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July 29 [Mon], 2013, 17:17
> Is an almost white light surrounded with chaos, I knew I was dead. Mood at the moment dropped the lowest point in life. Within a radius of tens of kilometers can theoretically there is no resurrection of my people, from the resurrection point to go here even if there is no obstruction of the monster is also at least to a quarter of an hour, which means I can not pick up in time to Zhanuo Er death After the falling objects. Everything from scratch it? In my moments of despair, a system sound like a shot in the arm severely headlong into my body: "You mean the Void trigger effects, you get the opportunity to place the resurrection, what you are still in situ resurrection Reply Marauder's resurrection? "" Nonsense, of course, place the resurrection. "My high cried because of excitement and trembling voice. Soon becomes clear line of sight on the re. That mixed with the charred corpse stench that comes out of the air, at the moment I am also very fresh smell. I looked around, and that is after the atomic bombing of Hiroshima was a replica, everything was brought about by the violent elements Symphony magical energy destroyed. The only survivor of what? Or that the only survivors are also OK. This is simply Louis Vuitton Monogram Vernis Clearance not important, important is that I am now a living from the site of the incident recently, I was able to find and pick up the first time outside even to Zhanuo Er Jia Nala's death loot, of course, the premise is Zhanuo Er and Nora are dead. I have no doubt on this point, [social] Seven people never do fools can not casually mobilize the power of such a high-level spells, they must be the idea of ​​holding the die with Nora come. Fringes of the spell scope, they must arrange with people such as the role of time a spell over immediately rushed to the site of the incident, the first time a senior picked BOSS falling equipment and items. Unfortunately, the unexpected outbreak ah, day count as someone's Je te dis merde, they did all this scheming all gave me a wedding dress. Then the sky sounded continent-wide nature of the system prompts also proved my thoughts: "Players Club Organization [Seven] successfully kill the evil queen Northern men, Northern twelve gods will curse the demon of fire and destruction Zhanuo Er teacher Nora, the trigger Worldwide story. "gods" all spheres of influence mainland significant changes will occur, and the PK system also camp at noon tomorrow with the launch of several large-scale systems to make significant adjustments. details please pay attention to the major cities Announcements. "Nora Dead actually be able to promote the development of the story world, it [Seven] with the major gang and community organizations Corps under mianzhanpai wide, is to be able to do a huge intently related to all "gods" the task of development? I thought for a moment, then smiled: "This is what I have relations? Him to do his task, and I do my job, the world is all story missions income" gods "players, [social] Seven rare determined as Human Services, I should be happy is my first priority now is for selfless social】 【Seven sweep the battlefield. "idea certainly, I quickly give yourself on a" burst of speed ", you reverse the body, toward the original snake dance in the garden where the direction of the zoo and galloped off. Elements Symphony destroyed everything, but also for me a lot of obstacles Swinger, originally also need to bypass the walls, and now oakley sunglasses outlet only need to be able to gently lifted his foot across, [social] Qixing really help people help in the end ah Today authors is to learn from Lei Feng Day? Nora and Zhanuo Er in the end is a senior BOSS, but still quite good regiment of the BOSS, I am very far from a distance saw the two piled high mound items. "Fortunately, I went to a bank in the trigger, to be able to keep things that are kept inside." My heart feel pleased, "Now I may not have to take away what is in the end a few changes to worry about the baby. Side pot is absolutely no problem, load and parcel space will not cause any problems for me. "But I Gaoxing Jin did not last more than three seconds, because I was there for two piles of goods saw a living not far from the scene. How there may be living, is it has a pure ice mage ice blocked, or, as some good luck and I will be reborn as surgery weirdo? "Doves?" That man naturally found me. "Schilling?" When I heard the familiar with was no longer familiar, was no longer hate annoying voice, could not help but cried aloud. "How can you be here?" Obviously, Schilling was not surprised at the degree under me. Schilling today and long