they face became exhausted

March 26 [Tue], 2013, 11:30
> The two widely Sri Lanka's action is slow. WWw. qUanBen. COm the Lakers immediately change the play. Lonnie "began to strengthen a breakthrough, the impact of the other basket. Minutes, Bryant not only get 4 points, also caused Stoudemire twice a defensive foul. Desperation, D'Antoni had the inside generals benched. Come Kurt Thomas Thomas body Zhuo quality is far better than Stoudemire, but his post defense than Stoudemire more strong, and more aggressive. Unfortunately real firepower in the Lakers are not in the paint. course, Thomas offensive strength is still very good,air jordan outlet store, especially his mid-range shot, fairly standard in the field to do the most is to evacuate the basket, he pulled from outside the area for his teammates to do the pick and roll, or a threat to the other basket in the cast basket just now, Thomas has an older, slow pace of movement, want to play to throw off the defense of Kwame shot, apparently not so easy. As for pull insider neutral for teammates to attack the basket, and Lakers not much of a problem, because of the addition to Nash, Suns others ball attack capability is not strong enough to even be able to empty the cut into the restricted area, the Lakers resolutely defending less Nash shells conveying is no good. Bryant now defense is Nash's pass, Although it is not possible to completely sealed limit his power,Nike Jordan Jumpman H Series, but to the greatest degree the next game, gradually embarked on a track in the Lakers envisioned Suns score is mostly concentrated in the Nash a person's body, while others, in addition to one or two goals occasionally Jianlou cast, most of the time is cut off and the contact between the Nash? Lakers after the end of Stoudemire, playing their conventional tactics offensive focus back to the outside after the pick and roll between Lonnie and Bryant, or cast or sudden, is not strong enough in defense of the sun, causing a lot of destruction. Otto mom virtue height advantage either shot or low strong play, Dior are not too many ways to get him the first quarter ended, the points difference between the two sides has narrowed to three points, and the situation is tilted toward the Lakers favorable party Section II after the start, the Lakers or the continuation of the previous play, defense, Bryant continue Sike Nash offensive launched by Lonnie and Bryant both on the outside at low collusion, Odom, Kwame and the elimination Dayton more assume transit setter. Lakers' offense than before blindly strong play inside more smooth, gorgeous, and at the same time the pace of the game has also accelerated a lot this rhythm original is best suited to solar appetite, but Stoudemire fate inside suddenly less of a hub Thomas speed to keep up with his teammates, so most of the sun's attack points are concentrated in the outside line, or sudden basket by Nash strong support inside the sun's perimeter players immediately become a rootless duckweed Lakers very close attention to every shot had to look at God's Eye, test each character. less small Andean Nash is undoubtedly the field played the most fortunate bitter the one he wants to use to pull neutral for teammates, while Bryant's stalker, the ball reached the right place. teammates several blacksmith kept running after he had a shoulder from the important task of scoring, however, Bryant, after all, played in the strongman of the best defensive team, beginning Nash perhaps can rely on speed and flexibility advantages to breakthrough the basket hinder hand, but when the time of his physical problems, also scored become more difficult. Bryant should always close pressed Nash also is not easy, but his physical consumption is definitely much smaller than the opponent. because most of the time to save the first section, he almost did not participate in the attack, the Lakers The two post players arranged most of the shot right. while after the end of Stoudemire, Lonnie assume the main burden of the offensive. Bryant's effort is actually mostly on the defensive, so when Nash backache petrified when, He still also ease a little addition to breath heavy, do not see a trace of weakness II fight about Fun, serious physical exertion Nash also benched rest and replace him play Brazil lightning. Leon Drogba Bossa The Brazilians outstanding performance this season, as the team's sixth man,Kobe Dream Season IV UK, after the main end good firepower output continued. ye, season, his time off the bench field can get companion points, this year's Sixth Man Award candidate. Barbosa could get the number of points, the Lakers do not care, because both Bryant even Lonnie, on the ability to score than he key Brazilian and Nash's passing and organizational skills, which will undoubtedly let Bryant liberated from the defense out, more effort on the offensive next, Lakers and Suns Competition offensive strength time without too many accidents, Nash and Stoudemire less sun, like a lost minions tiger, scenes to be played vigorous, but the efficiency is not high score bar Bossa breakthrough the very threat but also dumunanzhi, their outside Shooters less Nash shells conveying suddenly became soy sauce spectators. contrary, the Lakers side, Bryant freed from defensive and offensive strength is terrifying, is long shot or Tupofenqiu, are highly threatened. Lonnie