I will pretend not to know

June 14 [Fri], 2013, 12:32
The 177th chapter the ground lost city Chen Xuan single hand press the money the human skull Qian Kun Kun also disappeared from this world, the body gradually cooling, around and began to recover the Beiping-Tianjin, except Yu Shuqiang himself walked outside, other people are dead, leaving the ground. Chen Xuan immediately put the battlefield clean side, all the people of the storage ring are taken down, Chen Xuanbie will not miss a chance, all the rings are close up, Chen Xuan finally made a statistics. Yuan miracle together almost eight million, various spirit hundreds, which need have dozens of components, half four, respectively, are Han sword, Xuanyuan vertical knife, Qian Kun the jade tablet, and He Bulie's scimitar, these are half. There are a lot of refined materials, all kinds of strange and eccentric medicine, may be this time picking, Qian Kun ring even more than one thousand nature Dan, there is an incomplete martial arts, ancient Shengfo boxing, it seems this is boxing Qian Kun practice, Chen Xuan this is not interested, all together received a ring alone, will keep to the family. Chen Xuan quickly put everything in order to come out, the basic are classified,Oakley Sunglasses Jupiter Squared, then swallows up "Chen Xuan, are you okay" Chebi cares; "OK, just surprised you, now these people were me killed, then no one dares to threaten you." "we killed all the Pope door disciple, this time Pope door will investigate, afraid that I would find us, after all, money, we have some issues with our suspicion, also the largest" Chebi worried; "rest assured, all right, who this time came to demon forest, even if the dead also is very normal, even if the Pope door asked me to, I will pretend not to know, people are dead, dead men tell no tales, Pope door even if the search is not check out, if know I kill, I take a person, has nothing to do with you, when you did not know that" Chen Xuan full of confidence; "what do you mean, this time not for you, I might have been defiled by them, how can you take one, if the Pope door really look up, I will not drag out an ignoble existence" Chebi slightly gas Anger; Chen Xuan came to swallow again hold to the arms. "Well, all right, these people have all died, even in Shuqiang live out also useless, I can always take his life now, don't you worry about that" Chen Xuanrou channel; "well, hope so." "I, how did you get in, you also own a person into the demon forest" asked Chen Xuan; "I am after you enter the grave day after I arrived,Oakley Jury, I went into a small valley, saw a black whirlpool, I think we all go, I will follow., finally here." "well, I was also the vortex here, take things as they come." "then how do we intend to,Oakley Sunglasses Batwolf, I have been here for a day, also did not find a way out, no matter how to walk, will go out of this maze, finally also met these" flying swallow asked; "we put these people to handle it, wait, we're looking for.
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