ago is different, the main difference in his body and equipment. He was dressed in shining armor steel bust, hands holding a three finger width one meter wide known for two-handed blade, body armor and swords are engraved floating club】 【Seven Corps logo is the result of one of us should be forged processed finest equipment. Dressed in dark red cloak, no helmet. I'm a bit strange, how little signs of injury he did not, as if it did not even horror elements symphony happened. Could it be that he also has the Void represents or has similar efficacy to treasure, or that he risked his double off the experience and equipment to take the risk of a shameless offline tactics, now he's got all the elements of symphony has been to get the news after the temporary re-boarded to? Putting thoughts in my mind Oakley Sunglasses Outlet Cuanguo, until I noticed that his body was imperceptible layer of light covered with white. "Divine Intervention?" My heart suddenly wary run down. This makes ten seconds invincible spells have a great side, invincible unable to move after a period of time, but this time, at least in five minutes or more. "Yes ah, I wonder how I'll be here too. Schilling, you helped me think about ah." Now I have nothing to fear, ten kilometers away, the fastest man rushed over to have nearly more than ten minutes, and within easy reach of the [seven and my boss is a community] can only speak with disabilities. I went to a bunch of articles that piles next to squat down to pick up a robe: "shimmer gown, A-level items, defense one hundred and eight, plus twenty physical, mental plus XXI Fire Resistance plus seven percent, fire spell damage bonus five percent and nine percent have the opportunity to make a cast time in two seconds or less fire spell becomes instant. "While I put robe into his small backpack, while grinning directed Schilling asked: "This robe seems pretty good look, but fortunately the preceding days assiduously a bit identification technique, otherwise put it when the garbage thrown it." seats Lin then silly should also see that I was angry at him for this, his eyes puffing invisible fire, loudly roared at me: "turtledoves!" "Oh, this ring is not bad." I seem to totally put him as the air continues to fish out from a pile of items carved white agate ring, innocently said, "Spellfire division ring, S-class items, plus seven percent of all magic resistance, improve Fire spell critical strike chance two percent, increasing fire damage 39.21, saving all flame spells mana consumed five per cent with magic, meteorite surgery three times / day, twice a firewall surgery / day, four times a Path to Lieyan / day. "Then as usual, is directed Schilling charming smile, and then calmly threw the bags themselves. It's that nagging at me to put one and one equipment bag, Schilling's placid face of a gradual return to its former appearance, he spoke slowly and said: "You will regret it, doves . "" regret? "I picked up an irregular yellow transparent crystal, the system voice prompts followed: you get the quest items" Fallen dust ", this item will never fall. I put the crystal carefully placed his most personal storage bag, and then glanced clean battlefield by my satisfaction clapped her hands, then turned to Schilling said: "You do not know that I was a big scare Mody? want to rely on nothing more than taking action I say, go get some equipment to improve negotiation skills, huh I'm here in your reputation has long been a hate hate hate plus the square, I do not mind a few pieces of hate the. "" You'll have everything you pay for. "Schilling tone remains calm. "The price? The pay is you." I sneered, while wiping the next finger ring, call out the Mei You, then raised his bag filled with loot, "These are for you who had previously been damage caused by my behavior a little bit of compensation have the opportunity, I will then ask what you get. "Schilling staring me, silent. I've noticed that his body was covered with faint white layer has begun to gradually dim down, which is his body, the precursor to the gradual recovery, then do not go now, when. I took a look at Mei You head, call out a portal, and then leisurely step onto the tiger back, and finally washed Schilling waved his hand: "I know you want to cut me several times, good scary knife in your hand Oh, I'm unaffordable, or quickly bugger good. then we Farewell. "" You will regret it. "accompanied by the roar of Schilling, I laughed and instigated Mei You a prance through a transmission door. The regret is you, Schilling, you mess with the whole "spirit world" You should not mess with most people, you really have a lot of bitterness later. <
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