breakthrough to much, mainly outside line shot mainly he feel very good, sturdy perimeter fire, stone effectively contain the Suns defense. making them not easily let go of his million A fire Bryant. addition, the basket Kwame and Lamar Odom, the Lakers rebounding advantage, Walton on the perimeter with the neutral shot also resolutely many . although it was surprise, Today, Wharton hand is also very hot, and the third of 4 3 3 minutes before the end of the first half, Phil finally a few if the main replaced the field quite a force. Lonnie Bryant hit consecutive nearly force-minute, but their consumption is actually better, because the first section, they basically did not how to participate in the attack only Kobe Bryant, he is responsible for defending the other side of the arrow character Nash because a little tired, a little But Bryant's physical strength has always been very good, so the problem is not large. halftime, the Lakers not only recover the backward score overtake rivals in one fell swoop made two numbers lead to injury: Bi the second half begins Suns put on all of the main force, ready to fight back. Lakers side, Lonnie remain in the rest of the bench for him, Phil can not dare to use too hard, this kid's physical strength through targeted strengthen improved a lot, but apparently have not been able to meet the standard completely and Kobe Bryant as the team's first card at the same time enjoy the applause and honor must assume more responsibility, so the first half, played the most hardship of his must again go into play with Bynum, Cook, Vujacic, Parker a public bench, fighting with the other lineup. the lineup contrast of the two teams at this time, the sun is obviously a lot stronger, but Phil also has his coping strategies Phil is absolutely typical of the kind of crafty, a look at the field both players configuration he knew than offensive, Bryant on Nash, Stoudemire two, obviously at a disadvantage being the case, then do not tell opponents head-on, simply or with a soft knife bled slowly to the opponent Phil told them to re-fight back when the first section the kind of routine. offensive Bynum continue to be consumed in the paint Stoudemire before players are allowed in the defensive Bryant still Sike the Nash. elimination prop opponents while, we should try to slow down the pace of the game, the to slow Suns score speed, is holding opponents chasing points in the footsteps of others to fight for more time to rest after the first section of practice Lakers pounds. "drag. The tactics also regarded Shumenshulu. After the play, we did not appear for the tactical execution problem that is not compatible with experience before and since have they played even more than the first section skillful. Gradually, the process of the game such as Phil expected, Nash and Stoudemire in the offensive end of the performance, though still very sharp, but the pace of the game the Lakers but was dragged slowly. And Turiaf rebounds control to the force, relying on positive scraping groan a lot of rebounds. He resolutely implement the guiding ideology of Phil, in no hurry to attack the basket, but put the ball transferred to an outside line, and then continue by Bynum strong push Stoudemire. In the the golden players unremitting efforts, the Lakers seemed transformed into another Spurs, and they also played even than the Spurs Spurs, but also boring. An attack varies from knife seconds, good luck to grab offensive rebounds, and even can grind on for nearly a minute. More than half of the third quarter, although the sun has been in the narrow points difference, but until the other Lakers main stage. They still could not recover the score. Not only that Stoudemire at this time has been too tired to death. The shameless stream tactics of the Lakers, he played a mess, very painful. Nash consumption, Bryant can be said of his defense is sparing no effort, each time he scores or assists must make every effort. After some recharge your batteries, Lonnie Odom who are fitter. Back to the field, they face became exhausted Suns once again set off a wave of attacks frenzy. Finally narrow the score before the sun, and soon to be re-opened. The first playoff game of the Lakers and Suns, this consumption and anti-consumption tug of war, toward the end. In the end, the Lakers Phoenix fierce: the next city, made a good start. Game victory, Bryant absolute credit, he succeeded in limiting Nash largely curb the offensive firepower of the sun's strongest point swing opponents. Of course, the biggest player in the game is obviously Kwame Bina thumb these two, the courage of self-sacrifice inside fighter in the collective interest of their score is not even rebounding Odom off the bench Figure Sayyaf beautiful, but the all clear, but for the two of them successfully consumed Stoudemire, unplug the other side of the nails in the paint, the Lakers want to win, obviously is not easy. Lonnie, sub port assists two pairs of data, for the first playoffs rookie is definitely very great. merely the maximum contribution for the team, he is not in the field, but rather with the Phil worked out a super wretched shameless flow of play Phil must admit, Lonnie definitely has the potential to become a coach. Even now, in his mind, when the assistant coach has been more than enough. <
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