horrible atmosphere and the crackling

May 31 [Fri], 2013, 11:47
Update: 22-9- peak in the face of Amsterdam three blaze roaring attack, is still walk, but also more and more excited. "Whew! Xu! Xu!" Suddenly, three red S è flame photospheric and presents glyph toward summit that "a misty phantoms body suddenly Biao sh è to faint, made a horrible atmosphere and the crackling sound, seems to be the fire spirit brewing is not stable in general. In this scenario, the peak is met several times,Oakley Flak Jacket Online, each time all is smart to escape, but for step seven step with all star understanding. Facing the attack again, mind from time to time blend sh è out a little light, the peak of his face filled with a faint smile, still walk step by step step, the whole people are hiding in the air,Jordan UK sale, as is not a person, but a shadow, not a weight of things. Drives a fuzzy blur pace uncanny matchless, peak at the moment of the body as the phantom general psychedelic, more terrible is, his fancy footwork seems to contain a certain truth in general, walking route even faint show gathered in a circle of stars. In his view, to avoid the three hit the ball while the flame is not simple, but still able to do. "Whew!" Three fire ball in an attack again and come, will a phantom break their side four meters away, and did not attack to the peak of the body. However, the flame orb in sunder that phantom of the moment, but not in accordance with the peak imagine like that, direct far away, but suddenly a violent sparks, then is crashing between burst open! Of, is all of a sudden, burst apart! "Rumble" like a ton of strong x ì ng explosive burst,Coach Online Sale, the flame light suddenly issued said of a great teacher of the monstrous bang, then is turned into a visible terrorist energy ripples, the twinkling of an eye to sweep around the SH è go, power is swift and violent, it is some terrible. But in this flame photospheric crack moment, peak that finally understand why this flame photospheric called flame roar. Flames roar burst moment, like a blossoming flame, is sent a thunderous roar, this is the origin of this move flame roaring. Of course, the more terrible is the unstable state, power is terror. "Ah! Not good!" It's almost flame roaring suddenly burst moment, face s è instant high peak, can no longer be strolling, in this indiscriminate attacks, another j ī ng wonderful mysterious pace as the clouds. He hurried down a pinch, carrying the pale silver Gang Jin's fist came between hard at that has severely impact to a terrorist energy ripples their, at the same time, it is hurried to rapid retreat. If only it also. The peak s è slightly pale face, has barely resisted this flame spread energy waves roar. But, wait for the peak is not only and that, because, there are two flames roaring waiting for him. "Explosion! Explosion!" Resist the first flames burst at the instant the aftermath of the peak, he >
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