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> Two hundred and fortieth chapters mysterious assailant fast approaching Mars land, and small spacecraft have crossed the Martian atmosphere. wwW! qUANbeN! coM (most stable,) Lin A have look at the buildings on the land. Now he can see the light in the ground as a group of sparkling silver bubble dome housing with air pressure, such as on-site staff,oakley outlet store, temporary sheds. Near the dome housing with radio towers, drilling equipment, a number of parked vehicles, as well as a lot of gravel. This little camp in the wilderness looks very lonely, surrounded with those who quietly compared to its elemental looked very fragile. There is no indication of the existence of life, I can not see what people are away from home to come here is for what. "You just can see the pit," Liu said the wind, "in his right hand - about one hundred yards away from the radio antenna is a crater where the edge of one of our temporary base." "Please fasten your seat belt and fixed objects in all activities "on cockpit loudspeakers suddenly spoke. "We are in forty seconds after landing." And then start the countdown, the spacecraft's landing was successful, except for some severe vibration, aging of those engines have some really terrible. Opened the door, Lin A thought he went back to the dusty western wilderness, he habitually kept up his face, let your eyes adjust to the foot of the red earth. Lin A pressure dome into the main building. There seems to be only twenty feet in diameter, which is crowded very uncomfortable. Gas through two gates connected to the car with it, pour some admirable provide additional living space. After interconnected buildings scattered like a maze. Have lived here more than sixty pirates and technicians are living and working in this hemisphere, with double walls of the balloon. Inside it is also filled with their equipment and instruments, everything can not be placed outside the vacuum of supplies, including cooking, washing and sanitary facilities, can constantly monitor the entire area of ​​a small television screen. "This is not the colonial area, when the atmospheric transformation of the effect is not obvious, so some of the low air pressure, so that many regarded as a harsh environment." Liu faint wind tunnel. At this time, bradycardia rising sun has shone into the meteorite pit, sun drying plates in the crater perimeter eastward side. However, it seems to absorb foes Brilliant light grain, it seems that the sun does not exist like. "This special treatment done, the colonial immigrants earth approach. (Most stable.) Or take a man under the sun bake temperature. First. Hair Come on brother, this is what you see outside the Mars colony life. "Liu Feng laughed and said:" Of course, in addition to these, we are here at least beer then! "He threw a bottle of beer Lin A. "Colonial's special for the goods, prepared specifically for dignitaries, ha ha ha." Lin A smile: "good thing ah, you know? On Earth sixty years ago, I drink wine, but the beer but it is not easy found. come, first came to my Mars! "Liu Feng laughed:" It should be prefixed to the cloud boss, Lin A debut Mars! done! "Lin A did not drink it upward, but a faint taste of carefully bitterness and malt wine. Look at this big disaster before in common, but the drinks, he thought of the earth. Billions of people in that only a few million people live where, how many people can bellowed fresh beer? While Lin A still wallow in these reverie, suddenly he heard a shrill electronic scream, as if an overload, a serious distortion of the alarm signal. He instinctively tried to install both hands stuffed ears. When he was still fumble, another four screaming at the outbreak; Then came the soothing silence. Four sides of the building, people are standing in stunned attitude, we all heard that several more electronic scream. Liu wind had got rid of in the hands of a bottle, big shouted: "Someone invasion, ready to fight!" Lin A jumped up and took an energy gun. Loudly: "Who is the other?" Liu Feng stared at the monitor screen: "The three aircraft, with no obvious signs. Colonial secret police often play tricks. Various parts of personnel, pay attention to warning. Antiaircraft artillery is no automatic procedure set , good preparation for evacuation at any time. "one pirate loudly:" Artillery all set to complete, IFF system is normal, has been on standby in our underground launch the spacecraft in the mouth, ready to retreat. "Liu Feng nodded his head and said, Suddenly he saw a monitor, frowned and said: "Wait, IFF device with feedback, and is one of us. give I turned their newsletter! I have to ask why they are allowed to fly in without permission." Liu Feng hands of pirates immediately busy again, a young pirate on a single optical brain before the operation refers to flying, while on the shouted: "OK boss, seems to be another two boss. they require landing, have important things and you want to interview. "Liu Feng