and silver snake is how important, gold and silver snakes are ancient animals ,which itself has a lot of singularity ,which and wow the biggest difference is that they can swallow similar to produce evolutionary ,not only the strength of will have substantially growth ,and even fighting capacity will be greatly improved ,but it is a pity of gold and silver snake populations in mainland Tianyuan is too scarce, to meet a are very difficult ,so it avoids you swallow similar rapidly build up its strength of greed ,and now my hands sent this one for you could not be met for things ,although it has only three order magic bestial strength ,but can still be for you to play no small help ,I use it for you ten years ,you do not seem to lose ,but also make great the .
you are right ,if similar can indeed make us because we have evolved ,gold and silver snake body hides a only can we find the origin of essence ,but only we can absorb the essence ,origin of we have a very big help ,if absorbed into a certain number of origin essence ,even allow us to evolve into the legendary beast ,but have you thought ,if I kill you ,still can get similar bodies from you .
Speak, of gold and silver snake suspended in mid-air body is rapidly changing ,soon became a tall thin youth ,he dressed in cloth of gold ,golden eyes, long blond hair ,handsome features ,from appearance to the sword and the dust age difference is not great ,it is twenty head .
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