frowned surprised and said:" The youngest and fourth? these two guys hell? they are not in camp alone, how would conspire together to go. the communicator to me. " took the communicator, Liu Feng Chen Sheng shouted: "The youngest fourth, how you going? do you have anything?" Communicator I heard turned out to be a woman's voice, "OK brother, I, I Aoba we were attacked, VI base destroyed, and I only escaped madman throw off pursuers and I and a madman were injured, requiring medical and we landed in two minutes later, the other, we met talk about. "Liu Feng heard immediately turned shouted:" They need doctors and medicines, are you going to look at. "spake two strange aircraft is almost close to the ground roaring, followed by another plane also arrived. Pilots seem impatient, is an emergency landing! Lin A keenly felt through the window, and three aircraft are scarred, there is a wing also full of bullet holes scorch, risking a touch of smoke. A few minutes later a group of people came in, almost all of them wounding. The lead turned out to be a young woman, it seems never more than two years old, as opposed to living on Mars, but her petite stature somewhat, but only slightly shorter than the forest A little. A fiery red hair,Coach OP Art, wearing a heavy leather. Her left shoulder was almost soaked with blood, his face white as blue. She is one of four bandits, the fourth largest Kou - left Aoba. Several people behind the arm injury more serious, with an already deep coma, was carried Liantuo Dai Liu Feng's men came. "Crazy?" Liu wind quickly walked over and saw the man's injuries, Liu wind suck down a cold lump, immediately turned shouted: "send him to the One treatment room, others go number two. Temporary stay not die Next, tell me that his mother in the end how is it? "left Aoba said:" They all go, I will not die! give me some medicine to take over! "Liu wind men pirates seem a little bit afraid of this girl, and immediately follow Her words,Sunglasses Coach Online, put the number of injured brought to the back room. Another pirate hastily brought a first aid kit, first aid kit opened after the scramble to come up with a syringe. Aoba one left open the pirate, shouted: "Give roll away point! On my own!" OK boss Liu wind seems to understand her very hot temper, lightly waved, so men are dismissed down. Aoba left in the syringe Diao his mouth, took off his heavy leather, "laugh friends" sound ripped the clothes inside, revealing the blood red shoulder, and half white chest. Aoba blithely left inserted in the shoulder of the syringe, the syringe in the liquid down her gesture to promote full access to her body. Once this is done, she slowly raised his head, bright eyes glued to the face through sweat hair, glared at the arm holding the watch has been on the side of the forest A. "You do not see enough of his mother?" With her Hema, the hands of the syringe has been unceremoniously flew into the forest A's face. Syringe like a lever for the general fired Lin A's eyes. Since Hui ring incident, Lin A brain exceptional ease of use. With the speed of shot that syringes judgment, he can figure out if they do not stop, the syringe is absolutely enough power through his eye and his brain penetration. So he stretched out his hand, index finger and middle finger together two fingers a syringe has been firmly caught in the two middle fingers. Liu Feng a slight chuckle: "sister, this time you kicked iron right? I introduce you, this is what Im A afterward he is our graceful, cloud prefix boss. Cry brother! '" My name is ass! this thing, if you do not give me out of this mouth foul smells, even your brother, I do not recognize this line up. "Left Aoba fiercely authentic. "In the end how is it?" Liu Feng frowned, "is the secret police forces raid?" Left to their own Aoba while in the dressing, and shook his head sullenly said: "Unlike the federal secret police style. This is completely positive surprise, decorated extremely tight, and high efficiency, maybe you would not believe from we found them to crossfire, to the end, the whole process only five minutes. "Liu Feng eyes Lise flash and said:" Just five minutes? Are you saying that only the sixth base resist five minutes they were all controlled? "left Aoba quietly nodded and said:" And these people acting style secret police are not the same. sixth base of the majority of people have not been injury, if not desperate counterattack, they chose not to kill him. they seem to have reservations, so try to use non-killing ways uniforms too fierce counterattack, if not crazy, I guess we will not hurt like this, so we can live. "Liu A wind and forest as the one, the hearts were a little surprised: Although four bandits space pirate equipment in general, but good skill, but also a long-entrenched strongmen. In such a short period of time has been difficult to occupy their base, and even each other or mercy. These powerful attackers who in the end? cente <
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